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Hybrid + Platform Bundle

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Hybrid + Platform Bundle

Risk-free, 100-night trial

20-year warranty

Free shipping & returns

Made in USA

Hybrid + Platform Bundle

Why you'll love it

Our three hybrid mattresses, ranging from medium-firm to soft, have everything sleepers need for better shut-eye, from pressure-relieving, cushioning foam layers to zoned, targeted coils for all-over support. Plus, it works perfectly with our sturdy platform bed.

  • Pressure-relieving, eco-friendly Bio-Pur® cushions the body
  • Responsive coils adapt with body movements to prevent back pains
  • Mattress pairs perfectly with the platform bed
  • Free, no contact shipping
  • 100-night, risk-free mattress sleep trial
  • Easy and free mattress returns
  • 20-year mattress warranty & 1-year platform bed coverage
  • Made in the USA
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Better sleep through better design

Sleep Cooler

Sleep Cooler

Comfort You Will Love

Comfort You Will Love

Tested to Last

Designed to Enhance Sleep

More Support, Deeper Sleep

Alleviates Pressure Points

Eco-Friendly Production

Eco-Friendly Production

The Same Great Technology and Design

All of our Amerisleep mattresses feature top-tier, sleep-enhancing technologies and materials, and every bed is designed to suit different sleepers and sleep needs. This way, customers can find the best mattress to promote better sleep.

Ultra-Soft, Comfortable Cover

Our soft and ultra-breathable covers help prevent overheating, so you can sleep your best each night.

Extra-Breathable Cooling Layer

Bio-Pur®’s open-cell design keeps you cooler than traditional foam. It also contours to your body to relieve pressure points and bounces back fast, so you won’t feel “stuck”.

Responsive & Adaptable Support System

Individually-wrapped pocketed coils move independently of one another to offer flexible support from head to toe and promote healthier sleep positions.

Durable Support for Decades

A sturdy foam layer sits at the very base of this mattress for extra support. Foam edging reinforces the bed’s sides too.

30% off Mattress and Foundation Bundle
100 Night Trial
Risk-free, 100-night trial
with free shipping & returns

Please note: Our Platform Bed is a final sale item and non-refundable.

Platform Bed Frame

Modern, stylish, and supportive. The Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame assembles in minutes with no tools and is a perfect fit for all mattresses. It’s everything you need to support your mattress and style your bedroom.

  • Durable, extra-wide slats made of solid hardwood
  • Even, sturdy support to work with any mattress type
  • Modern design and matches any bedroom


Mattress Specs
  • Bio-Pur®, our plant-based memory foam
  • Active Flex, our latex-like foam for extra bounce (Only available in the AS5 Hybrid)
  • Pocketed coils with edge support, made from eco-friendly upcycled steel
Platform Bed Specs
  • Extra-wide and sturdy hardwood rails and slats
  • Breathable polyester upholstery
  • Modern and stylish design

See why our customers love our mattress

  • All
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Responsive
  • Supportive

Frequently asked questions

Are Amerisleep’s hybrid mattresses too bouncy for sleepers who share a mattress?

While our hybrids are responsive and adaptable, they’re also excellent at isolating motion. Since each coil is individually wrapped, restless sleepers can toss and turn as much as they want without waking up to bounceback. This is especially important for couples since they can sleep soundly without worrying about disturbing their partner when getting in and out of bed or changing positions.

Do hybrid mattresses last longer than memory foam mattresses?

Hybrids and memory foam mattresses have pretty similar lifespans, but coils are known to break down just slightly faster than foam layers, so memory foam mattresses actually last longer than hybrids in most cases. However, we design both our Amerisleep memory foam and hybrid mattresses with durable coils and base foams so they can withstand wear and tear and provide comfortable sleep for decades. Plus, with our 20-year warranty, you can rest assured we have your back in case your mattress breaks down prematurely.

Are Amerisleep’s memory foam or hybrid mattresses better for hot sleepers?

Both our memory foam and hybrid mattresses are designed to sleep cool and resist heat retention, however, considering our hybrid mattresses have a coil system and our memory foam mattresses contain dense Bio-Core® base foam, it’s safe to say our hybrids allow for more airflow than our all-foam models. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper or struggle with recurring night sweats, you may prefer the extra chill factor hybrids bring to the table.

Do Amerisleep’s mattresses and platforms have a weight limit?

They do! Our Amerisleep Mattresses can hold up to 300 pounds on either side for Full, Queen and King sizes (600 lbs total). For smaller mattress sizes like twin and twin XL, the weight limit is 300 pounds. For the platform beds, the weight limit is up to 750 lbs including the mattress on top of it.

Are platform beds better than box springs?

Box springs were the go-to, standard mattress support for many years because they were designed to pair perfectly with innerspring mattresses—the coils inside box springs absorbed movement and provided extra bounce back to resist sagging.

Now, memory foam, hybrid, and even latex mattresses are more popular than traditional innerspring beds, and these mattress types don’t pair well with box springs. In fact, box springs can actually damage most modern mattresses since they don’t provide the steady, stable support foam layers need. Instead, we have slatted platform beds and other non-spring supports, like adjustable bases.

So, box springs are a viable choice if you’re using an innerspring mattress. But if you’re sleeping on any other bed, you’ll want a more solid bed base supporting you and your mattress, instead.

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