Queen size starting at $999 
Available in 5 models

A better queen size mattress for all sleepers

Enjoy unbeatable comfort and the ultimate sleep experience.

Queen size mattresses

Best mattress for back sleepers
Amerisleep AS2 queen size mattress

Business Insider called the AS2 the “best mattress for back pain.” Similar to the AS1 but with one additional inch of Bio-Pur®, this mattress will give back and stomach sleepers all the cushioning they need.

Queen starting at $1299

Best mattress to buy online
Amerisleep AS3 queen size mattress

Amerisleep’s best-selling mattress thanks to its medium feel, which gives the bed an even balance of support and comfort for every type of sleeper. Allure even calls it one of the best mattresses you can buy online.

Queen starting at $1399

Best soft & supportive mattress
Amerisleep AS5 queen size mattress

The AS5 is our softest mattress and the only model in Amerisleep’s lineup with the Active Flex layer, which allows us to create the softest mattress possible, without making you feel stuck as you move around at night.

Queen starting at $2099

Best firm mattress
Amerisleep AS1 queen size mattress

The AS1 is Amerisleep’s firmest mattress. It’s perfect for back and stomach sleepers who are looking for very little give— but don’t worry, this bed still contains one inch of Amerisleep’s soft, pressure-relieving Bio-Pur®.

Queen starting at $1199

Best soft mattress

The AS4 is medium-soft, so it’s a great fit for side or combo-sleepers who need slightly more cushioning than the AS3 provides. While it’s softer than the AS3, it still has plenty of support for your back, spine, and hips.

Queen starting at $1699

Supportive, tranquil sleep every night.

Combining Bio-Pur® and HIVE® technology, Amerisleep’s queen size bed keeps you cool and supports your back no matter the position you’re in. Plant-based foam reduces off-gassing odors and responds quickly to pressure, so you can sleep soundly every night.

Supportive queen size mattress

You don’t have to compromise comfort for support.

Every Amerisleep mattress is engineered for optimum comfort no matter your sleeping position. Side, back, and stomach sleepers alike can get a full night’s rest thanks to the responsive Bio-Pur®, a breathable, soft layer meant to cushion all your pressure points. The other layers work in tandem to leave you waking up feeling super refreshed!

Comfortable queen size mattress
Enjoy unbeatable comfort and the ultimate sleep experience. Shop Our Mattresses

Who should get a queen size mattress?

Queen size mattresses are the top-selling beds thanks to their versatile size.

The perfect fit

A queen isn't as wide as a king, but it still offers plenty of room for couples or even singles who need extra sleeping space.

Great for couples

Maybe you've heard a queen-size bed is just the same as two twin mattresses next to each other, but a queen is actually five inches longer.

Roomy but compact

A queen-size bed will fit in most rooms, from a small spare bedroom to a master bedroom.

How much should I expect to spend on a high-quality queen size mattress?

Certain things determine the cost of a mattress: the materials, the warranty, the brand name, and special technologies, such as gel-foam, lumbar support, or wrapped coils (popular in hybrids and innersprings).

It helps to know the average price of the mattress type you’re considering so you can avoid falling prey to any gimmicks or marketing techniques. For example, expensive beds are often marked up incredibly high to make the customer think they are of higher quality. After all, you get what you pay for, right? When it comes to mattresses, this is not necessarily true.

Your ideal mattress should offer a balance of support and comfort, which will vary depending on your sleeping position and possible health conditions. If you tend to sleep hot, you’ll need to invest in a mattress with cooling technologies, such as gel or copper-infused foams, an innerspring base, or plant-based, open-cell foams. And, in general, softer mattresses use more materials and are, therefore, more expensive than firmer beds.

High quality queen size mattress detail

If you’ve got your eye on a higher-priced mattress, read about all of the features being offered with the bed, as well as the warranty policy and sleep trial (if one is offered). If the price doesn’t reflect everything the mattress claims to have, move on.

On the other hand, a super cheap bed can be a poor investment, too. Queen-size mattresses costing less than $500 are usually made with poly-foams or cheaper materials prone to breaking down quickly. You might save money at first, but you’ll end up needing to replace the bed sooner than later. A high-quality mattress should last you anywhere from 7-10 years (and some last even longer).

