31 Guest Bedroom Ideas to Welcome Visitors

Last Updated On May 1st, 2024
31 Guest Bedroom Ideas to Welcome Visitors

Key Takeaways

  • Have the Right Mattress and Bedding: Before your guests arrive, make sure the mattress, pillows, and bedding are in good, clean condition. Especially make sure the bedding is suited to the current season.
  • Set Out Essentials and Extras: From necessities like toiletries and a spare cell phone charger to things that are nice to have like books and snacks, consider what you can leave out for your guests to enjoy.
  • Focus on Relaxation: From the color scheme to the essentials and extras, make sure you’re giving your guests what they need to unwind.

Make sure when friends and family drop by, you’ve got a cozy and inviting spot set up for them. Your guest bedroom holds the power to change into a toasty and calm oasis, forming a special memory of their stopover.

Let’s jump straight into some fantastic guest bedroom ideas that can morph your spare room into a comfy guest room. It’s not always possible to dedicate a whole room just for folks who come now and then.

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Yet, with a touch of creative thinking, you can map out a place that gives guests a warm embrace when needed and also transforms into an office, media zone, or play corner the rest of the clock. Check out these hip and handy guest bedroom blueprints for a changeable and inviting spot.

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Guest Bedroom Essentials

Make Sure the Mattress is Good Condition

Before your guests arrive, lie down on the guestroom mattress and gauge how it feels – is it too firm, too soft, or just right? Pay attention to any pressure points or discomfort. Roll over and change positions to test the mattress’s responsiveness and motion isolation, which is crucial for uninterrupted sleep.

If you feel lumps, sagging, or uneven areas, it might be a sign that the mattress has lost its structural integrity. Stains can also be a concern if you don’t employ a mattress protector.

Additionally, consider the age of the mattress. Most mattresses have a lifespan of around 8-10 years. If your guestroom mattress is showing signs of wear, has visible stains, or is causing discomfort during testing, it’s likely time to replace the mattress.

Check the Pillows Too

To test the pillows in your guestroom, lie down and gauge their firmness and support. A good pillow should cradle your head and neck in a neutral alignment. Check for any lumps, clumps, or signs of wear that might affect their comfort. If you can’t fluff the pillows back into shape, swap them out for fresher ones.

To prepare the pillows, ensure they are freshly laundered (if you can wash the pillow) and covered with clean pillowcases. For a more elegant look, employ bed shams along with standard pillowcases.

Consider providing a variety of pillow types (soft, medium, firm) to accommodate different preferences. When arranging pillows, place two or three standard pillows in pillowcases against the headboard, followed by decorative or accent pillows in front.

It’s essential to regularly replace guestroom pillows, especially if they become lumpy, flat, or show signs of age. Aim to replace pillows every 1-2 years or sooner if they’re no longer providing adequate support or hygiene.

You don’t even have to simply toss the pillows, as the fill and fabric coverings of old pillows can be repurposed in various ways around the home.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider providing your guests with soothing pillow sprays for sleep.

Consider a Bigger Bed for Couples

Choosing one of the best mattress sizes for couples, capable of accommodating two sleepers, comes with a myriad of benefits that enhance the overall guest experience. A larger mattress in the guest room demonstrates thoughtful consideration for guests’ comfort, reflecting a commitment to providing a home away from home that exceeds expectations.

A queen or king size mattress provides ample space for guests to spread out comfortably, fostering a more inviting and luxurious atmosphere.

Supply a Set of Keys for Added Convenience

For added convenience, make sure to supply your guests with a set of keys. These keys will grant them easy access to their own bedroom and sleeping area. With their own keys, guests can explore and enjoy their visit with greater independence.

Having their own set of keys gives guests the freedom to come and go without needing assistance. It’s a thoughtful gesture that adds a level of comfort to their stay.

List Your Contact Numbers Along with Emergency Numbers

Along with the WIFI password and your phone number(s), throw in emergency numbers and the contact of a recommended physician, just in case. You can finish off the list with a few recommendations for your favorite restaurants, along with their phone numbers.

