What is a Cloud Mattress and Why Should You Consider Buying One?

Last Updated On January 15th, 2024
What is a Cloud Mattress and Why Should You Consider Buying One?

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Sleep is essential to our physical and mental health, and a good mattress is crucial to achieving quality sleep. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may have come across the term “cloud mattress.”

In recent years, cloud mattresses have gained popularity in the market for their unique features and benefits. The image of sleeping on a cloud is a relaxing one. But what exactly is a cloud mattress, and how does it differ from other types of mattresses?

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In this article, we’ll explore what makes a cloud mattress unique and why it may be worth considering for your next mattress purchase. We’ll look at its benefits, the different types available, and how to choose the best one for your sleeping preferences.

What is a Cloud Mattress?

A cloud mattress is a type of mattress that provides a soft, plush sleeping surface with excellent pressure relief. They are designed to feel like sleeping on a cloud, hence why the name is often used to describe the mattress’s soft, plush feel and overall comfort level.

Cloud mattresses are typically made from materials such as memory foam or latex, which are known for their ability to conform to the body and alleviate pressure points. Cooling infusions or added aeration can further contribute to the bed’s comfort. A cloud mattress is ideally cooling and plush so it feels like a grounded cloud.

These materials also allow cloud mattresses to isolate motion transfer. This means that if you share your bed with a partner, you won’t feel their movements during the night. Such motion-isolating mattresses can result in more restful sleep.

Additionally, cloud mattresses are known for their ability to provide excellent spinal alignment, which can reduce pain and discomfort in the back and neck. They balance gentle cushion with supportive bases.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Cloud Mattress

There are several benefits to sleeping on a cloud mattress. For one, it provides better spinal alignment than a traditional mattress. The contouring properties of the top layer help distribute your body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and promoting a neutral spine position. Having such a mattress for pressure points can lead to reduced back pain, joint pain, and improved sleep quality.

Not only are cloud mattresses soft, but they should also be well-crafted cooling mattresses to complete the illusion. They can help regulate body temperature during sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. This is especially beneficial for those who tend to overheat while sleeping, as it can disrupt sleep quality and leave you feeling groggy the next day.

Cooling mattresses can also promote airflow and ventilation, which can prevent the buildup of allergens such as dust mites, mold and mildew. Additionally, cooling mattresses can further help reduce pain and discomfort, as the lower temperature can soothe sore muscles and joints.

Cloud mattresses also offer reduced motion transfer, which is ideal for couples or individuals who share a bed. The top layer absorbs motion and prevents it from transferring to the other side of the bed. Having a mattress for couples with cloudy cushion means that you’ll be less likely to feel your partner’s movements during the night, resulting in more restful sleep.

In addition to these benefits, cloud mattresses are also known for their health benefits. The improved circulation from reduced pressure points can promote better blood flow. If you need a mattress for poor circulation, a cloud mattress might be just the ticket.  Meanwhile, the reduced motion transfer can lead to less tossing and turning, resulting in reduced pain and inflammation.

Types of Cloud Mattresses

There are several types of cloud mattresses available in the market. The most common types of mattresses with cloudlike features are memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses.

Memory foam cloud mattresses are made of viscoelastic foam that conforms to your body’s shape. These memory foam mattresses offer excellent pressure relief and are ideal for individuals who suffer from joint pain or back pain.

Latex cloud mattresses, on the other hand, are made of natural or synthetic rubber. These latex mattresses provide excellent support and are ideal for individuals who prefer a firmer mattress.

Hybrid cloud mattresses combine the best features of memory foam and latex mattresses. These hybrid mattresses typically have a layer of memory foam or latex on top of an innerspring core for added support and durability.

You may have noticed one popular type of mattress is missing: innerspring mattresses.

An innerspring mattress is a traditional type of mattress that uses a network of metal coils as its primary support system. The coils are often wrapped in foam or other cushioning materials for added comfort. An innerspring mattress tends to be more firm and bouncy than other types of mattresses.

Still, innerspring mattresses can come close to the feel of a cloud mattress if they have a Euro or pillow top, depending on the specific design and materials used. Pillow top mattresses have an additional layer of padding sewn onto the top of the mattress. This layer is usually made of soft materials like foam or fiberfill to provide additional cushioning and comfort.