Perhaps after doing some research, you’re still not sure how much you should spend— if you’re stuck, look at the warranty. The warranty will tell you exactly how long the company stands behind their product and the types of defects they cover. In other words, the warranty gives you a clear picture of the company’s quality standards.

High quality queen sizes mattresses

Common mattress features increasing mattress cost

  • Cooling technologies, such as gel foam, copper-infused foam, or plant-based foam
  • Proprietary foams or technologies (materials made exclusively by and for the brand)
  • Edge support (in the form of poly foam or other materials reinforcing the edges)
  • A quilted Euro top layer (Euro pillow tops are more expensive than plush pillow top mattresses because they contain higher quality materials)
  • A longer than average warranty (average is 10 years)
  • Thicker comfort foams (in general, softer beds use more layers, and are therefore more expensive)
  • Eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, latex, or plant-based foams
Mattress Type Low End Price High End Price
Foam $250 $4,000
Innerspring $300 $3,000
Hybrid $250 $2,000
Latex $300 $4,000

How big is a queen size mattress?

A queen size mattress is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide.

  • Twin
    38" x 75"
  • Twin XL
    38" x 80"
  • Full
    53" x 75"
  • Queen
    60" x 80"
  • King
    76" x 80"
  • Cal King
    72" x 84"
  • Split King
    38" x 80"(x2)

Which mattress size is best for me?

  • Twin - 38" x 75"

    Kid's room, studio apartments
  • Twin XL - 38" x 80"

    College dorm, studio apartments
  • Full - 53" x 75"

    Kid's room, studio apartments
  • Queen - 60" x 80"

    Master bedrooms, guest rooms
  • King - 76" x 80"

    Extra large master bedrooms
  • Cal King - 72" x 84"

    Extra large master bedrooms (10' x 12')
  • Split King - 38" x 80" (x2)

    Master bedrooms, adjustable beds

Shop Amerisleep mattresses and save

Queen size starting at $999 with promo

Shop Now

Shop Amerisleep mattresses and save

Queen size starting at $999 with promo

Shop Now

Does a high-quality bed in a box really exist?

Beds in a box are everywhere, but the concept of buying a mattress online and getting it shipped to your door is still fairly new. Foam mattresses, in particular, lend themselves well to online mattress brands because they can be easily compressed and rolled to fit in a box. What’s more, bed in a box brands cut out the middleman, overhead costs, and inflated prices associated with brick and mortar showrooms, giving customers the opportunity to snag a high-quality bed for a good price.

But are beds in a box really high-quality? Let’s look at the difference between Amerisleep’s mattresses and your average foam mattress purchased at a mattress store.

Queen size mattress shipping box
Amerisleep queen Average queen from a showroom
Free delivery to the lower 48 states Delivery usually not free
Free returns within the sleep trial and
hassle-free pick up
Free returns only if mattress is in its
original condition, pick up not always offered
100-night, risk-free sleep trial No sleep trial
20-year warranty (10-year full replacement) 10-year full replacement
Made with plant-based materials Foams made with petrochemicals
Made in the USA Origins not always known
Manufactured with vertually zero emissions Off-gassing odors

What sets Amerisleep’s mattresses apart
from traditional memory foam beds?

Innerspring mattresses, also known as traditional mattresses, are still one of the most popular mattress types today. Chances are you’ve slept on an innerspring before—they’re still frequently used in hotel rooms and dorm rooms because they’re relatively inexpensive.

Most innersprings are made with steel coils in the base, creating natural airflow, and the top comfort layer is a quilted pillow top or Euro top made of poly-foam, memory foam, or latex foam.

Despite their popularity, coil mattresses don’t last too long—the average innerspring bed begins to sag after only 5 years. In fact, the customer satisfaction level for innersprings is the lowest of any mattress type.

