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$450 off any mattress

Enjoy $450 off any mattress and upgrade your sleep. Our mattresses include an ultra-breathable cover, cushioning and pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® foam, and other unique design features to facilitate deeper sleep.

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Save up to $1350 on Adjustable Bed Sets

The combination of our Adjustable Bed or Adjustable Bed+ with an advanced Amerisleep mattress offers a truly luxurious sleep experience.

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Amerisleep’s Fourth of July Mattress Deals of 2024

The Amerisleep Fourth of July Mattress Deal offers our superior mattresses and adjustable beds at an unbeatable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time to buy a mattress?

The July 4th weekend is a great time to save on a new mattress. If you miss out on this sale, there are plenty of other opportunities during the year. The best savings can be found during one of the following events:

  • The 4th of July
  • Presidents Day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
How do you know when you need to replace your mattress?

The lifespan of the average mattress is between 7 to 10 years. If you start to wake up with pain or stiffness that lasts throughout the day, it may be time to upgrade to a new bed. The following cosmetic and structural issues will also let you know if your mattress needs to be replaced.

  • Broken or bent coil springs
  • Springs that don’t bounce back
  • Rips or tears in the cover, foam, or pillow top
  • Loss of support and response
  • Musty or mildew-like smell
  • Bed bugs or dust mites
  • Sagging deeper than 1 inch

However, we’ve engineered all Amerisleep mattresses to be long-lasting investments. That’s why we offer a 20-year warranty on all our mattresses.

What is a reasonable price for a mattress?

The price range for a high-quality mattress can vary depending on several factors. The following list highlights factors that can make the price of your new bed fluctuate.

  • Brand name: If the mattress brand has been in business for many years and has established a good reputation, the cost may be higher. As you shop, read customer reviews on the company’s website and other online marketplaces. Honest reviews will help you determine whether the name and reputation of the company alone are worth the extra cost.
  • Materials: If the contents of the mattress are certified organic materials, the bed may come with a higher price tag. If a brand claims to be organic, be sure to look for certifications from GOTS and GOLS. If the company claims to be “eco-friendly,” be sure to verify exactly how they create a safer bed for you and the planet. A truly environmentally conscious company will offer a mattress that contains little to no VOCs, uses low emission and low waste manufacturing methods, and uses non-toxic materials.
  • Warranties and sleep trials: Most companies offer a 10-year warranty. If they provide a more extended sleep trial or guarantee, the price may be included in the overall cost of the mattress.
  • Mattress Size: The size mattress you select will also affect the cost. Standard king size beds and California king mattresses cost about the same. However, the price of a queen size bed will be less than a king.
  • Delivery: Many mattress brands offer delivery and set-up. In some cases, they may even haul away your old bed for you. The cost of this service may be built into the price of the bed or offered for a separate charge.

Most Amerisleep mattresses are comfortably in the $1,000-2,500 price range which is an extraordinary value for a sleep solution that’ll last you decades.

What is the best mattress of 2024?

The best mattress for you will depend on your sleep position and comfort needs. You want a bed that will cushion your pressure points, but one that will also keep you supported and promote a healthy spinal posture. That’s why we, at Amerisleep, developed five memory foam models and three hybrids at different firmness levels to accommodate all types of sleepers.

In terms of customer satisfaction, memory foam mattresses tend to have the highest ratings. This rating is primarily due to the contouring and pressure relief that can be found with a memory foam bed. Those who suffer from chronic pain find tremendous comfort on memory foam and are able to get a good night’s sleep. Hybrid mattresses are also a great option as long as the foam and coils within are high-quality.

How do I know it's time for a new mattress?

There are a few telltale signs you can spot when it's time to replace your old mattress:

  • Sagging below 1 inch or more
  • Rips or tears in the foam or pillow top
  • Broken coils, burst coils, coils that don't spring back
  • Loss of support and responsiveness
  • Musty odor
  • You wake up in pain
  • You sleep better on another mattress
What is the best mattress for my sleep position?

Different sleep positions need different levels of support. The firmness that is right for you will depend on your sleep habits and body type. To help you determine the correct comfort level, we have included the standard mattress firmness scale below. This scale is ranked 1 to 10—with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

  • Soft Mattress (1 to 2 on the firmness scale): Suitable for lightweight sleepers (those weighing less than 130 pounds) and side sleepers. Lightweight sleepers sink less, so they need a softer mattress for adequate contouring.

  • Medium-Soft Mattress (3 to 4 on the firmness scale): Also suitable for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers. This firmness will cushion the hips and shoulders to prevent pain-causing pressure points, but will also prevent sinking, so the spine remains neutral.

  • Medium Mattress (5 on the firmness scale): Ideal for side sleepers, combination sleepers, and couples. This firmness offers both cushioning and support. If you change positions throughout the night, your spine will remain neutral. Couples with different firmness preferences find a medium mattress to be a good compromise.

  • Medium-Firm Mattress (6 to 7 on the firmness scale): A medium-firm bed works well for heavy sleepers (those over 230 pounds), back sleepers, and those with back pain. This firmness prevents excessive sinking for heavier sleepers, which can force the spine out of alignment.

  • Firm Mattress (8 to 10 on the firmness scale): Suitable for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and heavy sleepers. This comfort level will prevent the chest from sinking when stomach sleeping and will keep the hips lifted and in alignment with the shoulders when back sleeping.
Which mattress type is best?

Mattress types vary in terms of comfort level, responsiveness, and materials used. The following are the four most common mattress types.

  • Memory foam mattresses offer exceptional contouring and pressure relief for those with back pain. These mattresses have very little motion transfer, so they are ideal for couples. Since memory foam tends to trap heat, look for a bed with additional cooling properties, such as gel microbeads, copper infusions, and plant-based memory foam.
  • Latex foam mattresses contour to the body like memory foam, but these beds have a slight bounce due to the elasticity of the latex. Since this material has a firm feel, it doesn’t offer the same pressure relief as memory foam. However, heavy sleepers looking for a more responsive foam may find comfort on a latex foam mattress.
  • Hybrid mattresses offer both contouring and a slight bounce due to the spring coil base. These beds are ideal for heavy sleepers because they prevent excessive sinking. They are also great for couples because they have very little motion transfer. When shopping for a hybrid with a memory foam top layer, be sure to select one with cooling properties such as breathable plant-based foam or gel-infused foam.
  • Innerspring mattresses tend to be bouncier. Plus, they have good air circulation due to the space between the spring coils. However, these beds offer very little contouring and pressure relief. They also tend to be noisy and are prone to motion transfer.
What foundation should I use with my new mattress?

Most high-quality mattresses can be used on either a slatted, solid, or adjustable power base. If you have a memory foam mattress, make sure the slats are no more than 3 inches apart. If the bed is not supported correctly, it could cause permanent damage to the mattress and void your warranty.

Do mattress sales include sleep accessories?

During the Fourth of July sales week, many brands offer lower prices on mattress accessories, such as foundations, sheets, pillows, and duvet covers.

At Amerisleep, we offer a significant discount when purchasing one of our mattresses with an adjustable base (either a standard size or a split king size). These savings include up to $3,000 off the whole bundle and free shipping.

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