Keep Your Guest Room Thoroughly Clean for Comfort

Make sure the guest bedrooms stay spick and span! Aside from how a cluttered bedroom can stress sleepers, there’s no mistaking it’s not your home when you spot someone else’s mess in the guest room corners.

While you might think it’s common sense to keep guest rooms clean, you’d be amazed how often hosts do a quick tidy and miss hidden undesirable things that thorough cleaning would uncover. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the guest mattress, such as freshening and deodorizing the mattress with baking soda before your guests arrive. It’s the little details that matter.

Prevent Dusty Mattresses

To keep a guest room mattress from getting dusty, you can cover the mattress with a mattress protector. This waterproof and dustproof cover acts as a barrier, preventing dust, allergens, and spills from reaching the mattress.

Further, you can keep the mattress covered with clean bed linens even when not in use. Having sheets on a mattress adds an extra layer of protection and can be easily washed.

Also, vacuum the mattress regularly using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. This helps remove dust and debris that may accumulate on the surface. Dust and clean the guest room regularly to minimize the overall dust in the environment. Pay attention to areas around windows, vents, and other potential sources of dust.

If the guest room mattress won’t be used for an extended period, consider covering it with a plastic mattress cover and storing the mattress in a cool, dry place.

Invest in Double Duty Furniture

Thinking like an interior designer, consider investing in double-duty furniture for your guest rooms. Twin beds that can convert into a cozy seating area are a smart choice for bedroom furniture. Add a ceiling fan for comfort and install wall sconces to create a warm ambiance.

In a second bedroom, a daybed mattress can serve as both a seating spot and a comfortable bed for guests. This dual-purpose approach not only maximizes space but also creates a focal point in the room, making it both functional and appealing.

Brighten Up Your Guest Room for a Cheerful Atmosphere

To create a welcoming space and make your guest room feel cheerful, it’s crucial to brighten it up. A common decor mistake in hotels is insufficient lighting, which can make an otherwise nice room feel unwelcoming. Ensure there’s a convenient light control near the bed so your guests won’t struggle in the dark.

Consider placing a good reading light near a chair or over the bed for added comfort. Additionally, having another fixture or lamp near the desk can enhance the room’s functionality, and a small night light or a lighted magnifying makeup mirror can be a luxurious touch. If you can, make sure your guests can also reap the benefits of morning sunlight cascading through the window.

Upgrade Your Bedding for a Cozier Stay

When preparing your guest room, go the extra mile to ensure comfort. Besides clean towels, think about adding cozy extras to the bed, such as storing bedding or even a mattress topper for their personal use.

Consider luxurious bed linens and extras like a featherbed or memory foam mattress topper, offer a variety of pillows, and don’t forget those extra blankets. If you know you will be hosting a couple, consider offering separate blankets for partners and one larger blanket they can share. And, of course, add freshly ironed pillowcases for that extra touch of comfort.

If your guests are coming to stay in the winter, don’t neglect thick, cozy blankets so they can stay warm at night. You might even want to throw in a hot water bottle. As for a summer bedroom that suits guests, make sure the bedding is lightweight and breathable to deter sweating.

You might even wish to include a small fan, for guests who wish to sleep with a fan on at night.

Keep Bedding Clean and Fresh in Your Guest Room

Ensure the bedding is fresh and clean! Your sheets should be spotless and smooth, and it’s a good idea to have multiple comfy pillows, as many folks prefer sleeping with two or more.

Take the time to check the mattress for comfort. Maybe even spend a few nights on it yourself to be sure it’s a comfortable mattress. Ensuring a good night’s sleep is vital for your guests to sleep comfortably.

Supply Extra Linens for Added Comfort

Supply extra pillows and extra bed linens in your guest room for added comfort. Alongside a good mattress and sheets that rival a hotel’s, having additional blankets can really make your visitors feel at ease. When your guests have the option to snuggle up with extra linens, it enhances their overall comfort during their stay.

You can even try to clever conceal extra bedding in multipurpose pieces, such as ottoman beds and benches. Just make sure you leave a note for your guests so they’re not hunting all over the room for extra linens.

