How to Cover a Box Spring

By Geoff McKinnen Certified Sleep Coach

Last Updated On December 29th, 2023
How to Cover a Box Spring

Key Takeaways

  • Creative Alternatives: Explore innovative alternatives to bed skirts for covering a box spring, such as repurposing a fitted sheet or wrapping the box spring in upholstery fabric. These alternatives offer both aesthetic appeal and practical solutions.
  • Functional Tips: Ensure proper installation of bed skirts by aligning corners and smoothing out wrinkles. Repurpose fitted sheets for an affordable solution, ensuring a snug fit without sagging. When wrapping in upholstery fabric, measure carefully, use heavyweight material, and secure it neatly with upholstery pins.
  • Bed Frame and Mattress Options: Consider investing in a different bed frame and mattress to eliminate the need for a box spring altogether. Explore various mattress types like latex, memory foam, or hybrid for improved sleep quality. Additionally, enhance your bed’s look and functionality with storage solutions like bed risers and containers, or add a touch of elegance with an overhead canopy.

Covering a box spring without a bed skirt may seem like a daunting task, but with these innovative alternatives, you can achieve a neat and clean look for your bed frame. From using a bed skirt to repurposing a fitted sheet, we will explore various options that will create a polished finish for your sleeping area.

So, whether you are dealing with a box spring that needs to be hidden or simply want to explore new ways to improve your bed frame’s appearance, keep reading to discover our top tips for covering a box spring without a bed skirt.

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Let’s dive in and explore these exciting box spring cover options together.

Use a Bed Skirt for a Neat and Clean Look

If you want to cover your box spring, using a bed skirt is a popular and easy solution. Bed skirts not only provide a polished look to your bed but they are also an effective way to cover up your box spring altogether. They are versatile and come in numerous designs, allowing you to use a bed skirt with an adjustable bed or a modern platform bed as well.

Bed skirts help create a clean look for your bed while also preventing dust and tear on the box spring. To install a bed skirt on your box spring, simply fold it in half and place it over the box spring. Make sure the corners of the bed skirt are aligned with the corners of the box spring. Next, lift the mattress and tuck the bed skirt under it. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bunches.

Tips for Choosing a Bed Skirt

When choosing a bed skirt, make sure it matches the color of your bedding and the style of your room. Consider the height of your bed and box spring, as bed skirts come in different lengths. You want to choose a bed skirt that is the appropriate length for your bed to achieve the best look, particularly if you want to hide your bed frame legs and not just the box spring.

Make sure the bed skirt is made of a durable fabric that can withstand regular washing and normal wear and tear. Bed skirts don’t need too much washing, usually once a month at most, but read the laundry care instructions and washing symbols on their attached tags.

Repurpose Your Fitted Sheet for an Affordable Solution

Do you have an extra fitted sheet that you’re not using? Don’t throw it away; repurpose it to cover your box spring! This creative solution is affordable and allows you to match your box spring with the rest of your bedding while hiding any tears or imperfections.

Measure the dimensions of your box spring and ensure that the fitted sheet can cover it entirely. Adjust the fitted sheet accordingly, making sure that it fits snugly around the box spring without any sagging or looseness.

Once you have ensured a proper fit, tuck the excess fabric underneath the box spring and adjust it as needed. You can use upholstery pins to secure the fitted sheet in place, ensuring it doesn’t shift or slip off. This solution is ideal for box springs that have normal wear and tear or if you prefer a clean and streamlined look.

Repurposing your fitted sheets not only offers an affordable bed skirt alternative but also ensures your box spring is covered, providing peace of mind. Instead of discarding an extra fitted sheet, consider using it to cover your box spring, particularly for a platform bed, for a revamped bed appearance and a cost-effective solution.

You can also use an extra flat sheet. Just make sure the top sheet is secured tightly to prevent shifting. You may use bed skirts or clips designed for this purpose to keep the sheet in place.

Read more about the differences between flat sheets and fitted sheets.

Wrap Your Box Spring in Upholstery Fabric for a Polished Finish

For a refined and sophisticated appearance for your bed base, think about wrapping it in upholstery fabric. This approach is excellent for refreshing box spring covers that may have experienced typical wear and tear or if you desire a clean and streamlined look. It’s an effective way to enhance the appearance of your bed base.

To begin, you’ll need to measure the length, width, and height of your box spring to determine how much fabric you’ll need. We recommend using heavyweight upholstery fabric for durability and to ensure a smooth finish.

Cut the fabric to size and make sure it covers the entire box spring. You can use upholstery pins to secure the fabric in place, tucking in any excess fabric at the corners to create a neat and tailored finish.

This method not only provides a polished finish but can also protect your box spring from further wear and tear. Plus, you can easily remove the fabric for cleaning or if you want to change up your bedding style.

Invest in a Different Bed Frame and Mattress

When it comes to transforming your bedroom and concealing a box spring with a tidy aesthetic, one of the key choices is investing in a different bed frame and mattress. After all, there are modern mattresses that no longer require box springs and frames that eliminate the need for one entirely, unlike the traditional panel beds meant to accommodate one.

From latex mattresses offering firm support to memory foam mattresses providing luxurious comfort, let’s explore various types of mattresses that can revamp your sleep space while keeping your box spring hidden.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are made from natural or synthetic latex foam, which provides a firm and bouncy sleeping surface. They are hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites, making latex beds an ideal choice for those with allergies.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses provide a reactive and contouring sleeping surface. They offer excellent pressure relief and support, making them a great choice for those with back pain. However, foam beds may retain heat, which can be uncomfortable for some sleepers.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine the support of a traditional innerspring mattress with the comfort of foam or latex. They offer a balance of pressure relief and support, making hybrid beds a versatile choice for most sleepers.

