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How can an Amerisleep hybrid mattress enhance your sleep?

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

The term hybrid is defined as, “having or produced by a combination of two or more distinct elements.” When it comes to beds, hybrids are the combination of two mattress types—innersprings and all-foam beds.

Many brands will market their beds as “hybrids” just because they contain more than two types of materials, but it’s important to note, a true hybrid will have at least 2 inches of foam in the top layer.

You can find both memory foam hybrids and latex hybrids, and choosing which one is best for you ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget. Memory foam hybrids are more contouring and cradling, whereas latex hybrids are more buoyant and bouncy.

Sleepers love hybrids because they combine the bounciness of traditional innerspring mattresses with the pressure-relieving properties of foam. If you grew up sleeping on an innerspring mattress, a hybrid is a nice change, as you’ll retain the bouncy responsiveness you’re used to, but you’ll also receive the contouring benefits of foam layers.

It can be hard to distinguish between innersprings, all-foam beds, and hybrids, primarily because their surfaces appear the same. Innersprings are known for their classic tufted look, whereas all-foam beds have a smooth surface. Some hybrids will have a tufted cover, but the majority of these beds will resemble an all-foam mattress. The only way to truly tell whether or not a bed is a hybrid is to look at its construction—and remember, the hybrid you’re considering should have at least 2 inches of foam in the comfort layer.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattresses


  • Bouncy yet contouring and pressure-relieving
  • Breathable enough to prevent heat retention and night sweats
  • More durable than innersprings


  • Pricey, many high-quality hybrids are priced over $1000
  • Heavy, can be difficult to move
  • Can break down faster than all-foam beds

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Amerisleep Hybrid Mattresses made of?

Our Amerisleep hybrid mattresses feature plant-based Bio-Pur® and pocketed innerspring coils to deliver pressure-relieving comfort and bouncy support. Each mattress has a lightweight, polyester cover to promote airflow, too.

What makes Amerisleep different from other bed-in-a-box brands?

We differ from most bed in a box brands because we design our mattresses to meet different sleep needs. Many brands sell one or two mattresses fit for different budgets—they’ll have a basic model and another that’s more luxurious. Instead of operating on a “Good, Better, Best” business model, we design each of our beds with high-quality materials and technologies so anybody can find their “best mattress” from our product line.

What are the differences between Amerisleep memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses?

The primary difference between our memory foam mattresses and hybrids is their core. Our memory foam mattresses have an all-foam core where our hybrids contain pocketed coils. Both our hybrid and memory foam mattresses offer zoned support—our memory foam mattresses do this through the inclusion of HIVE® technology while our hybrids contain targeted coils.

Do I need a box spring or mattress foundation for a hybrid mattress?

Our hybrid mattresses are compatible with solid or slatted foundations and bed frames. If your foundation or bed frame does have slats, just ensure they’re no more than 3 inches apart. If they are, you can place a bunkie board on top to create a solid, even surface. We do not recommend box springs with our mattresses because they provide inconsistent support and can damage the hybrid’s base layer, resulting in sagging and premature wear and tear.

How long do hybrid mattresses last?

Hybrid mattresses are longer-lasting than innersprings but not as durable as all-foam beds. These beds usually have a lifespan of six years. Don’t worry, though, we back each of our hybrids with an industry-leading 20-year warranty to help you make the most of your investment.

Are hybrid mattresses good for side sleepers?

Hybrid mattresses can be comfortable for side sleeping as long as they’re medium or soft. Firm mattresses can cause pain points for side sleepers since they can’t adequately cushion the shoulders and hips. When shopping for a hybrid for side sleepers, you’ll want to find one with a comfort layer at least three inches thick and zoned support—a thicker comfort layer relieves pressure under the shoulders and hips while zoned support technologies ease existing pains and prevent future discomfort.

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