What types of mattresses work best with adjustable beds?

When choosing a mattress to use with an adjustable bed (also known as a reclining bed) consumers can pick from a number of options. Each one differs in performance and function. The best choice for you will depend on a combination of how you plan to use your bed, the materials used to make the mattress, and its thickness.

Types of mattresses best for adjustable beds

An adjustable bed base lifts the top and bottom of the mattress (the head and foot sections) between 40 and 70 degrees. This creates a more comfortable shape for you to read, watch TV, and even sleep.

That means the most important thing to consider when choosing an adjustable mattress is its flexibility and durability. A mattress that’s best for adjustable beds will bend and flex to follow the contour of the base, while still maintaining its support and structural integrity. The four types most commonly paired with adjustable beds are memory foam, latex foam, innerspring, and airbeds.

Memory foam and latex mattresses are usually the best choice to use with an adjustable bed. They are flexible enough to match the curves of the base, and if you pick a company that uses high-quality foam and materials, it will maintain its support and durability. However you should be aware that there are significant differences in construction among the manufacturers that make memory foam and latex mattresses.

Try to find a company that uses the best, most modern materials. Otherwise you could wind up with a bed that’s uncomfortable and wears out quickly.

Innersprings and airbeds can also be used on adjustable bases and reclining beds if necessary. They have a few issues shoppers should be aware of though, which we explain in this article.

Try to find a company that uses the best, most modern materials. Otherwise you could wind up with a bed that’s uncomfortable and wears out quickly.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam conforms to your body shape and evenly supports your weight. That eliminates the common complaint of pressure points other mattresses have. When used with an adjustable bed, memory foam flexes easily to match the contour of the base without compromising comfort and support.

Latex mattresses

Like memory foam mattresses, those made from latex are 100% foam and similarly effective at preventing pain and t points. However they have a different feel that is commonly described as “buoyant.” Because they are slightly more rigid, choose a thinner size so it can properly adapt to your adjustable base.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are most likely what your parents and grandparents slept on for most of their lives. Before the development of foam mattresses, they were the best kind available.

Innersprings are made from coiled springs and a padded top, which makes them notably stiffer. Therefore they do not usually work well with a reclining bed or adjustable base. However some manufacturers make more flexible models to use in this situation.

Innersprings are still fairly common because they can be cheaper than foam beds. The lower cost comes at the price of decreased performance, however. Innersprings are known for creating pressure points, having limited flexibility, and require more frequent replacement.

Airbed mattresses

Airbeds are made with one or more inner air chambers, and allow you to adjust their support by increasing or decreasing the air pressure. However only specific types are suitable for use with adjustable beds.

Models with multiple chambers are usually fine. Just be aware that when the adjustable base bends, it can impede the airflow and reduce support. We don’t recommend using an airbed with a single chamber though, because they are almost always too rigid.


Memory foam
Latex foam
Memory foam
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Pressure Relief


The last thing you need to consider about the mattress you pair with your adjustable bed is its thickness. No matter how flexible the material, it can become too stiff if it gets thick enough.

Depending on the mattress type, the ideal thickness is between 6” and 14”. The more rigid the material, the thinner the mattress should be. It should still be thick enough to provide a supportive night’s sleep, though.

The most common thickness for foam mattresses on adjustable beds is 10”-12.” Our most popular models to use in this situation are the AS3 and AS2 beds.

Now you know the four key things to consider when choosing a mattress for your adjustable bed: flexibility, durability, support, and thickness. If you’re going to use an innerspring or airbed, make sure that it’s designed for adjustable bases and reclining beds. Otherwise it may not work.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses like the ones from Amerisleep perform best on adjustable beds, with latex following in a close second.

Depending on the mattress type, the ideal thickness is between 6” and 14”. The more rigid the material, the thinner the mattress should be.

Frequently asked questions

Are Amerisleep mattresses compatible with adjustable bed frames?

Yes, both our hybrid and memory foam mattresses are designed to work with adjustable bed frames. Our mattresses are all within 10 to 14 inches thick and are designed with flexible materials to bend with the base without causing any damage.

Can all mattresses be used on an adjustable bed?

No, not all mattresses can pair with an adjustable bed frame. Some beds with coils are too rigid to flex with the moving base, and are therefore best kept on flat foundations, instead. Many mattress brands today design their beds to work with these sleep-enhancing bed bases, but we always suggest checking with the brand to guarantee their compatibility.

Are hybrid mattresses good for adjustable beds?

It depends on the hybrid! Most hybrid mattresses today are designed to work just fine with adjustable bed frames; however, there are some out there that do not. The best way to determine whether or not a hybrid will work with an adjustable bed is to ask the brand or retailer directly.

It’s worth mentioning that if a brand carries both hybrid mattresses and adjustable bed frames (like us!), it’s safe to assume their hybrids will work just fine with their adjustable bases.

Do adjustable bases ruin mattresses?

Pairing a too-rigid mattress with an adjustable bed frame can cause damage to either the mattress, frame, or both. However, as long as your mattress is designed to pair with one of these frames, they should adjust together without any problems.

How thick should a mattress be for an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds can pair just fine with thin mattresses. Thicker mattresses, on the other hand, may create issues. Beds taller than 14 inches won’t bend with the base as easily, so it's best to get something around 10 to 12 inches thick (but no thicker than 14 or 15 inches). It’s also important to note that mattresses should be no thinner than 8 inches for comfortable sleep. So really, you want to look for a mattress between 8 and 14 inches thick to sit on top of an adjustable bed frame.

How much do Amerisleep adjustable bed frames cost?

Our bed frames range in price, with our entry-level Adjustable Bed starting at $1,100 and our Adjustable Bed+ starting at $1,800. We also offer bundle deals with both of our adjustable bed frames, so you can save more when you pair one of our mattresses with an adjustable base.

Is an adjustable bed worth the money?

Many shoppers find adjustable bed frames offer an exceptional value because they deliver a true sleep upgrade and help those of all sleep needs achieve more comfortable rest. As a result, people wake up feeling more rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. You should never spend too much on an adjustable bed frame, but $2,000 to $3,000 for years of blissful sleep is usually worth the investment.

Which Amerisleep adjustable bed is better?

Both of our adjustable bed frames are top-notch, so determining which one is better really comes down to considering what you want and need from an adjustable bed frame. If you’re just looking for head and foot articulation and a few other convenient features, our Adjustable Bed will likely be a good fit. For more advanced features like built-in wave massagers, our more luxurious Adjustable Bed+ would be perfect for your bedroom.

How long do Amerisleep adjustable beds last?

Our Amerisleep adjustable bed frames are built to last at least 10 years. We back our Adjustable Bed with a 10-year warranty and our Adjustable Bed+ with a 25-year warranty to protect your investment. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get comfortable sleep for at least a decade to come.

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