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Available in 7 sizes
MEDIUM FIRM FEEL Profile height: 12-inch

Risk-free, 100-night trial

20-year warranty

Free shipping & returns

Made in USA

Non-toxic & Fiberglass-Free


Why you'll love it

Our medium-firm mattress is engineered to facilitate healthy spinal alignment. Verywell Health even calls it the best mattress for back pain. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, the AS2 is perfect for you.

Our AS2 Hybrid combines the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam with the responsiveness and bounce of pocketed coils to deliver a peaceful night’s sleep. You’ll never have to compromise your comfort.

  • Experience cooling comfort with our plant-based Bio-Pur® memory foam
  • Maximize airflow and targeted support with our exclusive HIVE® technology
  • Prevent sagging and uncomfortable sinkage with our durable base foam
  • Fiberglass-free mattress is eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Experience cooling comfort with our plant-based Bio-Pur® memory foam
  • Isolate motion transfer and increase comfort with our pocketed coils and firm edge support
  • Evenly distribute weight with our responsive and lifting Affinity layer
  • Fiberglass-free mattress is eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Free, no contact fast shipping
  • 100-night, risk-free sleep trial
  • Easy and free returns
  • 20-year warranty
  • Mattress made in the USA
  • Free, no contact fast shipping
  • 100-night, risk-free sleep trial
  • Easy and free returns
  • 20-year warranty
  • Mattress made in the USA
Save $300
  • Twin (38" x 74") $1299
  • Twin XL (38" x 80") $1349
  • Full (54" x 75") $1499
  • Queen (60" x 80") $1549
  • King (76" x 80") $1849
  • California King (72" x 84") $1849
  • Split King (38" x 80" - 2) $2248
Refresh Cooling

Refresh Cooling Technology


Sleep up to 7 degrees cooler throughout the night with our incredible heat-wicking Refresh Cover - included free on every AS2 Hybrid.

$1549 $1084.3 with promo
save 30%

Pay Today

Free Shipping in 5-7 Business Days

Better sleep through better design

Sleep Cooler

Sleep Cooler

Comfort You Will Love

Comfort You Will Love

Tested to Last

Designed to Enhance Sleep

More Support, Deeper Sleep

Alleviates Pressure Points

Eco-Friendly Production

Eco-Friendly Production

Cooler and more breathable

The surface you sleep on is incredibly important to your comfort. That’s why we developed the Refresh Cover for our mattresses.

Because it’s made from a fiber with extremely high energy transfer capabilities, the Refresh Cover draws heat from your skin for a delightfully cool-to-the-touch feel. On average, your sleeping surface will stay 7 degrees cooler over an eight-hour night of rest.*

Plus, our plant-based Bio-Pur material keeps you cool all night. Its open-cell design allows more air to circulate than traditional foam — and more airflow means cooler sleep, less sweating, and no more tossing and turning.

*Compared to a traditional 100% polyester cover.

Improve circulation

Along with keeping you cool, the Refresh Cover also supports improved daily performance and energy. This scientifically engineered fabric uses minerals to help convert your natural body heat into far infrared energy.

Why far infrared? This type of energy increases blood circulation to help speed up muscle recovery and improve quality of sleep. Plus, according to peer-reviewed medical studies, far infrared exposure may offer even more health benefits than we even know about yet!*

*Source: Journal of Photonics & Lasers in Medicine

Stays cool all night

Our plant-based Bio-Pur® material keeps you cool all night. It features an open-cell design that allows more air to escape than traditional foam.

Moon icon

Open-cell design wicks away warm air

Wind icon

More breathable than traditional foam

Experience Bio-Pur®:
Eco-Friendly, Cooler Memory Foam

Bio-Pur® is the perfect answer to a better bed. Available in every Amerisleep mattress, we engineered Bio-Pur® to deliver cooling comfort, responsive support, and healthier sleep.

Memory foam lovers say Bio-Pur® is a huge upgrade, while critics admit it solves all the problems of traditional memory foam. Plus, since our beginnings in 2009, we've proudly manufactured Bio-Pur® in the USA.

Bio-Pur® vs Traditional Memory Foam

Breathable & Cooling

Bio-Pur®'s large, open-cell structure has a few distinct advantages:

  • Allows air to flow freely
  • Prevents heat build-up
  • Perfect for hot sleepers

Responsive & Supportive

Unlike traditional memory foam, Bio-Pur® has a rapid response time that:

  • Relieves painful pressure points
  • Prevents heat build-up
  • Bounces back in just seconds

Eco-Friendly Materials

Featuring renewable plant-based oils, Bio-Pur® helps us:

  • Minimize use of non-renewable resources
  • Prevents heat build-up
  • Produce products that are better for you and the planet

A Healthier Sleep

The surface you sleep on is important. That’s why Bio-Pur® is:

  • CertiPUR-US® certified & low in VOCs
  • Resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew & made without harsh chemicals

Traditional memory foams miss the mark when it comes to cooling and responsiveness. Amerisleep’s proprietary Bio-Pur® memory foam is an eco-friendly alternative that blends contouring comfort with buoyant support and superior breathability to help you get your best night’s sleep yet.