Amerisleep vs. Other Mattress Types

Benefits Amerisleep
Traditional Memory
Foam Mattress
Responsiveness Bounces back in seconds Bounces back very quickly Slow to respond, results in “stuck” feeling Responsive but prone to sagging
Pressure-Relief Exceptional pressure relief Little to no pressure relief Good pressure relief Some pressure relief
Cooling 5x more breathable than traditional memory foam Cooling thanks to the coils in the base Traps heat Cooling thanks to the coils in the base
Foam quality Partially plant-based Bio-Pur® material Usually made with poly-foam pillow tops Foam usually made with petrochemicals Not always consistent, depends on the type of foam used in the top layers

Inside an Amerisleep mattress

Our innovative and proprietary materials let us build one of the most comfortable mattresses ever.

  • 1

    FDA-determined Celliant® cover converts body heat to energy and promotes a more restful sleep and fast recovery

  • 2

    3 inches of Bio-Pur® bounces back quickly while contouring to your specific shape and sleeping position

  • 3

    The 2-inch Affinity layer with HIVE® technology supports sensitive pressure points like the hips, shoulders, and back

  • 4

    7 inches of sturdy Bio-Core® extend the lifespan of this queen mattress beyond the typical 10 years

Queen size mattress layers

See why our customers love to snooze and tell

The delivery was a breeze and the mattress didn't even need to off-gas, but it's the sound sleep provided that is the point of this review. I sleep on my back now and haven't in years. This mattress [AS2] is firm and supportive yet still soft and cozy and has provided the best sleep I've ever had. Thanks for making me excited about bed again!

Portland, OR

I have suffered from disc issues in my back for the past 15 years. I have had daily pain for the past five years. My back and hip pain have been almost entirely eliminated within one month of sleeping on this mattress. It has improved my daily quality of life and is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

West Hartford, CT

After reading reviews and seeing that this was rated the best for chronic back pain I decided to give it a shot. It has done wonders for my back pain. I no longer wake up with back pain and I am able to fall asleep comfortably; two things I could never do with a spring mattress.

Woodstock, VA

This is the second Amerisleep bed I've bought and again I love it. I fall asleep quickly on this bed and feel well-rested when I wake up. I sleep in all positions and almost never wake up feeling tight. I have lower back issues and this bed really helps get me into those comfortable sleeping positions for a good night’s sleep.

Snohomish, WA

I love this bed!! My back is very fussy and if the mattress is too soft or too hard I wake up with nerve pain. With Amerisleep I have not ever had a problem. This is our second mattress from Amerisleep. Great bed and super company!!

Santa Barbara, CA

I'm a stomach and back sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper. I love that this bed works for both of us and has dramatically reduced back pain for both of us. I couldn't be more pleased with this company and our new bed.


I was very leery about buying a mattress without experiencing it first hand, but after doing research and reading the reviews, I decided to try the Amerisleep AS3. It turned out to be very comfortable with the right amount of support: not too hard nor too soft.

Starkville, MS

My wife and I bought this bed about 2 months ago, and so far we have no complaints! It's been extremely comfortable, and we've been sleeping better than ever. I change positions a lot when I sleep, and this bed is pretty comfortable in any position. Definitely better for back and side sleeping, but not bad for stomach sleeping either.

Taylorsville, UT

I have arthritis and suffered with knee and hip pain for years on other mattresses. I have had no pain with this mattress. Purchased it in July 2019 so it is not very old, but I love it. No break-in period needed. Comfortable straight out of the box!

East Lansing, MI

I love my Amerisleep bed! The first week was a little difficult getting used to a new type of mattress, but after that, it was extremely comfortable and helped me fall asleep and stay sleeping more soundly. The AS3 works great for me as a combination sleeper.

Milwaukee, WI

This is an excellent bed that is not only comfortable but also keeps you cool and motionless due to its unique materials and make. It is comfortable for couples and for singles alike, so much so that we bought this model after leaving the AS2 model behind due to moving across country.

San Francisco, CA

I slept well on the queen for years before we got the king size. Also, in case this helps anyone else make a decision, I've slept on this mattress pregnant and it's very, very comfortable (as pregnant people know you can only sleep on your side--having a mattress that doesn't create pressure points is very important).

Clarksville, TN

This mattress is well made, comfortable and I like the environmental qualities of it. I've only had it for a couple of months so not sure if it is changing the soreness I have when I get out of bed but I sleep very well on it and I love the pillow! I have very bad arthritis and did not expect the mattress to cure it but I think it is helping.

