King Size Adjustable Bed and Mattresses

Last Updated On January 18th, 2024
King Size Adjustable Bed and Mattresses

If you’re looking to upgrade to a larger mattress and want optimal comfort, consider an adjustable bed. Unlike traditional bed foundations, adjustable bed frames lift your upper and lower body.

Sleeping in an elevated position can improve your breathing and circulation. Pairing an adjustable bed with a king size mattress could be just what you need for a good night’s sleep.

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What is a King Size Mattress?

A king is the largest standard mattress size, at 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. King mattresses are most popular for couples because the size gives each person 38 inches of personal space, more than any other standard mattress size. A king size bed can comfortably fit inside master bedrooms at least 13 feet by 13 feet.

Another variant of the king mattress is the split king. A split king size is the same as a king, except the bed is split down the middle into two separate mattresses. Two twin XL mattresses equal a split king.

You may prefer a split king if you and your partner have differing sleep preferences. This way, you both get what you want without having to compromise on comfort and support, though it’s wise to make sure the mattress thicknesses match. Both king and split king sizes pair perfectly with an adjustable bed.

There are also other adjustable bed sizes to consider.

About Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed frame is an electronic base that automatically elevates the upper and lower body with the press of a button. Adjustable bed bases were first built for patients in hospitals, providing maximum comfort and improved recovery. Over time, the mattress industry started to create its own adjustable beds for potential customers to enjoy at home.

Today, the adjustable foundation base is considered a luxury, not only because of its health benefits but also its special features, which vary depending on the brand. An adjustable base locks the mattress into place with retainer bars to prevent the bed from sliding. Adjustable foundations are an excellent addition to the bedroom and are compatible with most mattress types, especially our memory foam and hybrid models.

Special Features

Adjustable beds may also include special features, like under-bed lighting, full-body massage, and USB charging ports. The number of special features depends on the brand and are built-in for a luxury experience.

Preset Positions

Many adjustable beds have programmable positions if you have a particular position that you find the most comfortable. When you climb into bed, you only need to push a button, and the base automatically slips into a preset position. This program makes it easier to feel comfortable—you won’t have to worry about making adjustments every night.

Full-Body Massage

A full-body massage is a popular feature in many adjustable beds. The vibration against the body can loosen tense muscles and improve relaxation. It could also enhance the quality of sleep.

King Size Adjustable Bed and Mattresses

In some adjustable beds, the massage feature doubles as an alarm. The gentle vibration gradually wakes you up in place of a loud and obnoxious alert.

USB Charging Ports

USB ports allow you and your sleep partner to charge electronic devices, like smartphones and tablets. Most brands include at least one port on either side of the bed and may have up to eight ports.

Under-Bed Lighting

Under-bed lighting can add ambiance to a room and also gives off gentle light in case you need to get up at night. This way, you can see where you’re going and not bump into anything.

Health Benefits

Sleeping on an adjustable bed and mattress combo can provide you with health benefits, like opening your airways and reducing symptoms to some medical conditions. It might seem small, but something as simple as sleeping slightly elevated may help you sleep better.


Snoring is caused when your airways narrow or become blocked due to relaxed throat muscles. When your body forces air in and out of these narrow passageways, it creates a sound we call snoring. If you snore at night, especially if you like sleeping on your back, elevating your upper body can reduce the likelihood of snoring.

That way, your airways are open, and you can continue sleeping on your back. Plus, if you share the bed with a partner, you’re less likely to disrupt their sleep.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is when stomach acid flows back up into the esophagus because of a weakened esophageal sphincter. This muscle contracts to allow food into the stomach and prevent stomach acid from spilling out.

You may feel a burning sensation in your chest when you lie down. Lying flat can worsen symptoms, but Harvard Health says Verified Source Harvard Health Blog run by Harvard Medical School offering in-depth guides to better health and articles on medical breakthroughs. View source sleeping on an incline can make you feel more comfortable. When you’re sitting up, stomach acid is less likely to spill into the esophagus.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects over 22 million Americans. Anyone can get sleep apnea, no matter your age or gender. During sleep apnea, your breathing is temporarily stopped due to your throat tissue collapsing, the tongue falling back and blocking airways, or the brain struggling to send signals for your throat muscles to expand. You temporarily stop breathing until your brain wakes you up to force air into your lungs.

These brief wake periods are so short, and you may not even remember them in the morning. If you wake up feeling tired in the morning, even after a full night’s rest, you may have sleep apnea. Like snoring, an adjustable bed is also an excellent option for those with sleep apnea. Elevating your upper body takes the pressure off your throat muscles, widens your airways, and reduces sleep apnea symptoms.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Package


Right now, we’re offering the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Package for 30 percent off. This deal includes an Amerisleep mattress of your choice and our adjustable base. You can choose between the twin XL, queen, king, California king, or split king size bases.

Our adjustable base is controlled with wireless remote control and includes under-bed lighting, full-body massage, and USB charging ports. Plus, the base uses wall glide technology to ensure the bed stays in place (rather than lifting you away from the headboard when elevated), unlike other brands.

Of course, you don’t have to rely solely on the remote. If you want, you can control your bed through a smartphone app or with vocal commands issued to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ is excellent for any smart home.

The adjustable bed comes with a 10-year warranty and in-home setup. Our professionals set up the adjustable base for you, so there’s less hassle, and you can quickly enjoy your new bed. We recommend the AS3 mattress, which comes with a 20-year warranty.

The AS3 has a medium surface, perfect for most sleeper types. The responsive foam layers conform to your body to relieve pressure points without causing you to feel stuck, and also consistently supports your weight for long-lasting comfort. Paired with our adjustable base, you can enjoy luxurious comfort for a good night’s sleep.

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Why Choose Amerisleep?