More Ways to Improve Look and Function of the Bed

Who doesn’t want a bed to look super cool? We’re not just talking about hiding the box spring – we’ve got some awesome ideas to jazz up your whole bed.

Think about adding secret storage under your bed, making a fancy DIY bed canopy on top, and minimizing the tech around your bed to eliminate distractions. It’s not just about covering up the box spring; it’s about making your bed look amazing and having it help you fall asleep faster!

Come along as we explore some really fun ways to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary!

Make Room for Storage with Bed Risers and Storage Containers

If you’re struggling with a lack of storage space in your bedroom, using bed risers and storage containers is a convenient solution. By elevating your bed with bed risers, you can create extra space under your bed to store items like extra linens, clothing, or even shoes.

When it comes to bed risers, you’ll find various options on the market, ranging from plastic to wooden choices. It’s essential to pick the ones that align with your budget and needs. Opt for bed risers that can not only support the weight of your bed and furniture but also come in aesthetically pleasing designs, making them great ideas for enhancing your bedroom’s look and functionality.

Storage containers come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for under your bed. You can use clear containers to quickly identify what’s inside, or opt for fabric containers that blend in with your bedroom decor. These clever ideas ensure efficient organization and a tidy space while maximizing under-bed storage.

Having extra storage space under your bed not only creates a tidy and organized look but also provides easy access to your belongings. Say goodbye to cluttered closets and overflowing drawers, and create more space to rest and relax in your bedroom.

Try an Overhead Canopy for a Unique and Elegant Look

If you’re looking for a unique way to cover your box spring, consider an overhead canopy. This elegant addition to your bedroom decor adds a touch of sophistication and personality to your space, and it can be as simple as upcycling old sheets for the hanging fabric.

To create an overhead canopy, you’ll need a wooden frame that can be attached to your bed frame or mounted on the ceiling. Once you have your frame in place, choose curtains that match your bedding and throw pillows. You can opt for sheer curtains for a light and airy feel or heavier curtains for a more dramatic look. Even a simple embroidery hoop and sheer, cheap fabrics can make for a great DIY bed canopy.

Don’t forget to arrange some pillows on your bed for extra comfort and style. Mix and match patterns and textures to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Get the TV out of the Bedroom

Having a television in the bedroom can negatively impact sleep quality and quantity. The light emitted from TV screens tricks the brain into thinking it’s still daytime, suppressing the release of melatonin and making it harder to fall asleep. Having a TV in the room also encourages staying up later to finish shows, resulting in less total sleep.

Background noise from the TV can disrupt sleep as well, leading to more frequent awakenings throughout the night. Removing the television from the bedroom helps establish this space as one for rest and relaxation only. Without the stimulation and disruption from screens, people tend to fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly through the night, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Simply making this one change to the sleep environment can have profound effects on improving sleep habits. So for better rest, consider relocating the TV out of the bedroom.


What’s the purpose of using a bed skirt?

Using a bed skirt is a practical choice for maintaining a tidy and well-kept appearance in your bedroom, as it can keep dust bunnies from accumulating on the floor. It not only conceals the box spring but also offers protection against dust and potential wear and tear.

This accessory is a favorite house item, ensuring that you sleep in a clean and cozy environment.

How can I repurpose a fitted sheet to cover my box spring?

To repurpose a fitted sheet effectively, begin by measuring and adjusting it to ensure it fits your box spring properly. You can use sheet fasteners to ensure the sheet stays in place once it’s secured.

This affordable and clever solution not only helps you hide any tears or imperfections but also allows you to match your box spring seamlessly with the rest of your bedding and mattresses.

Is it OK to put a box spring directly on the floor?

Yes, it is generally okay to place a box spring directly on the floor. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Ensure that the floor is clean and free of moisture to prevent damage to the box spring. Additionally, using a bed skirt or placing a non-slip mat between the box spring and the floor can help provide stability.

While a box spring doesn’t necessarily have to be on a frame, using a bed frame is advisable for several reasons. A frame provides additional support and prevents the box spring from sagging or shifting. It also elevates the mattress and box spring off the floor, reducing the risk of dust and moisture damage. Using a bed frame can also enhance the overall aesthetics of the bed setup.

Why do people not use box springs anymore?

The use of box springs has declined in recent years due to changes in mattress technology. Many modern mattresses, such as memory foam and hybrid mattresses, are designed to be used on a solid, flat surface. These mattresses often come with built-in support systems, eliminating the need for a traditional box spring.

Additionally, platform beds and adjustable bases have gained popularity as alternatives to box springs.

How can I wrap my box spring in upholstery fabric?

To wrap your box spring in upholstery fabric, start by measuring the dimensions, cutting the fabric accordingly, and securing it in place using upholstery pins. This DIY approach is perfect for refreshing box spring covers that may have experienced regular wear and tear or if you desire a clean and streamlined look.

‘It’s one of the two types of methods to cover the box spring, with the other being used as a bed skirt altogether.

How can I use the space underneath my box spring for storage?

You can optimize the space under your box spring by utilizing bed risers and storage containers, effectively creating extra storage in your bedroom without covering the box spring. Choosing suitable bed risers and storage containers that align with your specific needs is crucial, especially as you need to make sure the risers can support your entire bed.

This method allows you to maximize storage, create a closet-like space, and organize items, no matter the size or type.


There are creative alternatives to bed skirts for covering a box spring. Whether you use a bed skirt, repurpose a fitted sheet, invest in a different bed frame, or wrap your box spring in upholstery fabric, these options provide neat and polished solutions.

These tips help enhance the appearance of your bed, many without the need for a bed skirt. You can opt for bed risers and storage containers and consider an overhead canopy to make your bed look welcoming to help you better achieve a good night’s sleep.

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