Our plant-based Bio-Pur® is significantly more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam. It snaps back to its original shape in seconds, so it’ll never cause you to uncomfortably sink, and it’s significantly more porous and airy, so you won’t have to worry about night sweats. Even better? Bio-Pur® contains a fraction of the petrochemicals used in other memory foams, so it’s less likely to off-gas and is completely free of harmful substances.

That’s why in over 15,000 reviews, our mattresses rate 4.7 out of 5 stars and why 98% of customers would recommend us to a friend.

See why our customers love Bio-Pur®

  • All
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Responsive
  • Supportive

Relieves pain & pressure points

Our Bio-Pur® comfort layer contours to your body and relieves pain-causing pressure points. But it also bounces back fast, so you never feel “stuck” if you move around at night.

Zoned comfort icon

Soothing pressure point relief

Pressure point icon

More responsive than traditional foam

Crafted for lasting comfort

We make our mattresses here in America with the highest quality craftsmanship. They’re built to last and backed by a two-decade warranty.

Warranty icon

Industry-leading 20-year warranty

Support icon

Won’t sag or develop soft spots

Made with back sleepers in mind

Our medium-firm mattress offers comfortable support with targeted pressure relief that stays cool all night.

Amerisleep AS2 mattress cover Amerisleep AS2 mattress layers
Ultra-Breathable Comfort

Our soft and ultra-breathable covers help prevent overheating, so you can sleep your best each night.

Stays Cool & Never Feels “Stuck”

Bio-Pur®’s open-cell design keeps you cooler than traditional foam. It also contours to your body to relieve pressure points and bounces back fast, so you won’t feel “stuck”.

Targeted Pressure-Relief System

Our HIVE® transition layer provides targeted support and pressure relief so you can sleep in perfect alignment. It gives your head, back, and legs more support, and your shoulders and hips more cushion.

Durable Support for Decades

The Bio-Core® base layer gives you durable support that lasts for decades. It won’t sag or develop soft spots over time. (And we prove it with our 20-year warranty.)

Inside the AS2 h

With a medium-firm feel, the AS2 Hybrid offers comfortable support with targeted pressure relief. And the soft and ultra-breathable cover promotes increased comfort and more restful sleep.

Ultra-Breathable Comfort

Our soft and ultra-breathable covers help prevent overheating, so you can sleep your best each night.

Stays Cool & Never Feels “Stuck”

Our Bio-Pur® material’s open-cell design keeps you cooler than traditional foam. It also contours to your body to relieve pressure points and bounces back fast, so you won’t feel “stuck” during the night.

Firm & Supportive Transition Layer

Our Affinity Layer provides added firmness and support, making the AS2 Hybrid a favorite among back and stomach sleepers.

Stable Edges to Get Out of Bed Easier

A firmer perimeter helps with mattress durability and makes getting in and out of bed easier.

Targeted Pressure Relief System

Patented zoned support system improves alignment by reducing pain-causing pressure points and adding more support where you need it most.

Boosted Support & Structure for Integrity

Thin layer of transition foam used for added comfort and structure for a more durable and resilient base.

Sleep in perfect alignment

Our HIVE® transition layer gives your body targeted support to ease tension and help you sleep in perfect alignment. It provides added support under your head, back, and legs. And it gives your shoulders and hips extra cushion. We’ve also designed HIVE® to reduce pain-causing pressure points.

Adaptable coils offer more support for extra comfort and pain relief

Amerisleep’s pocketed coil system delivers bouncy support from head to toe to keep the body aligned and lifted. These coils comfortably compress to relieve pain-causing pressure points. Our pocketed coil system also features double-density coils around the left and right sides of your mattress to improve edge support.

Amerisleep hybrid coils cover Amerisleep hybrid coils

Is a hybrid right for you?

Amerisleep Hybrid models are designed to offer more support, airflow, and durability.

More bounce

More bounce

Pocket-coil springs provide responsive support with more bounce.

Extra airflow

Extra airflow

Individual coils allow extra airflow beneath the upper foam layers to keep you cool.

Limited motion

Limited motion transfer

Individual coils limit motion transfer and provide more localized cushion.

Durable support

Durable support

Our spring layer features durable pocket-coils that won’t sag or develop soft spots.