Go beyond just extra throws and blankets and other bedding and include fresh extra towels, as well.  For example, placing a water carafe and glasses on the nightstand, accompanied by a neatly folded towel, can introduce a sense of elegance and indulgence.

Include a few mints or chocolates along with a small coffee station to mimic the hotel experience, going beyond the standard nightstand essentials.

Indulge in a Bedspread

A bedspread in a guest bedroom serves as the focal point, setting the tone for the entire space. When selecting a bedspread, it’s essential to strike a balance between style and functionality. Quilts and coverlets are excellent choices, each bringing unique characteristics to enhance the guest experience.

Quilts, with their intricate stitching and charming patterns, add a touch of traditional charm to the guest bedroom. The layered texture of a quilt provides an inviting look while also offering warmth. Consider choosing a quilt that complements the room’s color scheme and decor, creating a cozy retreat for your guests.

On the other hand, coverlets present a more modern and streamlined aesthetic. Their lightweight nature makes them versatile for various seasons, ensuring guests can adjust their bedding for optimal comfort. A coverlet in a neutral tone can serve as a chic backdrop for decorative accent pillows, allowing you to play with colors and patterns to infuse personality into the room.

Provide an Empty Closet or Dresser for Your Guests

Ensuring your guests feel at home means providing ample storage space. A must-have addition is an empty closet or dresser. Nobody enjoys rummaging through wrinkled clothes in a suitcase or clearing out space in a closet.

Giving your guests the chance to unpack and organize in a clear and comfortable space is a thoughtful gesture. Whether you clear out the guest room closet or offer a rollaway chest of drawers, this piece of furniture can make their stay much more convenient and enjoyable.

Make Sure There’s a Comfy Place to Sit in Your Guest Room

If you have the space for it, ensure your guest room has a comfortable seating area. Some people may not feel at ease sitting on a bed, even with one of the best mattresses for sitting up available. And your goal is to make your guests feel comfortable.

Place an upholstered armchair or side chair in the room, accompanied by a small table, reading material, and a lamp for added convenience. Or if you have a large window, try building a window nook. Even a backrest pillow can give sleepers a way to sit in bed before bed reading a book or watching TV.

You can also include a small bench with interior storage at the foot of the bed for multifunctional furniture, slipping extra bedding inside or even storing a mattress topper.

You may also want to include a foam seat cushion to accommodate guests who have recurring pain issues from long-term sitting. Adding other thoughtful touches like fresh flowers, blackout curtains, and fluffed pillows will elevate the guest experience and leave a lasting, positive impression on your loved ones who come to visit.

Choose a Relaxing Color Scheme

Creating a well-coordinated color scheme in a guest bedroom involves careful consideration of aesthetics, mood, and functionality. Start by selecting a primary color that sets the tone for the room – it could be a calming pastel, a vibrant jewel tone, or a neutral shade. This primary color will serve as the foundation for your scheme.

Next, choose one or two complementary colors that harmonize with the primary shade. These secondary colors can be used for accents like throw pillows, curtains, decorative pieces, or as the trim or even a half wall/accent wall among your bedroom wall color scheme.

Remember to strike a balance between personal style and guest comfort. For a relaxing retreat, opt for soothing tones and muted hues. If you’re aiming for a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, bold and contrasting colors can work wonders.

Be consistent with your chosen colors throughout the room, from the bedding to the wall art. This consistency will tie the elements together and create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment for your guests to enjoy.

Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall in a guest bedroom is a wonderful way to infuse personality, warmth, and a touch of artistry into the space. A gallery wall allows you to curate a collection of artwork, photographs, and meaningful pieces that tell a story and provide a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

When decorating a bedroom with slanted walls, a gallery wall can be especially advantageous. The varying angles offer a unique canvas for arranging frames, creating an interesting visual display that follows the contours of the room. Rather than seeing slanted walls as a challenge, use them to your advantage by arranging art in a way that complements and embraces the architectural uniqueness of the space.

When selecting pieces for your gallery wall, consider a mix of sizes, shapes, and frames to add dimension and visual interest. This eclectic arrangement can draw attention away from the slanted walls and create a focal point that captures the eye. Opt for a cohesive color palette or theme to tie the gallery together, ensuring a harmonious and inviting look.

