Getting the Bedroom Ready for Winter: Best Winter Bedroom Ideas

Last Updated On February 9th, 2024
Getting the Bedroom Ready for Winter: Best Winter Bedroom Ideas

Key Takeaways

  • Winterizing Your Bedroom: To prepare your bedroom for the colder months, focus on sealing drafts around windows and doors using caulk or weatherstripping. Utilize door draft stoppers to prevent cold air from seeping in, and consider insulating curtains or window insulation film to enhance the room’s warmth.
  • Creating a Warm and Cozy Bedroom: Layering bedding with flannel or fleece sheets, thick comforters, and soft blankets can contribute to a warm and inviting bedroom atmosphere. Use fabrics like wool or down for optimal insulation and comfort, and use soft lighting through lamps, fairy lights or candles to set the ambiance.
  • Decorating for Winter: Incorporating seasonal elements such as string lights, winter-themed artwork, and richly textured bedding in colors can evoke warmth. Experiment with various textures like faux fur and chunky knits to create a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Winter has arrived, and it’s that time of year when you eagerly anticipate getting comfy and snuggling up in a warm, cozy bed. So, how do you make the perfect cozy winter bedroom that will make you want to stay in all season long? It might sound like a tough job, but don’t worry – we have some easy ideas and tips to help you make your space super comfy and boost the cozy factor.

We’re going to explore a variety of ways to make your bedroom the comfiest, coziest haven for the winter season. From incorporating soft lighting to the art of layering blankets, we’ll cover all the steps to ensure your bedroom is the ultimate place to relax during those chilly months.

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So, prepare to transform your bedroom into a warm and relaxing sanctuary with these cozy winter bedroom ideas.

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How to Winterize Your Bedroom

Winter is here, and now’s the moment to ensure your bedroom is all set for the colder weather. When you winterize your entire room, you can save money on heating bills, reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and guarantee a warm and cozy bedroom for those frosty nights.

We’ll provide you with some practical steps to make your bedroom cozy for the winter season.

Sealing Drafts

Drafts can significantly reduce the temperature of your bedroom, making it uncomfortable and costly to heat. These unwelcome gusts of cold air can make it challenging to stay warm and comfortable, making it difficult to fall asleep in your own home.

To combat this issue, be sure to thoroughly inspect your bedroom for any visible drafts around windows, doors, and baseboards, and then seal them effectively using caulk or weatherstripping.

This is especially crucial for older homes and houses with poor insulation, as they tend to be more susceptible to drafts. By addressing these drafts, you can ensure that your bedrooms remain cozy, warm, and conducive to a good night’s sleep during the colder months.

Using Door Draft Stoppers

Door draft stoppers, available in an assortment of sizes and shapes, are ingeniously designed to fend off those unwelcome chilly drafts that tend to creep beneath your exterior doors during the winter season.

Whether you choose to acquire these draft stoppers from your nearby hardware store or embark on a DIY bedroom makeover by fashioning a custom one using a rolled-up towel or a convenient draft stopper kit, you’re making a simple yet effective addition that’ll make a huge difference in maintaining a warm and cozy atmosphere in your house.

Not only will these door draft stoppers keep your home snug and comfortable during the colder months, but they also serve as a cost-effective solution to save money on heating bills. Plus, they’re also one of the best ways to block out noise in the bedroom.

Fixing a Drafty Bedroom

Dealing with a drafty bedroom can be frustrating, but there are several effective solutions you can try to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. First, inspect the areas around windows and doors for any visible gaps or cracks. Apply weatherstripping or caulking to seal these openings and prevent cold air from seeping into the room.

If that’s not enough, try some of these other hacks.

Insulating Curtains

One simple and affordable option is to hang insulating curtains. These curtains have a thermal lining that traps heat inside your bedroom and blocks chilly drafts from entering. You can find insulating curtains in a variety of colors and styles to match your decor.

You may also want to choose a dark color or proper blackout curtains to ensure a darker bedroom for better sleep.

Installing Window Insulation Film

If your windows are a major source of drafts, consider installing window insulation film. This is a clear, plastic film that is applied over your windows and then shrunk using a hairdryer to create an airtight seal. Window insulation film is easy to install and can significantly reduce drafts and heat loss.

Installing a Thicker Bedroom Door

A thicker bedroom door can help mitigate drafts to some extent, as it can provide better insulation and reduce the transfer of air between the inside and outside of the room. Thicker doors typically have a more solid construction, which can create a tighter seal when closed, preventing cold air from entering the room and warm air from escaping.

