Wyoming King vs. Alaskan King vs. Texas King: What’s the Difference?

By Sanchita Sen Certified Sleep Coach

Last Updated On January 23rd, 2024
Wyoming King vs. Alaskan King vs. Texas King:  What’s the Difference?

Key Takeaways

  • Unique Dimensions: Each of these oversized mattresses has distinct dimensions. The Wyoming king is wider and longer than a standard king, the Alaskan king is the largest and square-shaped, while the Texas king, although narrower, provides extra length for tall sleepers.
  • Suitable for Different Needs: The choice among these oversized mattresses depends on factors like family size, height of sleepers, and available bedroom space. They are particularly convenient for co-sleeping families and couples with varying sleep schedules, but finding compatible bedding accessories can be difficult.
  • Customization and Sourcing: These oversized mattresses are not commonly found in regular mattress stores, so buyers may need to do some research and potentially order custom-made mattresses from boutique bedding brands.

What do the three states of Wyoming, Alaska, and Texas have in common? They are all huge, ranking amongst the top 10 states of the United States in terms of area. Logically, the mattresses named after these states are large, as well. The Wyoming king, Alaskan king, and Texas king mattresses are bigger than all standard mattress sizes.

These oversized mattresses are a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys more sleeping space.  They can be 8 to 32 inches wider than the King size (a.k.a. Eastern King), which is the widest amongst standard-sized mattresses.

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Oversized Mattress Dimensions

QualitiesWyoming KingTexas KingAlaskan King
Width (Inches)84 inches80 inches108 inches
Width (CM)213.36 CM203.2 CM274.32 CM
Length (Inches)84 inches98 inches108 inches
Length (CM)213.36 CM248.92 CM274.32 CM
Recommended Room Size (Feet)12 feet by 12 feet12 feet by 14 feet16 feet by 16 feet
Recommended Room Size (CM)365.76 CM by 365.76 CM365.76 CM by 426.72 CM487.68 CM by 487.68 CM
Mattress ShapeSquareRectangleSquare

Different Oversized Mattress Sizes

Wyoming king, Alaskan king, and Texas king are the three standards in the oversized mattress segment. However, these larger mattresses aren’t easily available in brick and mortar stores or online, and you’ll need spacious master bedrooms to comfortably fit these bigger beds inside.

Wyoming King Mattress DimensionsWyoming King

Wyoming king is the smallest in size of the oversized mattresses. Measuring 84 inches by 84 inches, the Wyoming king is as long as the California king size mattress, but it’s 12 inches wider.

A California king bed measures 72 inches by 84 inches, maybe too narrow for large couples who want to share the bed with their children. The extra 12 inches on the Wyoming king comes in handy to accommodate an extra sleeper without making them feel cramped.

A Wyoming king bed is 8 inches wider and 4 inches longer than a standard king size bed, which measures 76 inches by 80 inches. It’s a good option for families who feel cramped in large standard sized beds.

Average Price: $1500-$3000


  • Spacious for large couples
  • Can accommodate a child for comfortable co-sleeping


  • Small for large families who want to co-sleep with more than two children
  • Expensive than the largest standard-sized beds

Alaskan King Mattress DimensionsAlaskan King

Alaska is the largest state in the country, which explains why the largest oversized mattress is named after this state. Measuring 108 inches by 108 inches, this ginormous mattress gives you and your whole family the luxury of sprawling comfortably.

The square-shaped Alaskan king is 24 inches longer than the California king size mattress, which is the longest among the standard sizes. The extra length is perfect for accommodating very tall sleepers. They feel comfortable on this mattress because there’s no risk of dangling feet while changing sleeping positions.

If you are apart of a large family and co-sleeping with more than two children, the huge Alaskan king bed is an excellent choice for you.  You can accommodate the whole family in the extra space without causing any sleep disruptions.

The big Alaskan kings are a perfect option for couples with different sleep schedules, their expansive space establishing mattresses for motion isolation. The partners can get in and out of the bed without disrupting the other’s sleep due to motion transfer.

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Average Price: $2500-$5000


  • Comfortable for large families co-sleeping with more than two children
  • Perfect for very tall sleepers
  • Convenient for couples with different sleep schedules


  • You need a huge room to accommodate the largest oversized mattress
  • Most expensive in the oversized mattress segment

Texas King Mattress DimensionsTexas King

Texas is the second-largest state in the USA, so the Texas king is the second largest in terms of mattress size.  Measuring 80 inches by 98 inches, the Texas king bed is actually narrower than the Wyoming king, the smallest oversized mattress. However, it compensates for this loss by the extra length of 14 inches.

