The Early Bird Editorial Process

We believe the information you find online, especially pertaining to your health, should be accurate, backed by research, and vetted by experts. There’s plenty of misinformation on the web already, and we want our readers to be confident that they are getting the most up-to-date info and advice. To ensure we live by our stringent standards, every article goes through a rigorous editing process, and we only link to credible sites and scholarly studies.

Our Team

The Early Bird staff includes writers and editors from various backgrounds and each has firsthand experience with sleep troubles and improving their own sleep health habits. We rely on scientific, updated sources for insight, and all of our content is unique, experience-based, and tailored to different sleep needs. We combine our research and personal experience to deliver information that’s truly helpful to our readers.

Our team consists of Sleep Experts from all over the nation. Every writer has their own unique voice and spends hours researching various sleep health topics and reviewing medical journals before ever sitting down to draft. With thorough research and meticulous proofreading, our readers can trust we’ve done our due diligence in producing each article on Early Bird.

Research, Research, Research: Our Process for Finding Reliable Information and Credible Sources

Before we write an article, we read and re-read published articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. If an article is more than ten years old, we work to find more recent research that corroborates its claims. This ensures our findings are up-to-date.

We also pore through health and medical blogs that cite credible sources, making sure we are current on all health concerns and questions. Our ears are always to the ground when it comes to sleep health.

We aim to reference government organizations and academic institutions first and foremost, especially when it comes to emerging research and findings. If anything we publish becomes dated or new research refutes what we’ve previously written, we work to update it. On top of that, before we publish anything, we double-check our claims and recommendations.

To maintain a fresh perspective on our articles, we also conduct interviews with professionals and experts in the sleep industry who are on the frontlines, and their expertise adds an invaluable layer to our writing.

Fact-Checking With Experts: Our Review Board

Our fact-checking process is multi-faceted. Along with our own in-depth research, we partner with medical experts across different fields and disciplines to review our posts and ensure we’re providing sound advice. Again, if anything we post is out of date or incorrect, we work to update it immediately.

Since starting our Expert Review Process, we’ve worked with a range of specialists from nutritionists, clinical psychologists, oncologists, and chiropractors, to, of course, behavioral sleep specialists and sleep disorder professionals. You can also read more about our medical reviewers and Expert Review Board here.

Staying Current

In our fast-paced world, we know it’s important to regularly update our posts beyond adding a few clarifying comments. We’re constantly researching and reading up on relevant topics so we’re current on all things sleep health. That way, we answer your questions before you even think to ask them!

Feedback for Us?

If you have any feedback, leave a comment on our articles. We’d love to hear from you.

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