An amazingly comfortable mattress
  • Comfort Classic Pillow

    Featuring our durable, eco-friendly, and responsive Bio-Pur® material.

    Starting at $75
  • AS3

    Our best-selling mattress, evenly blending support and softness.

    Starting at $899 with promo
  • Amerisleep Mattress Foundation

    Durable, consistent support to enhance the performance of your mattress.

    Starting at $225

An amazingly comfortable mattress

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Comfort you will love

Providing a revitalizing rest with technologically advanced, American-made, eco-friendly mattresses.

The ultimate sleep technology

Crafted from high performance smart materials that have been clinically tested to enhance your sleep.

See each of the fine-tuned layers in Amerisleep mattresses

Because we are not all the same

Technologically advanced mattresses to suit your individual needs.

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100 night risk-free sleep trial

Try our mattresses risk-free for 100 nights. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll give you a complete refund and even pick up your mattress for free.

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"I was looking for a firm memory foam mattress that would reduce my chronic lower back pain. This mattress did the trick starting from the first nights sleep. It was a huge improvement in my comfort and quality of sleep."
Bill C., Oakland, CA purchased the AS3
"We were using a Tempurpedic mattress and wanted to find a less expensive option. Since they give a 100 day trial, we decided to try it. This will be our permanent mattress. Its as comfortable as our previous mattress and better than our Select Comfort in our guest room."
Maria P., Oxford, AL purchased the AS4
"We had a sleep number bed for about 5 years but were not as comfortable in the last year or so as we were at first. We shopped around and chose the Amerisleep and couldnt be happier. We went with a softer model and love it!"
Mark S., Olympia, WA purchased the AS4
"Excellent product. Im a side sleeper and was having lower back problems with my old mattress. My lower back pain is now gone after the first month!"
Dan M., Boise, ID purchased the AS3
"I LOVE this mattress! I wake up feeling well rested and my back doesnt hurt when I wake up any more. Not only WOULD I recommend it, I tell all my friends already."
Cynthia K., purchased the AS2

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