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Add an Amerisleep pillow to your mattress for complete comfort from head to toe

Comfort Classic Pillow

  • Our soft but supportive Comfort Classic Pillow is our best seller and loved by both side and back sleepers
  • Responsive, breathable Bio-Pur® cushions the shoulders, head, and neck for unsurpassed comfort
  • Our pillow’s ultra-smooth, breathable cover delivers extra softness while protecting the memory foam core

Proven pressure relief

Our Comfort Classic Pillow has been delivering better sleep for years — earning hundreds of glowing reviews from well-rested customers.

Softness without sacrificing support

Proprietary Bio-Pur® memory foam bounces back quickly and offers contouring without sinkage to keep you sleeping soundly.

Sized to suit most sleepers

The 6-inch loft comfortably fills the gap between your head and the mattress to keep your neck in alignment.

Flex Pillow

  • Our Flex Pillow offers customized levels of comfort and support to easily suit all kinds of sleepers
  • Soft MicroFlex cushions and a lightweight cover deliver comfy, cool sleep
  • Responsive shredded memory foam never loses support no matter how much it’s fluffed or flattened

Comfort that feels custom-made

Our flexible filling adjusts to suit side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers alike.

Continuously cooling

Forget waking up to flip your pillow, our breathable design keeps warm air flowing so you’ll always stay cool.

Support you can rely on

Switch from back to side to stomach sleeping as much as you like. Our pillow adapts to your preferences in just seconds.

Dual Comfort Pillow

  • Our Dual Comfort Pillow features pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® which also eases neck pains
  • Available in low-loft (5”) and mid-loft (6”) options for back and side sleepers
  • Uniquely designed with a firm and a soft side for all-in-one comfort and support

Two sides of contouring comfort

Soft or firm. Why choose? Get both and change up the firmness of your pillow as much as you like.

Heat-wicking cooling channels

Take breathability one step further with circular cutouts that encourage optimum airflow.

Extra-supportive tapered edges

The tapered edges are shaped to keep your neck and shoulders propped in place.

While our pillows each have their unique advantages, they share a few key similarities too.

Common Features

  • CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Designed to ease neck pains
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Made with pressure-relieving memory foam
  • 10-year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Amerisleep’s pillows qualify for the 100-night sleep trial?

They do not. All of our Amerisleep pillows are final sale items and cannot be returned. However, we back all of our pillows with a 10-year warranty so you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

Are Amerisleep’s pillows good for neck pain?

We design all three of our pillows to offer healthy support to maintain spinal alignment and ease neck pains. Our pillows also feature cushioning memory foam to contour to your head and neck, relieving pressure and preventing morning headaches that can result from sleeping on a too-firm or too-soft pillow.

What is the best Amerisleep pillow for side sleepers?

All three of our Amerisleep pillows work well for side sleepers.

Our Flex Pillow is suitable for all sleepers because it features adjustable shredded memory foam that can be shaped to meet any needs. If you’re looking for a customizable pillow option, we recommend the Flex.

The Comfort Classic Pillow is also a great choice for side sleepers because it has a 6-inch loft and pressure-relieving memory foam to fit snugly beneath your head. The thickness of this pillow is ideal for maintaining alignment while side sleeping, thus preventing neck pains and stiffness.

Our Dual Comfort Pillow can also work for side sleepers because it comes in two thickness options—one better for back sleepers and the other more comfortable for side sleepers. Like the Comfort Classic, our Dual Comfort Pillow contains a contouring memory foam core for pain relief. However, this pillow has both a soft side and a firm side for side sleepers who aren’t completely sold on a soft or firm pillow – offering two firmnesses in one.

How often do Amerisleep pillows need to be replaced?

It’s common practice for people to replace their pillows every 3 to 5 years for hygienic reasons. That said, we back all Amerisleep pillows with a 10-year warranty and design each to be easy to clean so you can extend their lifespan.

Regularly washing your pillow’s cover, vacuuming its surface, and deodorizing it with baking soda can go a long way in extending the life of your pillow. If you notice your pillow is stained or beginning to lose support, then it’s time for a replacement.

What pillows do 5-star hotels use?

Most hotels typically use feather pillows, down pillows, or down alternative pillows because they’re moldable to fit different sleep needs and not super expensive to replace. That said, some upscale hotels are known to have more luxurious down pillows that can cost over $200 per pillow.

Are expensive pillows worth the money?

A good pillow shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but you don’t want to go cheap with pillows, either. An unsupportive pillow can impede your sleep and lead to chronic neck pains, so the savings aren’t usually worth the discomfort. A high-quality, long-lasting pillow can cost around $100 and still be a good value, but anything beyond $200 or $250 is not worth the investment.

Should stomach sleepers use a pillow?

Stomach sleepers only need very thin pillows to maintain alignment and avoid neck pains. However, some stomach sleepers find it more comfortable to ditch their pillow and sleep with their head flat on their mattress. We don’t suggest going pillow-less unless you’re experiencing neck pain with thin pillows.

How thick should my pillow be?

Your pillow should be thick enough to keep your neck in line with your shoulders and lower body. Something too thin and your neck will droop, and something too thick will crane your neck forward and cause stiffness and soreness. Stomach sleepers need a thin pillow (below 3 inches thick) while back and side sleepers usually prefer mid- to high-loft pillows (between 3 and 6 inches thick).

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