Seattle, WA

My husband and I really like and are beginning to love this mattress. At first, we weren't sure because of its firmness, but we have settled in and feel great after sleeping on it. We both like to "sink in" to our mattresses so it takes a bit getting used to this one. I think it's important to sleep on it for the 100 days. I rarely wake up with any back pain now!

Rutland, VT

This is the second Amerisleep I have purchased. I have had major back surgery and this mattress is amazing! It offers comfort and support without being hard or lumpy. I have recommended to many friends and family.

Elkhart, IN

Frequently asked questions

Where can I put my new queen size bed?

Once you’ve found your perfect queen size mattress, it’s time to figure out where to put it. The type of foundation or bed base you use depends on the mattress type you’ve chosen. If you pick one of Amerisleep’s queen beds, you should stick to a platform bed or slatted base.

However, you do not need a box spring with foam beds, as they can potentially cause the mattresses to sag unless you use them with a solid piece of plywood between the box spring and mattress.

No matter which foundation you choose, make sure it meets the requirements set out by the warranty. If you select a bed frame that is incompatible with your mattress, you run the risk of voiding your warranty protection.

If you really want to enhance your sleeping experience, you can try an adjustable bed. Memory foam mattresses work well with adjustable bases because they flex easily, allowing you to adjust your feet and head to a comfortable, healthy position.

Adjustable foundations are great for anyone, but they are especially helpful to those with acid reflux, GERD, indigestion, poor circulation, or breathing issues such as snoring or sleep apnea.

Thinking about an adjustable bed? Check our adjustable bed package here

What is the best queen size mattress?

The “best” mattress for you is most likely different than the next person’s choice; we all have different sleep preferences, sleeping positions, and health conditions that influence the feel of our beds. For example, a stomach-sleeper who sleeps hot will need a firm or medium-firm mattress made with cooling technologies such as gel memory foam mattresses, advanced open-cell foams, or innerspring coils.

Before you choose a queen size bed, consider the pros and cons of each mattress type.

Mattress Type Pros Cons Best For:
Memory Foam Pressure-relief
Excellent motion
Sometimes traps heat
Can result in "stuck" feeling
Side sleepers
Combo sleepers
Back sleepers
Stomach sleepers
Innerspring Responsiveness
Edge support
No pressure relief
Motion transfer
Bouncy but noisy
Sags quickly
Collect dust mites and allergens easily
Stomach sleepers
Back sleepers
Hybrid Responsive
Some pressure relief
Some motion isolation
Can be noisy
Can sag quickly
Can collect dust mites
and allergens easily
Side sleepers
Combo sleepers
Back sleepers
Stomach sleepers

Memory Foam

Our favorite queen size mattresses are made using memory foam. Sometimes called viscoelastic foam, memory foam uses polyurethane foam and then combines it with materials that lend it its viscoelasticity. In other words, memory foam responds well to heat and pressure (like when somebody lies down on it).

Memory foam is popular in mattresses because it eases the most common pressure points in the body, like the back, shoulders, and hips. If these areas experience increased pressure while you sleep, it can cause other pain disorders to develop and disrupt your sleep even more. In fact, back pain is one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation today.

While memory foam has been known to trap heat because of its structure, many brands have begun to incorporate cooling technologies into their mattresses, such as gel-foam, copper-infused foam, advanced open-cell foam (like those in Amerisleep beds), and more. What’s more, the off-gassing odor sometimes associated with memory foam can be eliminated or reduced if companies use plant-based foams like Bio-Pur®.


Innersprings are the “traditional” beds and you can still find them everywhere. Unfortunately, they break down rather quickly because of the coils in the base and thinner layers of foam on the top. While innersprings sleep naturally cooler than memory foam, they are also more prone to sagging, creating rather than alleviating pressure points.

Innersprings have a bouncier and firmer feel than the typical memory foam mattress, which can be a benefit to some. However, most of us maintain better posture if the mattress we sleep on limits motion transfer— that way, we aren’t tossing and turning all night trying to find a comfortable position.

If you prefer an innerspring, we recommend a pillow-top mattress since it will offer plenty of cushioning for side sleepers and keep them from feeling the springs in the base.