However, while a thicker door can contribute to improved insulation, it may not completely eliminate drafts if there are other points of air leakage, such as gaps around the door frame or under the door. You must also ensure that the door is properly installed and well-fitted within the door frame to maximize its effectiveness. Addressing any other sources of drafts, such as windows or electrical outlets, can further enhance the overall insulation of the room.

Checking Electrical Outlets and Switches

Inspect electrical outlets and switches for any gaps or cracks that could be allowing drafts into the room. Install foam gaskets or use caulking to seal these gaps and minimize air leakage.

Creating a Warm and Cozy Bedroom

As the weather turns colder, it becomes vital to convert your bedroom into a warm and cozy space, whether it’s a small bedroom or a grand master bedroom to guard against Verified Source National Library of Medicine (NIH) World’s largest medical library, making biomedical data and information more accessible. View source cold weather. This contributes to creating cozy winter bedrooms throughout your whole house.

Achieving this ambiance can be accomplished in a couple of ways. One approach is to infuse warm color schemes into your bedroom decor, such as incorporating shades of red, orange, and yellow to establish a cozy atmosphere that resonates throughout your home.

To make your bedroom feel even more inviting, consider adding soft textures, like a plush rug or a snuggly throw blanket on your bed. You can even make the bed look like a couch that you can snuggle up into on chilly evenings. These small touches can help transform your master bedroom or any other room into a cozy space where you’ll want to hibernate all winter long.

Don’t forget to switch out your thin summer bedding for thicker, warmer sheets and comforters to ensure the entire house is ready for the colder months.

Layering Your Bedding

To infuse your bedroom with cozy warmth, a fantastic approach is to layer your bedding. Embrace the Danish concept of hygge, which is all about warmth, coziness, and comfort. Start with a snug, flannel or cotton sheet set as your base layer.

Then, introduce a thicker quilt or comforter. Finally, pile on more pillows, especially those with soft fur covers, and add a plush throw blanket for extra comfort.

You can also pair a coverlet with a duvet, or experiment with other ways to layer your blankets.

When you’re selecting bedding fabrics for that ultimate cozy warmth, consider materials such as cotton flannel, down, wool or fleece. These materials are renowned for their insulating properties, ensuring you stay warm throughout the night.

Choosing the Right Fabrics

Besides layering your bedding, be sure to pick fabrics that keep you cozy. Choose heavier materials like wool or down for your duvet cover or comforter.

While cotton sheets are excellent for warmer months, switching to flannel or fleece sheets can give you that extra warm and cozy feeling during winter. You can also add knit blankets and throw blankets for more snugness.

Incorporating Soft Lighting

Soft bedroom lighting plays a vital role in making your bedroom feel warm and cozy. When nighttime falls, switch off the bright overhead fixture and focus on gentle, low light. Opt for lamps with warm light bulbs to set a soothing ambiance. You can also bring some enchantment to your bedroom decor with fairy lights.

Candles are another way to introduce soft lighting. Not only do candles cast a warm glow, but they also fill your room with calming scents. Flameless candles can be a safe choice if you want to avoid open flames. Consider candle scents for sleep like cinnamon, vanilla, or lavender to enhance relaxation and calmness in a dark room.

Maintain Good Humidity

Having the right amount of moisture in your bedroom during winter is super important, especially when heaters are on. These heaters can make the air really dry, and that’s not great for your health. It’s not just about feeling comfortable – it’s about staying healthy.

When the air is too dry, it can lead to problems like dry skin, a stuffy nose, and waking up with dry eyes. Imagine blinking in the morning and feeling like your eyes are kind of dry and irritated. That’s not a fun way to start the day.

Good indoor humidity levels for sleep are usually between 30% and 50%. If need be, have a humidifier help you add moisture back into your bedroom air.

Read more about the benefits of a humidifier for better sleep.

More Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas

Get creative with your decorating ideas and adorn your bedroom for the winter season. Use string lights to set a cozy mood, add seasonal artwork for a touch of festive charm, and incorporate natural materials like pinecones and evergreen wreaths that you can easily get from thrift stores to bring the wintery outdoors inside.

1. Use String Lights

For some great ideas on a low budget, infuse your bedroom with a warm and inviting ambiance using string lights. Drape them over your headboard, along your windows or walls, or even create a DIY bed canopy with fairy lights above your bed. It’s an affordable way to add a touch of magic to your space.