If you have to accommodate more sleepers, a Wyoming king may be better than a Texas king. However, a Texas king will be a better choice for taller sleepers. The typical 80 or 84-inch length of standard beds isn’t enough, for some. The Texas king is perfect for those really tall sleepers who crave extra legroom.

This rectangular-shaped oversized bed is 10 inches shorter and 28 inches narrower than an Alaskan king. It’s a good option for tall sleepers who don’t have huge rooms to accommodate an Alaskan king.

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Average Price: $2000 – $3500


  • Perfect for tall families who don’t have rooms large enough for an Alaskan king
  • Offers huge sleeping area without being as expensive as an Alaskan king


  •  Narrowest of the oversized mattresses
  • Uncomfortable for large families who want to co-sleep with children

Differences Between the Oversized Mattresses

Oversized mattresses are also known as family beds because they’re convenient for co-sleeping. The best mattress for you will depend on the number of members in your family, each person’s physical build, and the space available in your bedroom.

Ideally, you should leave at least 2 feet space on all three sides of the bed for perfect sleeping ambiance. An overcrowded room may cause sleep disruptions. When deciding on the size of your mattress, take into account the area you’ll leave for some walking space and furniture such as side tables, floor lamps, or dressers.

Where Can You Buy Oversized Mattresses

Oversized beds aren’t easily available in all mattress stores. You’ll have to research online to find companies making these custom sizes.

Some boutique bedding brands are willing to work with you from scratch to custom-make you an oversized mattress. You can even customize the mattress type, such as latex, memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid.

Where to Find Foundations and Bedding Accessories for Oversized Mattresses

One common disadvantage of all oversized mattresses is their incompatibility with most bedding accessories and foundations. Usually, the companies who make these mattresses may make compatible foundations, bed frames, and bedding accessories, but if they don’t, you can have them specially made. Another option could be to place your oversized mattress directly on the floor.

If you don’t find sheets easily, you can get your flat and fitted sheets tailor-made. While buying or ordering a comforter or duvet, remember the 12-16 rule, for covering all three sides of the mattress: when making the bed, your comforter or duvet should be 16 inches wider and 12 inches longer than your oversized mattress.

About Other King Sizes

Standard King

The standard king mattress, sometimes called the Eastern king bed, is one of the most popular mattress sizes, measuring 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This size provides ample space for couples to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped. It is a versatile choice for most bedrooms, fitting well in larger spaces.

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California King

The California king mattress is slightly longer and narrower than the standard king, measuring 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. This size is ideal for individuals or couples who prioritize extra legroom and have a longer bedroom space. The California king is a popular choice on the West Coast.

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Super King

The super king mattress is a larger variant designed for those who desire even more sleeping space. While dimensions can vary, they generally exceed the measurements of a standard king or California king. This size is well-suited for spacious master bedrooms, providing a luxurious and expansive sleeping surface.

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Split King

The split king mattress consists of two separate mattresses, each measuring the same as a standard king or California king, allowing for individual customization on each side of the bed. This option is popular for couples with different firmness preferences or adjustable bed frames, providing personalized comfort for both sleepers.

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What are the standard mattress sizes?

The standard mattress sizes include a single, twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, Olympic queen, king, and California king. Out of these, the queen size mattress is the most popular because it’s very comfortable for singles and can accommodate couples, too. While some standard bed sizes suit single sleepers, others can accommodate couples, but even the biggest amongst the standard-size beds may feel cramped when co-sleeping with children.

How many people fit in an Alaskan king bed?

Up to four adults can comfortably sleep in an Alaskan king bed. It can easily accommodate a family of two adults and three or four children, depending on their age and size. This is a perfect bed for large families who like to co-sleep.

Is an Alaskan king bed real?

Yes, while hard to come by, Alaskan king beds are available. Many retailers who offer Alaskan king size beds also offer their slightly-smaller counterpart, Alberta king size mattresses.  While Alaskan king size mattresses are 9 feet wide by 9 feet long, Alberta kings are 8 feet wide by 8 feet long.

Who makes Wyoming king mattress?

Most in-store retailers won’t carry Wyoming king mattresses because they’re specialty-size beds. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find these mattresses sold by online mattress brands, as well. You’ll have to find a specialty mattress retailer who makes mattresses to order.

What’s bigger than an Alaskan king bed?

Alaskan king mattresses are the largest mattresses available. Some specialty retailers can and will make custom beds larger, but if you opt for the “biggest bed available,” it’ll be an Alaskan king unless otherwise specified.


These oversized mattresses, aptly called family beds, are perfect for large families who like to co-sleep. You can conveniently change sleeping positions without infringing on others’ personal space. The huge space in these beds makes them perfect for couples with different sleep schedules.

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