While some pillow top mattresses may have a cloud-like feel, this is not always the case. The specific materials and design of the mattress will determine its overall feel and level of comfort.

Amerisleep Cloud Mattresses

Quick Guide: A 30-Second Summary

Best Cloud Mattress Overall Amerisleep AS5
Best Cloud Mattress for Back Sleepers Amerisleep AS3
Best Natural Cloud Mattress Amerisleep Organica

The Amerisleep AS5 mattress offers a cloud-like comfort experience with its soft yet supportive foam layers that conform to the body’s natural curves.

Mattress Highlights
  • Bio-Pur® and Active Flex comfort foams
  • Five zones of targeted support
  • Sturdy and supportive Bio-Core®
Recommended For
  • Side sleepers
  • Petite sleepers
  • Hot sleepers

The Amerisleep AS5 is a high-end, soft memory foam mattress that is designed to provide exceptional comfort and support. This plush mattress is constructed with four different layers of foam, each with its unique features and benefits.

The top layer of the AS5 is Bio-Pur® foam, a plant-based memory foam that is more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam. This layer is designed to offer plush, cloud-like comfort and conform to the body’s natural curves for pressure relief.

Beneath the Bio-Pur® foam layer is the Active Flex layer. This layer is made of a responsive and bouncy foam material that provides a bit of pushback against the body, helping to prevent the feeling of being “stuck” in the mattress. This layer also helps to provide extra support for areas of the body that need it most.

The third layer of the AS5 mattress is the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology. This layer is designed to provide targeted support and pressure relief to different areas of the body. The hexagonal-shaped cutouts in the foam allow the mattress to compress and conform to the body’s shape, providing support where it is needed most.

The bottom layer of the AS5 mattress is the Bio-Core® layer, which is a high-density foam that provides the foundation for the mattress. This layer helps to ensure that the mattress maintains its shape and durability over time, providing long-lasting support and comfort.

If you want an extra hint of bouncy weightlessness, we suggest checking out our Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid. Like the original AS5, the AS5 Hybrid is one of the best soft mattresses for how it blends plush cushion with support.

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While the AS3 is not the softest mattress in our line-up, it is the best plush mattress we have for back sleepers.

Mattress Highlights
  • Cooling plant-based cushioning top
  • Targeted back support from HIVE®
  • Durable base foam maximizes value
Recommended For
  • Back sleepers
  • Couples
  • Hot sleepers

While the AS5 is the plushest mattress in our lineup, it is not necessarily the best mattress for non-side sleepers. Back sleepers who want to enjoy a softer mattress should look at one like our Amerisleep AS3, an affordable memory foam mattress with medium feel.

The AS3 has the same memory foam layers as the AS5, minus the second layer of Active Flex. We mentioned the benefits of Bio-Pur® foam, a plant-based memory foam that is more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam.

Beneath the Bio-Pur® foam layer is the Affinity layer, a transitional foam that uses sleep technology to provide targeted support and helps to evenly distribute weight across the mattress. The foam is designed to contour to the body’s curves while providing support to the spine, promoting healthy alignment.

The bottom layer of the AS3 mattress is the Bio-Core® layer to ensure that the mattress maintains its shape, strength and durability over time.

Like the AS5, we also offer the AS3 Hybrid with pocketed coils for extra weightlessness.

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The Amerisleep Organica provides a pillowy, cloud-like comfort that gently hugs and contours to the body for a luxurious sleep experience.

Mattress Highlights
  • Organic cotton and organic wool
  • Cooling Talalay latex foam cushion
  • Weightless buoyancy from coil support
Recommended For
  • Side, back, and combo sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers with non-latex allergies

While the Amerisleep Organica strives for a balanced feel rather than deep plushness, it still pairs pillowy comfort with responsive support and a weightless feel. If you want cloud comfort that allows you to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and relax with an organic mattress, we highly recommend it!

The surface of the Organica is a layer of organic cotton. This layer is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring that it is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The organic cotton layer is soft and breathable, adding to the overall comfort of the mattress.