Amerisleep has been producing high-quality mattresses since 2010. Each mattress (whether memory foam or hybrid), contains long-lasting materials built to provide the best comfort and may even improve your sleep. Amerisleep’s mattresses are made to accommodate any type of sleeper, with firmnesses ranging from firm (AS1) to soft (AS5).


Every one of our mattresses contains a Bio-Pur® comfort layer. Bio-Pur® is plant-based memory foam. We partially replace petroleum with castor oil during the manufacturing process.

As a result, we produce a more breathable and responsive foam compared to traditional memory foam. When Bio-Pur® conforms to your body, you won’t feel trapped inside the mattress or wake up feeling hot.

HIVE® Technology

HIVE® technology is incorporated in the Affinity foam layer, found in our memory foam mattresses. Hundreds of hexagonal-shaped segments form five zones of support. Areas under the shoulders and hips feel softer, while areas under the head, back, and legs feel firmer. HIVE® technology targets pressure points and relaxes tense muscles, so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Active Flex

Active Flex is only found inside the AS5 and AS5 Hybrid models—our softest mattresses. Some soft mattress brands make you feel stuck, but not so with our Active Flex layer. This ultra-soft, highly responsive foam automatically adjusts to shifting weight. You can enjoy the full softness of the bed without loss of support.


Bio-Core® is the durable base foam found in our memory foam models. Bio-Core® evenly distributes weight across the surface for even wear and tear. You’re less likely to feel sagging or soft spots from regular use.

Zoned Pocketed Coils

Zoned pocketed coils replace Bio-Core® in our hybrid mattress line. These coils have different gauges (coil thickness) and form 3 support zones. You’ll feel firmness under your back and hips, and softness under your head, shoulders, and legs. The zoned pocketed coils provide targeted support and encourage spinal alignment.

100-night Sleep Trial

We give our customers a 100-night sleep trial with any mattress purchase. We encourage you to hold onto the mattress for at least 30 days. The reason why is because it may take your body up to 30 days to adjust to a new mattress. After 30 days, if you are not happy with the mattress, you can return it for a full refund.

20-year Warranty

Our 20-year warranty is one of the best in the mattress industry. It covers any manufacturing defects and sagging greater than 1 inch or more.

During the first ten years, we’ll fully repair or replace the mattress at no extra cost to you (other than shipping and handling). During the last ten years, we’ll repair or replace the bed at a prorated charge.

Other Mattress Sizes

The adjustable bed also fits other mattress sizes, including twin, twin XL, queen, full, and California king. If you have a smaller mattress or don’t have the room for a king size bed, these other sizes can be a good fit.


Twin size mattresses are best for children. The small, compact size is easy to maneuver and fit inside most living spaces. Kids graduating from a toddler bed won’t find the twin size too big.

Twin XL

Twin XL mattresses are another great choice for children and teenagers. They are similar to twins, but 5 inches longer. Tall children can enjoy stretching out their legs without feeling cramped.


Full size mattresses are wider than twins, making them an excellent option for young adults. Sleepers can enjoy more space and easily spread out on the mattress. Combination sleepers may like a full mattress too—the 54-inch width means it’s less likely you will roll out of bed when switching sleeping positions.


Queen size mattresses are popular among single adults and couples. Single adults love the luxury space compared to a twin or full, while couples can enjoy personal sleeping space.

California King

California king mattresses are slightly smaller than a standard king size. Cal king beds are narrower, but they’re also longer. For tall couples, a California king might be the better choice compared to a king. You can both enjoy more legroom.


Which mattress sizes are compatible with an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds come in different standard sizes. Some brands may only carry sizes larger than a queen size because children and teenagers are less likely to need an adjustable base. At Amerisleep, we offer adjustable beds in twin XL, full, queen, and split king sizes.

Are adjustable beds worth the money?

Adjustable beds can be expensive. The price ranges from $1,000 to $3,500, depending on the size and different features they may include. But the benefits of the adjustable bed may be well worth the cost.

An adjustable base increases your upper and lower body, helping you breathe better and reduce pressure in your lower back. Also, if you snore or have sleep apnea, sleeping in an elevated position can alleviate the symptoms and improve sleep quality.

Do you need a special mattress for an adjustable bed?

You don’t need a special mattress for an adjustable bed. However, only certain mattress types are compatible with an adjustable mattress. Memory foam and latex mattresses are excellent options and work well with an adjustable base. The materials can bend with the movements of the base without causing damage to the bed.

Hybrids are another good option, though you might want to double-check with the mattress manufacturer. Some hybrid mattresses don’t perform well with an adjustable bed because of how thick the mattress is and the springs.

Innerspring mattresses should never be placed on an adjustable base. The coils are not as durable as other mattress materials, and the bending motions can easily bend the coils out of shape or break them.

Can I sleep in a zero-gravity position?

Most adjustable beds allow you to sleep in a zero-gravity position. In this position, the body doesn’t feel the gravitational pull, and instead, feels pressure-free, weightless support. A zero-gravity position keeps the spine neutral and eases tension in the muscles. You feel more relaxed and can slip into sleep faster.

Can I use a headboard with an adjustable bed?

You can use a headboard with an adjustable bed. Most models have some form of technology that keeps the mattress in place when it’s raised, preventing the bed from pulling away or rubbing up against the headboard. There’s no danger of an adjustable bed damaging your headboard or footboard.


An adjustable bed is a great bed foundation to enhance your sleep experience. Not only can you preset the base to “remember” your favorite position, but our adjustable bed also comes with a full-body massage, under-bed lighting, and USB charging ports.

With an adjustable bed, you can breathe easier and feel less pressure on your body with the convenient push of a button. Plus, choosing a king size mattress to go with your adjustable bed gives plenty of room for you and your sleep partner to stretch out without bumping into each other.

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