Win $500 and a Free Pillow at Amerisleep

Last Updated On July 17th, 2022
Win $500 and a Free Pillow at Amerisleep

A more comfortable pillow can instantly improve the quality of your sleep and help you wake up with fewer aches and pains. A broken down, out-of-shape pillow will leave your neck and head unsupported and force your spine to bow during sleep, leading to stiff, sore muscles.

If you are in the market for a new pillow, then your timing is perfect! Now is your chance to win one of the most luxurious, eco-friendly memory foam pillows on the market.

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From now until June 3rd, you can enter to win any Amerisleep pillow. The best news? In addition to a free pillow, winners will also receive a $500 mattress credit!

Five winners will be chosen at random to select one of Amerisleep’s three pillows—the Comfort Classic, Dual Comfort, or the Flex Pillow.

  • Comfort Classic: Made with our unique plant-based foam, Bio-Pur®, the Comfort Classic pillow is more responsive than traditional memory foam pillows and won’t lose its support over time. No matter what sleep position you prefer, this pillow will cradle the head and neck and promote a safe, neutral spine.
  • Dual Comfort: The Dual Comfort Pillow features a firm side and a soft side so sleepers can choose the comfort level best suited to their needs. With a ventilated cover and our Bio-Pur® plant-based memory foam, this pillow stays cool and inviting throughout the night. Available in a 5-inch low loft or a 6-inch mid loft option, the Dual Comfort Pillow is ideal for combination sleepers.
  • Flex Pillow: The Flex Pillow is filled with shredded MicroFlex cushions that mold to the exact shape of your head and neck for maximum comfort and support. This uniquely customizable pillow also has a lightweight, airy cover that prevents heat-trapping. The Flex Pillow is perfect for back sleepers and those with chronic back pain.

To enter the contest, shoppers can visit any one of our Amerisleep retail locations in Arizona and leave their name, email address, and phone number with one of our Sleep Ambassadors. There is no minimum purchase necessary and all adult shoppers over the age of 18 are eligible to win.

We have three retail stores in Glendale, Gilbert, and Tucson. Below, you’ll find the address and location information for each of our Arizona stores.

Stop into any one of these AZ locations to enter the contest and start getting a better night’s sleep!

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