Additionally, think about the guest experience. Choose artwork that reflects the overall ambiance you want to convey in the room, whether it’s a calming retreat, a vibrant and energizing space, or a mix of both. Personal touches like family photos or artwork with sentimental value can make your guests feel more at home.

Keep a Set of Bed Risers Handy

As the name says, bed risers raise the bed by a good number of inches. They can be a thoughtful and practical addition to a guest bedroom, offering versatility and accommodating guests with different preferences or needs. For example, older guests may benefit from a higher frame that makes it easy to slide out of bed.

Not only do risers make a bed taller, but they can also provide extra storage space underneath the bed for suitcases and other storage devices.

Guest Tech Essentials

Provide the WIFI Password

Make things easier by sticking the WIFI access details on a noticeable spot like the back of the door or the top of the dresser. Nobody wants to bug their host for a long password repeatedly. With it right there, they can connect all their gadgets without bothering you. Don’t forget to include your contact numbers along with the WIFI password.

Offer a Universal Cell Phone Charger

When it comes to electronics, consider offering a universal cell phone charger. It’s hard to predict who’s prepared and who’ll forget their charger at your vacation home. Those who do will be pleasantly surprised when you present them with a charger that’s been patiently waiting for them.

It’s a small touch that can make a big difference in your guests’ experience.

Include an Alarm Clock

Including an alarm clock in a guest bedroom is a thoughtful addition that enhances the overall guest experience. While many travelers rely on their smartphones for timekeeping, having a dedicated alarm clock provides a convenient and reliable way for guests to wake up on time.

It ensures that guests won’t miss appointments, meetings, or breakfast arrangements, even if their devices run out of battery or face technical issues. Additionally, an alarm clock allows guests to disconnect from their phones during the night, promoting better sleep by reducing the temptation to check notifications or emails before bed.

You can even invest in one that offers more than just blaring tones to wake someone up, as many have more pleasant options such as chimes or the ability to record a morning message.

Invest in a Fan or Two

A fan in the bedroom serves as a versatile amenity, addressing various climate preferences and providing personalized airflow. It allows guests to adjust the room temperature according to their liking, ensuring a restful sleep environment and the ability to cool down a bedroom on their own without asking you.

If you set up two or three fans, it also allows your guests to enjoy a cross-breeze, perfect for anyone who needs to sleep well during a heatwave.

Beyond temperature control, a fan also helps with air circulation, reducing stuffiness and promoting a fresher atmosphere. Some guests may find the gentle background noise of a fan soothing, masking any disruptive sounds and contributing to a peaceful sleep.

Set Up an Entertainment Center for Guest Enjoyment

Create a center for entertainment in your guest room by setting up a TV in the bedroom. It’s a thoughtful addition that many guests appreciate. Ensure there’s a remote control within easy reach, placed near the bed so they don’t need to get up to adjust it.

If there’s a small desk, make sure there’s enough room to accommodate the TV without feeling crowded. This way, your guests can enjoy their favorite shows and unwind comfortably during their stay.

Guest Bath Essentials

Offer a Basket of Toiletries for Forgotten Essentials

Make sure guests sleep soundly by providing a basket of toiletries in case they forget anything. Include mini versions of body wash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and more. Place it somewhere visible like on a chair in their room or on the bathroom counter if it’s their private bathroom.

Don’t forget to check and refresh the supplies once the guest has left to keep everything ready for the next guest in your house.

Supply Fresh Towels for a Refreshing Stay

Make sure your guests have a refreshing stay by providing them with fresh towels throughout their stay, and not just one set upon their arrival. Having easy access to clean towels adds to their comfort and convenience.

After a shower or bath, guests will love the feeling of drying off with a soft, fresh towel. By providing fresh towels, you’re making their experience more enjoyable and showing that you care about their comfort during their stay.

Provide Some Plush Bathrobes for Added Luxury

Let’s dial up the luxury in our guest bedroom advice – offer plush bathrobes! Hang comfy bathrobes in the closet for your guests to find with joy. Travelers rarely pack bathrobes due to space constraints, yet these garments come in handy.