Underneath the cotton cover is a layer of organic wool, providing flame protection and a pillow top feel. This wool also pulls away excess heat and moisture for better sleep.

The comfort layer of the Organica is a layer of Talalay latex. Talalay latex is a natural material that provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. This layer is also hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for individuals with allergies or sensitivities. Another Talalay latex layer forms the mattress’s transition layer.

The supportive layer of the Organica is a series of pocketed coils. These coils are individually wrapped, which helps to reduce motion transfer and provide targeted support to different areas of the body. The pocketed coils also promote airflow and help to keep the mattress cool.

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What to Look for in a Cloud Mattress

When shopping for a cloud mattress, there are several factors to consider. Largely, buyers want to consider the usual things when it comes to high-quality mattresses, such as excellent materials and craftsmanship, features that improve sleeper comfort like edge support and noise reduction, and a company’s confidence in its best mattresses.

Materials and Construction

The materials and construction of the mattress can greatly impact its overall feel and quality. Look for mattresses made with high-quality foams or coils, which are even better if they come with third-party certifications such as:

Material quality is especially important when it comes to a soft bed, as a poorly-made soft mattress can feel like a sinkhole while a well-made one should feel like, well, a cloud. Also check for features like edge support, support and comfort zones, and extra breathability. We discuss each of these in their own sections with greater detail.

Firmness Level

Cloud mattresses come in different firmness levels, so it’s essential to choose one that fits your comfort preferences. While some people prefer a soft and plush feel like what the best cloud mattresses offer, others may prefer a firmer mattress for more support.

When it comes to mattress firmness levels, it’s often best to consider the best mattress for body type and sleep positions:

  • If you are a lighter person, you may prefer a softer mattress to provide enough cushioning and pressure relief. Mattresses for lightweight sleepers often feature cloudlike foam tops.
  • However, if you are a heavier person, you may need a firmer mattress to provide better support and prevent sinking too deeply into the mattress. Mattresses for heavy people can offer cloud comfort, but it’s wise to be cautious and make sure they offer plenty of support, too.
  • If you are a side sleeper, you may want to choose a softer mattress to relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips. A cloud bed can provide the softer surface needed in a mattress for side sleepers.
  • If you are a back sleeper, you may want to choose a medium-firm mattress to keep your spine aligned and prevent lower back pain. However, those who want a softer mattress for back sleeping can look to medium beds for cloudlike cushion.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, you may want to choose a firmer mattress to prevent your hips from sinking too deeply and causing lower back pain. We strongly suggest stomach sleepers avoid cloud beds, as they are too plush to serve as a mattress for stomach sleeping.
  • If you are a combination sleeper, you usually want to look for medium to medium-firm mattresses. Cloud mattresses can make it difficult to change positions, but ones with responsive latex can still feel soft yet buoyant. Pocketed coils are also excellent features in mattresses for combo sleepers.

These guidelines are especially important to keep in mind when it comes to online mattresses, which you can’t try before you buy. While you can typically return a mattress that’s not the right fit, it’s best to choose a good mattress on the first try so you’re not missing out on quality sleep.

Edge Support

A cloud mattress with good edge support will prevent you from feeling like you’re rolling off the bed, and it can also make getting in and out of bed easier.

With proper edge support, you can utilize the full surface area of the mattress without worrying about feeling unsupported along the edges. This allows you to spread out more comfortably and enjoy more restful sleep, helpful if you share the mattress.

Edge support can also improve the longevity of a cloud mattress or another type of soft mattress. Without proper support, the edges of the mattress can sag and lose shape over time, leading to premature wear and tear. Edge support helps to maintain the structure of the mattress, ensuring that it lasts for years to come.

Edge support can also be helpful when sitting on the edge of the bed. Without proper support, the edge of the mattress can sink down, making it uncomfortable to sit on. Edge support provides a firm and stable seating area, making it easier to put on shoes, read a book, or perform other activities while sitting on the edge of the bed. This makes edge support an essential feature for any daybed mattress, too.

Targeted Support

Targeted support is a feature in mattresses that provides specific areas of support to different parts of the body. This type of support is essential for maintaining proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points, which can lead to discomfort and pain. And you don’t need firmer mattresses to enjoy this feel of specialized support, as soft mattresses feature special support zones, too.