Hybrids were created to address the concerns associated with both memory foam and innersprings. Essentially, hybrids are made with at least 2-3 inches of foam (usually memory foam, poly-foam, latex foam, or a combination of the three) and innerspring coils. The coils are typically wrapped in fabric (also known as “pocketed coils”) to solve the problem of motion transfer.

Hybrids sound like a good idea in theory, but they still don’t last much longer than innerspring beds. The typical lifespan of a hybrid is 6-7 years, while an innerspring lasts somewhere around 5 years. Hybrids can be a bit more expensive than other types as well because they use more materials.

Are there different size queen beds?

You’ve probably heard of a California king or a split king mattress, but are there variations of queen-size mattresses too? While not as common or easy to find, they do exist. These models offer you a bit more customization if you want something beyond a typical queen-size mattress.

Traditional Queen California Queen Olympic Queen Split Queen
60 inches wide, 80 inches long 60 inches wide, 84 inches long 66 inches wide, 80 inches long Two mattresses, each 30 inches wide by 80 inches long
Do two twin beds make up a queen?

Two twin beds side-by-side measure approximately 78 inches wide. A queen-size mattress is only 60 inches wide, so two twins put together actually have more surface area than one queen. If you’re looking for a split bed because your partner has different sleep preferences than you, try a split-queen— together, the two mattresses are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long (the size of a traditional queen).

How do I know which mattress firmness is best?

A plush, new mattress certainly feels good at first, but over time, your body will adjust to the mattress and it may feel uncomfortable. Your preferred firmness level mostly depends on your sleeping position. Most online brands use a firmness scale to help you get a feel for how firm their beds are.

The scale goes from 1-10, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 being extra firm. If a company sells only one mattress, it’s usually somewhere between medium and medium-firm, or 5-7, since this firmness caters to most sleeping styles.

Firm (firmness scale: 8-9, AS1)

Firm beds aren’t the most popular choice, but they certainly cater to back and stomach sleepers who need a mattress with very little give. Even though a mattress is marketed as “firm,” it should still contain some kind of comfort layer on top; it’s just that firmer mattresses use thinner and fewer comfort layers than their softer counterparts.

Medium-Firm (firmness scale: 6-8, AS2)

Medium-firm mattresses contain an extra layer of cushioning in their construction for back or stomach sleepers who need just a little bit more contouring. Heavy sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, or people with chronic pain will enjoy medium-firm beds.

Medium (firmness scale: 5-7, AS3)

Conventional wisdom used to suggest soft mattresses were the best for back-pain sufferers, but more recent studies have shown a medium or medium-firm mattress is actually ideal for those with chronic pain. That’s because a too-soft mattress can cause the heavier pressure points (hips, shoulders, and back) to sink down, taking all the support of the mattress with them.

Medium mattresses work well for side sleepers (the most popular sleeping position) and almost any other sleeping position. That’s because they offer a perfect balance of cushion-firm support.

Medium-Soft (firmness scale: 4-5, AS4)

Medium-soft beds like the Amerisleep AS4 still contain plenty of support, but the foam layers on top are slightly thicker to allow for more cushioning.

Soft (firmness scale 2-3, AS5)

The AS5 is built with an extra layer not in any other Amerisleep beds— this Active Flex layer acts as a buffer between the softer Bio-Pur® and the ergonomic Affinity layer. Essentially, it maintains the mattress’s softness without allowing it to sink down too far. So even though it’s soft, sleepers won’t feel the mattress bottoming out when they lie on it.

How long should a good mattress last?

A high-quality mattress should last at least 10 years— if your mattress begins to deteriorate well before that time, you may need to drop some money on yet another mattress well before you were planning to, all so you can get a good night’s sleep! Mattress lifespan comes down to a few factors: materials, construction, brand name, warranty length, and mattress type. How well you maintain your mattress also comes into play.

Mattress Type Average Lifespan
Amerisleep MattressesAmerisleep Mattresses 15-20 years*
Traditional Memory Foam 7-10 years
Innerspring 5 years
Hybrid 6-7 years

*caveat here?

