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  • Comfort Classic Pillow

    Comfort Classic Pillow
  • Dual Comfort Pillow

    Dual Comfort Pillow
  • Flex Pillow

    Flex Pillow

Comfort Technology

  • Bio-Pur® material for breathable & responsive comfort
  • Bio-Pur® with both a firm and a soft side
  • Shredded MicroFlex cushions for adjustable comfort and neck support

Temperature Control

  • Cooling airways
  • Cooling airways
  • Cooling shredded foam

Ideal Sleep Style

  • Best for back sleepers. Also great for side sleepers who like extra cushion.
  • Best for side sleepers. Also great for back and combo sleepers that want two levels of support.
  • Adaptable to suit any sleep style. Especially great for combo sleepers.

Cover Fabric

  • Breathable cover for better ventilation and cooling
  • Breathable cover for better ventilation and cooling
  • Breathable cover for better ventilation and cooling


  • NEW!
  • NEW!

Certified Eco-Friendly by CertiPUR-US®

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Pillow Height (Loft)

  • 6” Loft
  • 5” Low Loft, 6” Mid Loft
  • 6” Flexible Loft (can be fluffed or folded to change shape)


  • Pillow made in the USA
  • Pillow made in the USA
  • Pillow made in the USA


  • 10-year full replacement
  • 10-year full replacement
  • 10-year full replacement


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the perfect pillow?

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes, and everybody has different preferences; but for the most part, you can find a comfortable pillow by considering your sleep style and shoulder breadth.

  • Stomach sleepers need thin pillows (1-3 inches thick), or no pillow at all.
  • Side sleepers need low- to high-loft pillows (3-6+ inches thick).
  • Back sleepers usually prefer low-loft pillows (3-5 inches thick).
  • Side sleepers with broader shoulders need thicker pillows to fill the gap between the head and the mattress.

It’s also worth noting, plus-size sleepers or sleepers with heavier heads will need more supportive pillows than more petite sleepers and children.

Which Amerisleep pillow is best for neck pain?

We use pressure- and pain-relieving memory foam in each of our pillows, so you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and relief from neck pain when you select an Amerisleep pillow thick enough to hold your head in a healthy position.

  • Our Comfort Classic Pillow is 6 inches thick, so it’s an excellent option for side sleepers and some back sleepers.
  • The Dual Comfort Pillow is available in two thickness options—5 or 6 inches—providing options for back and side sleepers.
  • We designed our Flex Pillow with adjustable MicroFlex cushions so you can fluff or flatten the pillow to accommodate any sleep style and body type.

Of course, our Sleep Coaches are available to provide pillow recommendations and help you choose the right model. Plus, the 100-night sleep trial gives you a chance to test your pillow and make sure it’s exactly what you need.

What is the most comfortable pillow filling?

This answer will vary depending on who you ask. Considering all of our pillows are made with memory foam, it’s safe to say we believe memory foam is the absolute best support fill for pillows. However, down pillow and buckwheat pillow brands probably have different opinions.

So why do we like memory foam?

For starters, it’s one of the most pressure-relieving mattress and bedding materials out there, only closely rivaled by latex. It contours to the shape of your head and neck to offer cushion and alleviate tension, easing headaches and neck pains alike. And although memory foam is cushioning, it’s responsive and supportive, too; and it’s a longer-lasting material than other support fills, like feathers.

Is Amerisleep’s memory foam long-lasting?

We use the same high-quality memory foam that goes in our mattresses to make our top-rated pillows, so you can expect each of our pillow models to last for years and years. But to give you greater peace of mind, we back each of our pillows with a 10-year warranty.

Are expensive pillows worth it?

We would say yes, expensive pillows are typically worth the extra cost as their price tags tend to reflect higher quality materials. Sure, there are certainly overpriced pillows to watch out for, as they’re usually marked up for features that don’t actually help you sleep better (i.e., gold threading and stylish pillow covers that you’ll end up covering with a pillowcase anyway); but for the most part, expensive pillows result in better-quality neck support and sleep.

When judging whether or not a pillow is worth the money, weigh the pillow’s materials and any extras you receive with your purchase with what you’re paying. Do you feel like you’re paying too much for something standard? Are there any features of the pillow you probably don’t need that are influencing the price? Does the price seem fair?

If the answer to that last question is a no, then the pillow you have in mind probably isn’t worth it.

Should pillows come with a warranty?

This depends on the quality of the pillow and how much you’re paying. If you’re grabbing something standard off an aisle cap in a department store and it costs $10 to $15, then it’s not really realistic to expect the pillow to come with a warranty.

On the other hand, if you’re spending $200+ on a pillow from a mattress brand and expecting a higher quality for the price, then it’s completely fair to hold out for a pillow with a good warranty.

Most higher-end pillows come with some warranty coverage—the average pillow warranty usually spans 2 to 5 years. However, some mattress brands, such as ourselves, will offer better coverage since we use top-tier memory foam and expect our pillows to last.

Do Amerisleep’s pillows come with a warranty?

Yes, they do! Every Amerisleep pillow is backed by a 10-year warranty. If your pillow develops any covered defects—including loose seams from faulty sewing and unusual softening of the pillow core—we will replace it for you free of charge.

What is the most comfortable Amerisleep pillow for side sleepers?

All of our pillows could work for side sleeping; so if you’re a side sleeper, choosing between our pillows will come down to three things:

  1. Shoulder breadth and width
  2. How often you change positions, or if you stay on your side all night
  3. Preference for pillow firmness
  • If you have broader shoulders and prefer a firmer pillow, our Dual Comfort Pillow is best for you because it has a thicker loft and a more supportive feel.
  • If you have broader shoulders and prefer a softer pillow, choose the Flex Pillow since it contains cushioning foam and can be molded to fit comfortably below wider shoulders.
  • If you toss and turn throughout the night, we suggest the Flex Pillow since it contains adaptable MicroFlex cushions so you can modify support, and it’s specially designed to accommodate all shoulder widths and sleep styles.
  • If you stay on your side all night, have an average build, and prefer something not too soft and not too firm, then our Comfort Classic Pillow is the way to go.
Are Amerisleep pillows machine-washable?

No, since we use memory foam in our pillows, they can’t be simply tossed in the washing machine; instead, it’s best to spot clean stains and deodorize the foam every so often with baking soda. Baking soda absorbs dirt and germs, and vacuums off the surface of the pillow easily. Plus, it leaves the pillow smelling fresh.

Although our pillows’ foam fills cannot be machine-washed, every Amerisleep pillow does have a zippable cover that can be removed and thrown in the washer. That way, the cover you come in contact with can be conveniently cleaned.

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