Enjoy deeper sleep and more daily energy. Try the AS2 for 100 nights.
100 Night Trial
Risk-free, 100-night trial
with free shipping & returns


Available sizes
  • Twin 38" W x 74" L x 12" H
  • Twin XL 38" W x 80" L x 12" H
  • Full 54" W x 75" L x 12" H
  • Queen 60" W x 80" L x 12" H
  • King 76" W x 80" L x 12" H
  • Cal King 72" W x 84" L x 12" H
  • Split King 38" W x 80" L x 12" H (x2)
Free Shipping

Amerisleep Mattresses come with free shipping within the continental US. We ship our mattresses direct to your home and compressed in an eco-friendly box using FedEx. And in most cases, they arrive in two weeks or less.

Please note: All our products ship separately, so if you’ve ordered a foundation, base, sheets, or any other sleep accessories to go with your new mattress, they may arrive sooner or later than your Amerisleep mattress. But don’t worry, shipping is always free.

20-Year Warranty

Amerisleep mattresses are backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty. For the first 10 years, we will replace your mattress if you encounter any defects, including sagging greater than 1”. And for the second 10 years, we will offer you a prorated replacement.


Our mattresses are compatible with a variety of bed frames and bases.

Mattress Foundations
Our memory foam and hybrid mattresses are best supported on solid or slatted mattress foundations. We offer a variety of bed bases which are all compatible with our mattresses. Non-Amerisleep foundations, however, should have slats no more than 2.75 inches apart.

Platform Beds
Platform beds have a solid or slatted base, so they can provide proper support for our mattresses. If you have a platform bed with large gaps between slats that was not designed by Amerisleep, we suggest buying extra slats or a bunkie board to create a sturdier surface for your mattress and meet warranty guidelines.

Adjustable Bed Frames
Both our memory foam and hybrid mattresses work well with adjustable bed frames. They’re adaptable and flexible, so they can move with the base without becoming damaged or worn. We even sell two adjustable bed frames to pair with our beds: the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed and the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+.

While our mattresses can work with most bed frames and foundations, it’s not compatible with absolutely every type of mattress support — namely box springs.

Box Springs
Box springs are best paired with innerspring mattresses, and since innerspring beds were the most common for many years, a lot of us have box springs at home. Box springs contain coils within and as a result, are bouncy. Beds with foam layers can experience premature wear, tear, and unexpected damage when paired with one of these because they do not offer the even, sturdy support foam beds need.

If you intend to use an existing bed frame, please confirm dimensions & assembly options for your bedframe to ensure compatibility.

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See what our satisfied sleepers have to say

All reviews are unaltered and verified by a 3rd party.


All featured customer reviews are unaltered and verified by a third-party. The comments made by customers are not intended as advertisements, and should be understood as the perspective of each individual based on their experience. These reviews should not be construed to mean that these experiences are universal or that results will always be the same.

Frequently asked questions

What is HIVE® technology in the AS2? How does it help with back pain?

The Affinity layer with HIVE® technology acts as a transition layer in the AS2 mattress. Not only does the material limit sinkage so a person doesn’t bottom out on the support layer, it also offers five zones of targeted support.

Hexagonal cutouts across the second layer’s surface comprise the bed’s HIVE® technology. Under the shoulders and hips, these cutouts flex and create a conforming cushion. Under the head, torso, and feet, these cutouts remain firm and provide uncompromising support.

HIVE® is found not only in the memory foam version of the AS2 but also in our AS3, AS4, and AS5 memory foam mattresses.

Who are medium-firm mattresses good for?

Medium-firm mattresses are excellent for back and stomach sleepers. The surface offers just enough cushion to contour to the body for pressure and pain relief, while its firm support ensures the spine won’t shift out of alignment.

A medium-firm mattress may also feel supportive and comfortable if you’re a heavyset side sleeper, though a medium mattress like our AS3 may feel better.

Is the AS2 eco-friendly?

Yes, our AS2 memory foam and hybrid mattresses are eco-friendly. We make our Bio-Pur® foam, which is the top layer in our memory foam and hybrid mattresses, with plant-based oils for a cooler, more sustainable, and more responsive material.

Every layer of foam we use in our mattresses is certified safe by CertiPUR-US®, an independent organization with the goal of ensuring foam is produced without dangerous or toxic materials.

What’s better: the AS2 or AS2 Hybrid?

Both the original memory foam mattress and the newer hybrid model are excellent choices for back and stomach sleepers.

If you’re debating between the two, ask yourself if you prefer a bed that molds to your body for a cradling feel, or the buoyancy of an “on top of the mattress” feeling? If you prefer the first, then choose the classic AS2 mattress. Those who would rather have the second should try the AS2 Hybrid.

How soft does the AS2 feel?

The AS2 doesn’t feel very plush, though its top layer of Bio-Pur® foam still conforms to a person’s body for pressure relief. That’s why we typically don’t recommend the AS2 mattress for people who need a soft bed to sleep well, such as average-sized side sleepers and petite individuals. The medium-firm feel of our AS2 provides the support back and stomach sleepers need.

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