Many mattresses use zoning to provide different levels of support to different parts of the body. For example, the shoulder and hip areas may have a more supportive cushion, while the waist and lower back areas may have less give in the mattress surface. This helps to maintain proper spinal alignment and reduce pressure points.

Targeted support is especially important for people with specific sleep needs, such as those with back pain or joint issues. By providing targeted support, mattresses can help alleviate pain and improve sleep quality.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction refers to the mattress’s ability to minimize noise transfer when someone moves or shifts their weight while sleeping. This is especially important for couples who share a bed and may be easily disturbed by their partner’s movements during the night. Still, noise reduction is an often overlooked feature of the most comfortable mattresses.

Cloud mattresses often incorporate different layers of foam or other materials that absorb vibrations and reduce noise. For example, memory foam is a popular material used in cloud mattresses that can help reduce noise transfer. Such memory foam mattresses contour to the body’s shape, which distributes weight evenly and minimizes movement, making it less likely to cause noise.

Some cloud mattresses also have individually wrapped coils that can help reduce noise transfer. When a person moves on a coil mattress, the coils can create noise as they rub against each other. But with individually wrapped coils, the pocketed coils move independently, which reduces noise and improves motion isolation.

Breathability and Cooling Features

Cooling features in a mattress are crucial for a comfortable and healthy sleep environment. When you sleep, your body temperature naturally rises, and if the mattress traps heat, it can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause discomfort. This can lead to tossing and turning, which affects the quality of your sleep and can result in you feeling tired and groggy when you wake up.

Breathability in a mattress helps regulates your body temperature by allowing air to circulate through the mattress, preventing heat from building up. This is particularly important for people who tend to sleep hot or for those who live in warm climates. It’s also beneficial for those who share a bed as it reduces the likelihood of one person overheating and disturbing their partner’s sleep.

Furthermore, a mattress with breathable cooling features can improve your overall health by reducing the growth of bacteria and mold. A mattress that doesn’t allow for proper airflow can create a breeding ground for these microorganisms, which can lead to allergic reactions and other health problems.

Similarly, heat-wicking materials pull heat away from a sleeper and help it escape a mattress faster. If you’re someone who tends to sleep hot, look for a cloud mattress with cooling features like gel-infused foam or breathable materials that promote air circulation.

Warranty and Return Policy

Make sure to check the warranty and return policy of the mattress you’re considering, as this can greatly impact your overall satisfaction with your purchase. Sleep trial and warranties show that brands have confidence in the materials, design, and craftsmanship of their mattresses. It also shows that the company cares about customer satisfaction and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure consumer happiness.

A sleep trial allows you to test out the mattress in your own home for an extended period. This gives you enough time to determine whether the mattress is comfortable and supportive for your sleep needs.

If you’re not satisfied with the mattress, you can return it for a full refund. A good sleep trial eliminates the risk of investing in a mattress that may not be the right fit for you, providing peace of mind and ensuring you get the best value for your money. At Amerisleep, all of our mattresses have a sleep trial that lasts 100 nights.

Meanwhile, a mattress warranty provides protection against manufacturing defects and other issues that may arise with the mattress. A good warranty spans years and covers issues such as sagging, material defects, and broken coils.

Having a warranty ensures that you’re covered if anything goes wrong with the mattress, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment. At Amerisleep, we go beyond the standard 10-year warranty and offer 20 years of protection.

Who is a Cloud Mattress Best Suited for?

While anyone can benefit from a cloud mattress, some people may find them particularly well-suited to their needs. Here are some groups of people who may benefit from a cloud mattress.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers often need a mattress that can relieve pressure on their hips and shoulders. A cloud bed with its plush feel can provide the necessary cushioning that a mattress for side sleeping needs. Such softer mattresses are necessities for side sleepers.

Side sleepers may experience discomfort on a too-firm mattress due to pressure points that are created on the hips and shoulders. When sleeping on your side, your body weight is concentrated on these areas, which can cause discomfort, pain, and even numbness. A firm mattress doesn’t allow for proper contouring of the body, which means that pressure points aren’t adequately relieved, leading to discomfort.