By providing your guests with their own bathrobes, you’re letting them move around the guest bedroom, bathroom, and beyond in the morning without needing full outfits.

Guest Bedroom Extras

Set Up a Small Coffee and Tea Station for Convenience

Create a cozy space for guests by setting up a small coffee and tea station. Find a safe spot where you can place a coffee maker and arrange packets of coffee, creamer, and tea bags close by. For extra thoughtfulness, include not just caffeinated teas for the morning or midday but also herbal teas for sleep they can brew before bed.

Having everything within reach allows your guest to enjoy a late-night or early-morning cup of tea without wandering around an unfamiliar kitchen. Make sure there’s a comfortable and convenient space for your guest to brew their own beverages right in their room and make it easier for them to wake up early.

Use a Bedskirt on the Frame

A bed skirt can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a guestroom by adding a polished and well-put-together look to the bed. This decorative piece of fabric covers the space between the mattress and the floor, hiding the bed’s base and legs, a box spring, and any bed risers or stored items underneath.

Bed skirts come in various fabrics, colors, and designs, allowing you to tailor the guestroom’s style to your preference. Whether you’re aiming for a classic and sophisticated like a five-star hotel, or a cozy ambiance, a bed skirt can help achieve the desired aesthetic.

Discover Your Guest’s Favorite Snacks and Leave Some Nearby

For a touch of boutique hotel flair, take the time to discover your guest’s snack preferences and leave a selection beside their bed or the coffee station. It can make all the difference, especially if your guest arrives when you’re already asleep, as hunger strikes unexpectedly and some may crave a healthy late night snack before they settle.

Having bedtime snacks right in their room is much more convenient and comfortable than foraging and fumbling around in an unfamiliar kitchen at odd hours for food, creating an atmosphere akin to a boutique hotel’s hospitality.

If you want to go the extra mile, set up a mini fridge and stock it with snacks and drinks, too. For example, a bottle of tart cherry juice can help some guests fall asleep, along with other health benefits.

Create a Homemade Brochure About Nearby Attractions

Get those guest bedroom ideas flowing by making a personalized brochure of local attractions. Jot down nearby gyms, restaurants, parks, and more, and create a homemade guide. The brochure should have directions, costs, and even delivery info.

You can totally make the brochure your own by adding a touch of your home’s style. It’s a neat way to make use of that bedside table or any other surface space in the guest bedroom.

Leave Good Reading Materials at Hand

Make sure to leave some good reading materials at hand in both the sitting room and the small guest bedroom. Providing interesting books and magazines offers your guests a way to relax and unwind during their stay. You can even choose a bookcase bed frame to give guests a chance to store a book close at hand in bed.

Think of other interesting ways to store books in the bedroom beyond traditional shelves, such as rotating shelves or an eye-catching table display.

Don’t forget to include a nice fabric bookmark or two, as well! And if you have a spare reading pillow, you may want to offer it to guests who enjoy sitting up in bed and reading before sleeping. Or go the extra mile and make the bed look like a couch, with cushions they can snuggle into with a book.

Whether they prefer to read in the sitting room or wind down in their bedroom by lounging on some throw pillows, having engaging reading materials available will enhance their experience. It’s a simple way to cater to different preferences and make their stay more enjoyable.

Offer a Small Jewelry Box for Safe Keeping

When traveling, it’s common for guests to bring along their favorite jewelry pieces. However, without a designated place to store them, these precious items can easily get lost or misplaced. That’s where a small jewelry box in the guest room comes in handy.

Consider providing a compact, elegant jewelry box on the dresser or bedside table . This thoughtful addition allows your guests to safely store their rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories when they’re not wearing them, avoiding the perils of sleeping with jewelry. It provides peace of mind, knowing that their valuables are secure and organized.

Choose a jewelry box that complements the room’s decor, such as a sleek wooden box with a soft lining or a decorative ceramic dish with compartments. Make sure it’s easily accessible and visible, so your guests don’t have to search for it.

