5 Decorating and Organization Experts Share Their Tips for Creating a Calm, Clutter-Free Bedroom

Last Updated On October 19th, 2023
5 Decorating and Organization Experts Share Their Tips for Creating a Calm, Clutter-Free Bedroom

Key Takeaways

  • Use Soothing Colors and Proper Lighting: Opt for calming blue hues on your bedroom walls to induce relaxation and lower blood pressure. Implement lighting solutions that promote a cozy atmosphere, such as using lamps, installing dimmers, and choosing warm lighting to create a soothing ambiance in the space.
  • Invest in Cozy Bedding and Window Treatments: Layer your bedding with various textures and patterns to create a luxurious and comfortable feel. Consider adding curtains to soften the appearance of windows and balance the coolness of the glass, with fabric choices ranging from cotton for a summery vibe to silk or velvet for added warmth during winter.
  • Organize Effectively to Minimize Clutter: Utilize under-bed storage for off-season items and invest in headboards with built-in storage shelves. Additionally, be mindful of the items you display in your bedroom, avoiding personal photos, stressful paintings, or distracting files that might disrupt the serene atmosphere of the room.

Keeping your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet is great advice—but it’s also a little basic. If you’re ready to move on to bedroom décor 201, here’s some expert help.

We picked the brains of five genius interior designers and professional organizers to get their next-level tips for making your sleep space relaxing and ultra functional. (Because nothing will stress you out and wreck your sleep like walking into a crazy, messy room, right?)

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Here are their favorite ways for building a calmer, clutter-free room—that you can start incorporating in your space ASAP.

Kymberlyn Lacey

If you’ve ever wondered what color to paint your bedroom to promote feelings of calm, the best hue is blue. The receptors in your retinas, called ganglion cells, play a role in controlling your body’s circadian rhythm to determine when you feel awake and when you feel tired. When your ganglion cells pick up the color blue, they tell your brain to lower your blood pressure and your heart rate—which helps you feel relaxed.

Kymberlyn Lacey is the Principal Designer at the design firm International Flair Designs.

Rebecca Torres

Lighting your bedroom for relaxation is one of the easiest and powerful ways you can decorate your space. It truly sets the tone in any environment. What tone is your lighting currently setting for you?

Do you currently battle with bright overhead lighting? Is it (gasp) fluorescent? Is it super white light? If so, here are a few remedies.

  • Put overhead lighting on a dimmer. Dimmers can help to create a relaxing environment with the adjustability of full overhead lighting for cleaning or finding things in the daylight hours.
  • Lamps are a designer’s wildcard. Placing lamps on nightstands are a great way to add a fun decorative element, and show off your personal style. The lighting from lamps are especially inviting and relaxing too!
  • Keep things warm. When choosing light bulbs for the bedroom go for “warm lighting” as opposed to “cool lighting.” Cooler lighting is far more bright and white. This is not especially ideal for resting.

Rebecca Gitana Torres is an interior and lifestyle designer and founder of Lifestyle Remix.

Melissa Michaels

One of the simplest tricks to make your bedroom feel softer and cozier is by layering your bedding. The trick to layering with style is to give each piece a unique weight, texture, and varied pattern. A mix of crisp cotton patterned sheets topped with a lightweight textured coverlet and duvet with fluffy down, a look completed by a fur throw at the foot of the bed, will feel really luxurious. Then add various pillows and shams for the ultimate in coziness.

If you want to up the cozy factor even more, take a look at what’s on your windows. Curtains soften the hard lines of windows and add a touch of warmth to balance the coolness of the glass. The fabric you select for your curtain panels will contribute to the style of the room, but any fabric or window treatment can make a room cozier.

If you want a lighter, more summery room white cotton panels can add just enough softness at the windows. If you want more sophistication, silk panels will add a luxurious layer to cozy up the room. Velvet curtains will cozy up a cold room for the winter.

Melissa Michaels is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Make Room For What You Love, and founder of the award-winning blog The Inspired Room.

Danielle Levenfus

The mere sight of messiness in your bedroom can stress you out and make it harder to fall asleep. To keep clutter at bay, get smart about organizing your stuff. The space under your bed is ideal for storing off-season clothes or shoes in bins or boxes. You can even invest in a headboard that comes with built-in storage shelves.

Danielle Levenfus is a professional organizer and founder of Organize Wizely.

Alison Kero

A comfortable, serene bedroom is one that’s free of stress and distractions. Keeping these three bedroom tips in mind while you decorate can help:

  • No personal photos. It’s literally like having your family and friends stare at you in your most intimate, private space.
  • No paintings or wall hangings that are stressful or depressing. Hang items you really enjoy seeing every day.
  • Do not keep files in your bedroom. If you must, store them in an attractive box or something you enjoy viewing.

Alison Kero is a professional organizer and founder of Guerilla Solutions.

Next Steps to Declutter Your Room

Now that we’ve covered what the pros have to say about decluttering your bedroom, let’s talk about the steps you can take to start living and sleeping in a clutter-free environment.

Find the Right Mattress and Foundation Set-Up

A mattress and foundation are two pieces of furniture which are often underutilized. The best mattress for you will change depending on your needs. But here are some things to consider.

  • Do you need an adjustable bed? An adjustable bed and mattress combo are great for reducing back pain, helping you sleep on your side or back, and reducing snoring. Plus, an adjustable bed also makes it easier to read a book or watch a movie before bedtime. Having a flexible bed allows you to raise and lower your head and legs without resorting to extra pillows (which just get discarded) or wedges.
  • Do you want storage space below your mattress? Some mattress foundations come with storage space beneath the mattress. This space allows you to keep items in your room without increasing the amount of clutter.
  • Do you need an extra breathable mattress? Some rooms have good ventilation, a powerful air conditioning system, and a ceiling fan. Others don’t. If whether or not your mattress will sleep hot is on your mind, then you should consider cooling mattresses. Thanks to advances in technology, it is not possible to find a breathable and cool memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and innerspring mattress.

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