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Amerisleep Seat Cushion

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Amerisleep Seat Cushion
Amerisleep Seat Cushion
Amerisleep Seat Cushion side view
Amerisleep Seat Cushion on chair front view
Amerisleep Seat Cushion on chair side view

1-year warranty

Free shipping

Made in USA

Amerisleep Seat Cushion

Transform any chair into the comfiest seat in the house. Our Amerisleep Seat Cushion is designed to totally enhance softness and support while sitting.

Why you'll love it

Transform any chair into the comfiest seat in the house. Our Amerisleep Seat Cushion is designed to totally enhance softness and support while sitting.

  • Adaptable foam molds to your body and offers all-day comfort
  • Ergonomic design supports healthy posture and makes it easier to sit for long periods
  • Breathable cover and foam keeps you cool and comfy
  • Free, no contact shipping
  • 1-year warranty
  • Foam made in USA
  • All-day comfort
  • Hard seats and stools

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Stylish Support for Every Chair

  • Contouring Comfort Foam

    Cushioning, soft foam delivers immediate pressure relief.

  • Posture-Correcting Support Foam

    High-resistance core never loses support.

  • Breathable Mesh Bottom

    Lightweight and airy cover keeps you cool.

Stylish Support for
Every Chair

1. Breathable Mesh Bottom

Lightweight and airy cover keeps you cool.

2. Posture-Correcting Support Foam

High-resistance core never loses support.

3. Contouring Comfort Foam

Cushioning, soft foam delivers immediate pressure relief.

Long-Lasting and Pain-Relieving

Our Amerisleep Seat Cushion offers soft support for your legs, hips, back, and bottom. Designed with more responsiveness than regular memory foam, our seat cushion keeps you lifted rather than sunken in. Even better? It doesn’t lose its support after each sit session.

Ergonomic and Stylish

The tapered edges of our Amerisleep Seat Cushion help you sit up straight and avoid slumping—facilitating better posture and reduced pain. Plus, our seat cushion matches any home decor with its modern grooved texture and neutral color.

Lightweight and Portable

Pair our Amerisleep Seat Cushion with your chairs at home, and grab an extra for the road. While our cushions are designed to offer a modern touch to your decor, they’re also super lightweight and easy to bring along when traveling or heading to the office.

Cool by Design

Seat cushions that retain your body heat quickly shift from feeling comfy and cushioning to overly-warm and flat. That’s why we include soft but highly responsive foam within our seat cushion. And with breathable spacer fabric across the bottom, you’ll never have to worry about heat retention.


  • One Size 18" L x 15" W x 2.25" H

The Amerisleep Seat Cushion comes with free shipping within the continental US. We ship our seat cushions direct to your doorstep via FedEx. And in most cases, they arrive in .

Please note: All our products ship separately, so if you’ve ordered a mattress, pillow, foundation, sheets, or any other accessories to go with your Amerisleep Seat Cushion, they may arrive sooner or later than your seat cushion. But don’t worry, shipping is always free.


The Amerisleep Seat Cushion comes with a 1-year warranty. Should you experience any covered defects, we will replace your seat cushion free of charge.

  • 100% Polyurethane Foam
  • 100% Polyester Cover
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the Amerisleep Seat Cushion?

Cleaning the Amerisleep Seat Cushion is quick and easy! First, unzip and remove the machine-washable cover. Once you toss that in the washer with gentle detergent, you can then spot clean the inside foam if needed. For extra freshness, we suggest sprinkling the seat cushion’s foam with baking soda and letting it sit before vacuuming and re-covering it.

Can I leave my Amerisleep Seat Cushion in the car?

As long as your car does not get extremely hot or super cold during the day, you are fine to leave the Amerisleep Seat Cushion in your vehicle between trips. If you do live in a climate with hotter or colder temperatures, it’s better to bring the seat cushion back inside once you’re done using it.

This is because overly hot and ultra-cold temperatures affect the feel of the foam—with heat causing softness and cold resulting in extra firmness. While this won’t cause damage right away, repeated exposure to extreme temperatures can damage the consistency of the foam and cause it to feel unsupportive.

Can you sit on the Amerisleep Seat Cushion right away?

Our Amerisleep Seat Cushion arrives at your doorstep compressed and rolled up in a box. Once you remove its plastic packaging, it should immediately take shape. It still needs a full 24 hours to completely expand, but you can still use the seat cushion as much as you want during this first day without risk of damage. Just note, the seat cushion may not feel as comfortable right out of the box as it will once it has time to fully expand.

How much does the Amerisleep Seat Cushion weigh?

Our seat cushion is light as a feather, weighing roughly 1 to 2 pounds. Its lightweight and portable design makes it perfect for traveling.

Does folding or compressing the Amerisleep Seat Cushion for travel cause damage?

Yes, you do not want to fold or attempt to re-compress any foam seat cushion at home because it puts the structural integrity of the foam at risk. Foam isn’t meant to be bent or folded in half because it causes uncomfortable creases in the material.

Instead, we suggest packing your seat cushion flat or stowing it away in a bag until you’re ready to use it. If you need to save space, we suggest rolling the seat cushion rather than bending. Rolling the foam reduces the chances of creases and lines forming within the material.

Do seat cushions help with lower back pain?

Yes! A high-quality seat cushion can ease lower back pain in two ways. One, seat cushions offer extra pressure relief for your lower body and as a result, ease tension in the spine—more specifically the lower back. Two, seat cushions promote better posture. Eliminating pressure in your back and sitting straight can strengthen your spine and back muscles as well as ease discomfort.

What is the best seat cushion for hip pain?

The best seat cushion for hip pain is one that can relieve pressure points in the lower back, ease tension in the pelvis, and offer extra comfort for the lower body and legs. To find a pain-relieving option, seek out cushions made with a proprietary blend of poly-foam. Cheaper seat cushions with egg-crate foam or flimsy poly-foams may be better on the budget, but they can’t do much to relieve frequent and chronic pains.

What material is best in seat cushions?

While memory foam is highly sought after in mattresses, it’s not actually the best foam for seat cushions. This is because memory foam molds to your body to offer a cradling feel, rather than holding you more “on top of” the material. In a seat cushion, you want some contouring comfort, but you don’t necessarily want to be cradled because it can cause you to feel sunken into the cushion.

Instead, many of the best seat cushions are made with specially-crafted poly-foam to offer both cushion and lift. In our Amerisleep Seat Cushion, we design poly-foam to offer the same benefits of memory foam but have the responsiveness of latex so sleepers can enjoy the feel of both.

How thick should seat cushions be?

Seat cushions can range between 1 to 8 inches thick. Generally, though, the best seat cushions are between 2 to 4 inches tall.

You can receive adequate pressure relief and cushioning from any seat cushion over 2 inches thick. If you like a lot of cushioning and are okay with the risk of heat retention, thicker seat cushions can work. However, if you prefer something supportive but cooling, we suggest thinner seat cushions since they contain less material for heat to become trapped within.

Can I take a seat cushion on an airplane?

Yes! Just like a travel pillow or travel blanket, airplanes also let you bring along your own seat cushion. If you have hip problems, sciatica, or chronic lower back pain, a seat cushion may be necessary for long flights. If you’re a frequent traveler, we suggest a seat cushion for the long hours spent sitting.

What is your return policy for the Amerisleep Seat Cushion?

The Amerisleep Seat Cushion is final-sale only and is not eligible for returns or refunds. However, it does come with free shipping and a 1-year warranty.

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