You can tell a lot about how long a mattress will last by checking out the warranty. The mattress industry’s standard length warranty is 10 years, since most experts recommend switching out your mattress after about that long. However, many mattress types begin to show signs of sagging and deterioration before that point because the foams are poorly made, the base layer is not dense or thick enough, or the mattress is poorly protected from allergens, bed bugs, dust mites, or spills and stains.

If you’re planning on using your queen mattress in a guest room, you can expect it to last longer than average.

What should I look for in a mattress warranty?

A mattress warranty should last at least 10 years and cover a few things. While warranties will vary across companies, certain defects are almost protected under a warranty: sagging or indentations, burst or broken coils, broken zippers, or torn covers. All of these issues must be manufacturing defects and not caused by misuse.

Amerisleep’s warranty protects against sagging above .75 inches— most mattress brands only cover sags 1 inch deep (or more!). This means you don’t have to wait until your mattress is sagging or dipping uncomfortably before finally getting it repaired or replaced.

Most warranties specify the proper foundation to be used with the mattress. We also highly recommend using a mattress protector or encasement with any mattress you choose, since this will prevent bed bugs, dust mites, or stains from destroying your new bed.

Beware of extremely long warranties, such as lifetime warranties. They may seem to suggest the mattress is made of high-quality materials, but even the best bed won’t last for your lifetime. Long warranties are mostly a marketing tool to make you think the mattress is higher quality when really it’s made of cheaper materials. Always consider mattress type and materials along with the warranty length.

Amerisleep’s Bio-Core® is a high-density support foam in the base of all their mattresses. It allows us to offer a generous 20-year prorated warranty, protecting you from sagging or deterioration well beyond the industry warranty standard length.

Is memory foam safe?

To make viscoelastic memory foam, manufacturers combine certain materials with polyurethane foam, which is derived from petroleum. While the petrochemicals in poly-foam have been declared safe by the EPA, they can still irritate allergies or simply give off an unpleasant odor (known as “off-gassing”).

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly foam, keep your eye out for foams with CertiPUR-US® certifications, since these pass certain emissions tests and contain no ozone depleters, heavy metals, or PBDEs. Amerisleep’s foams are not only CertiPUR-US® certified, but they are made using low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making them the only foams produced today which meet the EPA’s Clean Air Act standards.

The Bio-Pur® in all Amerisleep mattresses is made with plant-based castor oil to replace some of the petroleum, making their foams some of the most eco-friendly and safe on the market today.

What if my queen mattress is too soft or too firm?

Let’s say you finally find the queen size mattress of your dreams, but after the sleep trial is over, you start to wake up with some aches and pains. Do you have to run out and buy a new bed already? No. While many mattresses take a few weeks or sometimes months to adjust to, there are more efficient, cheaper solutions than buying another new bed.

If your mattress is too soft or firm, consider a mattress topper. Mattress toppers add an extra few inches to the mattress top with gel-foam, memory foam, convoluted foam (also known as egg-crate foam), or latex foam. Some toppers even come with elastic straps on the corners so you can easily attach them to your mattress.

Amerisleep’s LIFT layer allows you to add either comfort or support to your mattress without having to buy a new bed. The comfort layer contains our signature Bio-Pur® foam, while the support layer is essentially an extra Affinity layer for added ergonomic support. The LIFT layer is available in a queen-size to fit perfectly on top of your queen mattress.

How long should sleep trials last?

It takes about 30 days to adjust to a new mattress— if a sleep trial period is shorter than that, move on to a different brand. Most companies offer a 90-night trial (about 3 months). Others offer even more generous time periods for you to try out a mattress, always with the option to return it for a refund.

Alternatives to Queen Mattresses

  • full mattress icon


    Studio apartments, master bedroom

    A full size bed is best for single sleepers who change sleeping positions throughout the night and those who co-sleep with a child or pet.

  • cal-king mattress icon

    Cal King

    Extra large master
    bedrooms (10' x 12')

    The California Kings provide an additional 4 inches in length, but are 4 inches thinner as well. They work well for extra large master bedrooms.

  • split-king mattress icon

    Split King

    Master bedrooms,
    adjustable beds

    Split King beds enable each side of the mattress to raise and lower their head and feet independently.

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