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Amerisleep Bio-Pur® vs Traditional Memory Foam

Bio-Pur® is the perfect answer to a better bed. Available in every Amerisleep mattress, we engineered Bio-Pur® to deliver cooling comfort, responsive support, and healthier sleep.

Breathable & Cooling

Unlike the dense construction of traditional memory foam, Bio-Pur®'s large, open-cell structure has a few distinct advantages:

  • Allows air to flow freely
  • Prevents heat build-up
  • Perfect for hot sleepers

Responsive & Supportive

With traditional memory foam, the slow response time can feel like you're sleeping in quicksand. This leads to discomfort and poor spinal alignment. Here's how Bio-Pur® is different:

  • Contours to your body
  • Relieves painful pressure points
  • Provides cushioning and support
  • Bounces back in just seconds

Which Amerisleep mattress is best for me?

We developed a smart quiz to help recommend the right Amerisleep mattress model for your needs. In just a couple minutes and a few short questions.

Eco-Friendly Materials

While traditional memory foam is 100% petroleum-based, Bio-Pur® is partially made with renewable plant-based oils. This minimizes our reliance on non-renewable resources and ensures our products are better for you and the planet.

A Healthier Sleep

A Healthier Sleep

Many memory foams you see today use harsh chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, and more that can cause unpleasant off-gassing.

Bio-Pur®, on the other hand, is:

  • CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew
  • Made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, prohibited phthalates, PBDEs, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

Decades of Durability

Most memory foams only last 7 to 10 years. Some deteriorate within 3 to 5 years. Longer lifespans are only available in higher-end memory foam.

We build our mattresses to last. With Bio-Pur®, you get:

  • An industry-leading 20-year warranty
  • Protection against indentations and sagging
Decades of durability

See how Bio-Pur® Stacks Up

We’re confident you’ll love Bio-Pur® at first sleep. Here are all the ways Amerisleep beats out the traditional competition.

Traditional Memory Foam
Dust, Mold, & Mildew Resistant
Low in VOCs

State-of-the-art engineering for superior comfort

How are Amerisleep memory foam mattresses designed to upgrade your sleep?
  • Promotes Deeper sleep

    Promotes Deeper sleep

    Our breathable materials create a cooler surface so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • Delivers Targeted Support

    Delivers Targeted Support

    HIVE® technology and pocketed coils offer dynamic support, healthy spinal alignment, and unique pressure relief.
  • Provides Responsive Comfort

    Provides Responsive Comfort

    Bio-Pur® is more responsive and breathable than traditional memory foam so it contours and cools.

Each mattress includes great guarantees

100-night trial

Risk-free, 100-night mattress trial

20-year warranty

20-year warranty

Free shipping & returns

Free shipping & returns

Non-toxic & Fiberglass-Free

Non-toxic & Fiberglass-Free

Still unsure about our mattresses? See what other customers have said!

So ideal in so many ways

Our king-size Amerisleep is the most comfortable, movable, breathable, restful mattress we've ever slept on, and would not consider buying anything else in the future. Thank you, Amerisleep!

Bryan Martin

Dearborn, MI

Perfectly Balanced

I hit the purchase button and wasn't disappointed. All the good things you've read - breathable, soft yet supportive, environmentally friendly, clean, effective - are true. This is the best...
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Sleeps Cool and is Very Comfortable

We upgraded to a king bed and transitioned to foam from inner spring. My wife and I sleep so much better. We move a lot in the night, and our...
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Fairfax, VA

I would recommend this mattress to anyone

This king size mattress is GREAT!! My other king is now in the guest room and I'm enjoying my cool, comfortable Amerisleep mattress.


Austin, TX

So with the investment. Wish I made the move earlier

So good for those with restless sleepers. My partner is finally getting rest. And I who was usually running hot and cool and comfortable.


Ontario, Canada

Excellent Product, Excellent Sleep

This is an excellent mattress. I was a bit worried getting the Amerisleep, as I am primarily a side sleeper, but I am getting the best sleep of my life...
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Cooler, better nights sleep

We were very nervous to buy this mattress without seeing it first. It is really comfortable. I used to get too hot every night with my old mattress but this...
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Lockport, NY

I love my new mattress!

We ordered the first twin xl for our master bedroom adjustable bed. My husband wanted a new mattress for his side. I liked mine so we just got one. He...
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Daytona Beach, FL

I look forward to bedtime : )

I have been looking at mattresses for about 8 years, doing research in town (nothing was working for me) so I started to do research on the internet. I have...
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Roy, UT

I would buy from Amerisleep again

Primary bed. Bought this for the cooling aspect and hip issues.


Sterling, CO

This is our second mattress and we love both

This is a second bed that is used often when having trouble sleeping. We have been using our first mattress for several years and love it. This new mattress did...
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Charleston, SC

Frequently Asked Questions

What mattress is best for me?

Choosing the right mattress is largely a matter of understanding what firmness and feel you enjoy, along with what can complement your sleeping position and body type. How you lie down influences how your body will need to be supported, with back and stomach sleepers requiring firmer feels than side sleepers do.

To simplify shopping matters, we offer a Mattress Fit Quiz with a recommendation tailored to your sleep position, body type, and personal preferences.

Which mattress is best for back pain?

A balanced feel is key when choosing a mattress for back pain. A too-soft mattress can cause the user to sink too far into the bed, leading to more pain. Conversely, a too-firm mattress can leave no room for the heavier parts of the body to sink in, letting pressure build up along the back area.

We suggest a medium or medium-firm mattress as the best mattresses for back pain because of their even support and balanced cushioning feel. Try one of our AS3 mattresses or the Organica if you're looking for a mattress with natural materials.

What mattress types are the most comfortable?

Every type of mattress has the potential to be someone's most comfortable mattress, although some types do have a better success rate than others. Memory foam mattresses have exploded in popularity due to the swift way they meet the body's curves, leaving no part unsupported and eliminating pressure points.

Latex mattresses possess a similar feel to memory foam mattresses, though the buoyancy of latex does create a subtly different contour to its surface. Hybrid mattresses are bouncier than all-foam mattresses, establishing a weightless feel when sleepers stretch out on the surface.

Traditional innerspring mattresses have developed a reputation for being uncomfortable due to a lack of contouring. The thinly padded tops of an innerspring mattress can't hug the body the way a foam or hybrid mattress can, letting pressure build up into morning aches and pains.

What is the best mattress for side sleepers?

Mattresses with thick comfort layers and ample amounts of cushion are the bed of choice for side sleepers. A too-firm mattress with little cushion can let pressure build up in the shoulders and hips, causing morning stiffness and achiness. Medium to soft mattresses provide plenty of pressure-relieving cushion while still supporting the spine's neutral alignment.

We recommend the AS3, AS5, or Organica mattresses for side sleepers.

What is the best mattress for hot sleepers?

An Amerisleep mattress can be an excellent choice for hot sleepers due to the wide array of cooling materials we take advantage of when designing our mattresses. Our mattresses feature Refresh fabric covers, a material that transforms body heat into infrared energy for better cooling and recovery. We also rely on Bio-Pur® foam for comfort, a material engineered for greater sustainability and coolness.

The hybrid mattresses we offer feature the same plant-based memory foam and Refresh fabric as our memory foam beds, plus supportive pocketed coils that enable greater airflow. We also offer a latex mattress perfect for hot sleepers. The Organica has heat-wicking cotton and wool paired with cool latex foam and airy coil support.

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