In addition to the jewelry box, you can also include a small tray or dish for loose change, keys, or other small items they might need to empty from their pockets at the end of the day. These little storage solutions show that you’ve considered every aspect of your guests’ comfort and convenience during their stay.


How do I make my guest room feel like a hotel?

Obviously, providing fresh sheets, ample fluffy pillows, and cozy blankets can make your guests feel pampered and comfortable. But to make your guest room feel like they’re in a hotel, consider some interior designer ideas that create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere.

Start by cleaning up the space and removing any visual clutter. This can help create a clean and serene environment, just like in a hotel. Using a soothing color palette and adding elegant touches and accents like fresh flowers, artwork, or a scented bedroom candle to enhance the room’s appeal.

Another key element is a full-length mirror, which is a common feature in hotel rooms. It not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication. Also, ensure that your guests have easy access to essentials—fresh towels and basic toiletries should be easily found in the guest bathroom or stacked neatly in the bedroom.

Providing a water carafe and glasses on the nightstand, along with a folded towel, can add a touch of luxury. To go a little further and complete the hotel experience, create a small coffee station where they can prepare their own morning cup of coffee. And for a personal touch that can’t be found in a hotel, include a welcome note that makes it clear your guests should consider the area their personal retreat.

What should you keep in a guest bedroom?

A well-prepared guest bedroom should include essentials like comfortable bedding, such as cotton percale sheets or silky bamboo sheets for hot sleepers, along with extra pillows and blankets to accommodate different preferences. Beyond the bed, you should include a bedside table with a lamp and easily accessible power outlets.

To enhance the experience, consider adding little personal touches like a small selection of books, magazines, or even a welcome note. A full-length mirror, wastebasket, and easily accessible fresh towels and basic toiletries can contribute to a thoughtful and convenient guest experience.

Should you put a TV in a guest bedroom?

Putting a TV in a guest bedroom can be a thoughtful addition, but it depends on your guests’ preferences and the overall atmosphere you want to create. Some guests may appreciate having the option to watch their favorite shows or unwind before bed. If you believe yours would, then it’s a good idea to include one.

However, it’s important to ensure that a TV in the bedroom doesn’t dominate the space and that it’s positioned in a way that doesn’t interfere with the room’s comfort and functionality. You even want to consider ways you could conceal the TV when it’s not in use, such as a gallery wall or a hideaway shelf unit.

How do I make my guest bedroom functional and multipurpose?

To make your guest bedroom functional and multipurpose, consider incorporating a daybed into the room’s design. A daybed can serve as both a comfortable seating area during the day and an extra bed for guests at night.

This versatile piece of furniture maximizes the room’s utility without compromising on space. A sofa bed or sleeper sofa can accomplish the same goal, but it’s often less comfortable than a daybed with a properly thick mattress.

Additionally, adding storage solutions such as shelves or drawers., closet organizers, and even foldaway desks can help keep the room organized and clutter-free. Lastly, choose a color scheme and decor that is neutral, adaptable, and suits various uses of the room, making it a welcoming space for both relaxation and rest.

Where should guests sleep if I don’t have a spare room?

If you don’t have a spare room, there are still fantastic options for where your guests can sleep! Consider using a comfortable sofa bed or day bed in the living room. This way, your guests can have a cozy place to rest at night and you can have a functional seating area during the day.

Alternatively, an air mattress or foldable foam mattress can work wonders, providing a comfortable sleeping space that can be easily stored when not in use. Give them a little bit of personal space with a privacy screen and a small rollaway chest of drawers where they can store their things.

With a bit of creativity, you can turn any area into a welcoming and comfortable sleeping spot for your guests. And once they’ve arrived, communicate with your guests about the arrangements to ensure their comfort.


Incorporating these guest bedroom ideas can transform your space into a warm and inviting haven for visitors. From cozy bedding and other essentials to thoughtful amenities, creating a comfortable sleep environment and enjoyable stay for your guests is easier than you might think.

By combining practicality with creativity, you can ensure that your guests feel welcomed and cherished and have an easier time falling asleep early and fast. This leaves them with lasting memories of their stay in your home and refreshed after a good night’s sleep to enjoy their stay with you.

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