2. Incorporate Seasonal Artwork

To add charm to your bedroom, consider incorporating winter-themed artwork on your walls. Look for prints or paintings featuring winter landscapes, snowflakes, or adorable winter animals. This will infuse your room with a touch of seasonal charm.

If you want to add dimension, try tucking small mirrors into dark cupboards or onto small shelves. These mirrors not only make objects appear larger, or even make a small bedroom seem bigger, but also create an illusion of a brighter room.

3. Add Winter-Themed Bedding

Swap your summer bedroom decor and bedding for winter-themed bedding. Look for comforters, duvets, or throws in wintery colors like navy blue, burgundy, or forest green to add touches to the winter season. Even a fabric canopy or bed skirt can add a touch of winter flair.

You can also choose patterns like snowflakes, reindeer, or plaid for your bed shams, creating fun accent pillows.

4. Experiment with Textures

Enhance your bedroom decor with cozy textures like a faux fur area rug on the floor, a chunky knit throw or blanket over your furniture, and some fluffy pillows. These additions will turn your bedroom into a warm winter hideaway, perfectly complementing the atmosphere you’ve created with natural elements.

You can even layer rugs in the bedroom, using multiple sizes and shapes to emphasize areas of your bedroom. Just make sure you follow safety guidelines to ensure your rugs won’t be tripping or fire hazards.

For an extra touch, add some fresh flowers and grab a good book to make your cozy retreat complete. If you want to further enhance the room, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint, using one of the best bedroom colors for sleep.


How do I winterize my bedroom?

Begin by inspecting the windows for any drafts and sealing them with weather stripping or caulk to prevent cold air from entering the room. Adding heavy curtains or thermal window treatments can help insulate the room and minimize heat loss.

As a further step, place draft stoppers along the bottom of doors to ensure proper insulation in the walls and further enhance the room’s ability to retain heat. Aside from creating a cozy and winter-ready bedroom space, it also helps to block out noise at night.

How do you make a warm cozy bedroom?

Start by adding soft textures such as plush rugs, warm throws or blankets, a soft quilt, and comfortable pillows to create a snug environment. Layering bedding with flannel sheets, downy comforters, and extra blankets can provide additional warmth and comfort during colder nights. Try throwing a hot water bottle into the foot of your bed, too, to keep your feet feeling toasty warm.

Once you’ve taken the time to add texture to your bedroom, try adjusting the lighting to create a soft, warm glow. You can even incorporate candles for sleep to further enhance the cozy ambiance, making the bedroom a welcoming retreat of pleasant scents during the winter season. If necessary, add a space heater to make your bedroom comfortably warm at night or try sleeping with socks.

How can I decorate my bedroom for winter?

Adding layers to your bedding with flannel sheets, faux fur blankets, and a thick comforter or duvet can instantly evoke a sense of warmth. Then, try introducing seasonal decor such as festive throw pillows, soft area rugs, and rich, deep-toned curtains to help transform the space into a winter sanctuary.

Dim, warm lighting from string lights or candles can further enhance the snug atmosphere and create a soothing winter retreat within your bedroom. You can also set up a little tray or rollaway cart where you can set up a mug of hot cocoa.

How do you fix a drafty bedroom?

Fixing a drafty bedroom requires you to identify and address the sources of cold air entry to improve the room’s insulation and temperature regulation.

Begin by inspecting windows and doors for any gaps or cracks. Then, check for any gaps or holes in the walls that may enable drafts. Apply weather stripping or caulk to seal any leaks. Installing draft stoppers along the bottom of doors and using heavy curtains or thermal window treatments can further prevent cold air from entering the room.

What is the coldest a bedroom should be?

While individual preferences can vary, the recommended temperature range for a bedroom typically falls between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 to 19.5 degrees Celsius) during the winter months. However, it’s crucial to adjust the temperature based on personal comfort levels and consider factors such as bedding, clothing, and individual health conditions.

Extremely cold temperatures can lead to discomfort, disrupted sleep, and even potential health risks, especially for individuals with respiratory issues or compromised immune systems. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures during sleep can also result in decreased sleep quality, leading to fatigue and a compromised immune response.


As the winter season approaches, it’s essential to put away your summer bedroom ideas and create a warm and cozy bedroom that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. By adding fuzzy blankets, soft lighting, and warm colors, you can transform your space into a hibernation-worthy retreat.

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