Petite Sleepers

Petite sleepers, or those who are under 130 pounds, can benefit from a cloud mattress because it allows them to sink into the mattress and experience proper support. A soft mattress with cloud cushion conforms to the body, distributing weight evenly and providing pressure relief.

This is especially important for petite sleepers who have less weight to distribute, as they may experience discomfort on a firm mattress that doesn’t contour to their body shape.

People with Joint Pain

Cloud mattresses can offer exceptional pressure relief, making them ideal mattresses for people with joint pain or arthritis. We do recommend mattresses with edge support, though, if you have a medical condition that restricts movement. Usually, this means a cloud hybrid mattress.

For more on needed features when dealing with chronic pain, we suggest checking out our guide to mattresses for arthritis.

Couples with Different Sleeping Styles

Cloud mattresses can provide good motion isolation, making them a great option for couples who have different sleeping styles or schedules.

People Who Sleep Hot

The best cloud mattresses come with cooling features like gel-infused foam or breathable materials that promote air circulation, making them a good option for people who tend to sleep hot and need help maintaining a comfortable temperature for sleep.

Anyone Who Values Comfort and Quality Sleep

Ultimately, a cloud mattress is best suited for anyone who prioritizes comfort and quality sleep. With its plush feel, pressure relief, and support, a cloud bed can offer the experience of a luxury mattress and provide a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep for anyone who sleeps on it.

Maintenance and Care for Your Cloud Mattress

Many mattresses are expensive, and cloud mattresses are no different as they rely on thick tops and specialty materials. To ensure the longevity and performance of your cloud mattress, it’s important to take proper care of it. Most cloud mattresses come with care instructions that should be followed closely to avoid damage to the mattress.

Common maintenance tips for cloud mattresses include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud mattress?

A cloud mattress is a type of plush mattress designed to provide a luxurious, cloud-like sleeping experience. These mattresses are typically made with high-density foam, gel-infused memory foam, or a combination of both. They are engineered to conform to your body’s natural curves and relieve pressure points while staying cool at night.

What type of mattress feels like a cloud?

There are several types of mattresses that can feel like a cloud, including memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are known for their plush, contouring feel, while latex mattresses offer a responsive, bouncy feel. Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds, with a supportive innerspring system and plush comfort layers.

What are the benefits of a cloud mattress?

Cloud mattresses offer a range of benefits, including superior comfort, pressure point relief, and improved spinal alignment. These mattresses are also great for those with back pain or joint issues, as they conform to your body and distribute your weight evenly across the surface of the bed.

Additionally, cloud mattresses often have advanced cooling technology, such as gel-infused foam or breathable fabrics, to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Overall, a cloud mattress can help you wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day.

How much is a cloud mattress?

The cost of a cloud mattress depends on its materials and the size and thickness of the mattress. Latex foam costs more than memory foam and hybrid mattresses tend to be pricer than all-foam mattresses. Naturally, thicker and larger mattresses have higher production costs than thinner and smaller mattresses.

Still, with careful shopping, you should be able to find a queen size cloud mattress in the $1300 to $2000 range.

Who is a cloud mattress best suited for?

Cloud mattresses are best suited for sleepers who prioritize comfort and plushness. These softer mattresses are great for side sleepers, as they provide excellent pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.

Additionally, cloud mattresses can be a good choice for those with joint pain or back pain, as they offer contouring support and can help alleviate pressure points. And as excellent mattresses for pressure points, they can also be must-have mattresses for lightweight sleepers, who need quick cushion when they lie down.

However, individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping surface or require more support for their back may not find a cloud mattress to be the best fit for their needs. It’s important to consider your personal preferences and sleep needs when deciding if a cloud mattress is right for you.


A cloud mattress is a specialized soft mattress and can be an excellent choice for individuals looking for a  plush sleeping surface with excellent pressure relief. Its unique features, such as motion isolation, spinal alignment, and cooling properties, make it a popular choice in the market.

There are different types of cloud mattresses available, with different materials and mattress thickness, each with their unique benefits. When considering a cloud mattress, it’s essential to factor in your sleeping preferences and needs to choose the best soft mattress for you.

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