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Proudly Serving Houston, TX

Looking for a mattress store in Houston? Look no further than our Amerisleep showroom, located in the busy Baybrook Mall. Baybrook Mall houses more than 190 retailers and has everything you need for a full day of shopping and dining. With stores from Apple to Zara, you'll find something for everyone.

Outside of Baybrook, Houston offers plenty of sights and experiences. Take a close-up look at the U.S. Space Program at the Space Center Houston or Johnson Space Center, or explore Houston's history at the cities many historic battle sites. You can find fun for the whole family at the Houston Zoo, Downtown Aquarium, Kemah Boardwalk, and the Children's Museum of Houston. We recommend ending your day at the Buffalo Bayou Park, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Houston Skyline.

No matter your interest, Houston has something for you! Stop by and visit our showroom today!

What sets Amerisleep apart from other mattress stores in Houston, TX

We sell five mattresses at Amerisleep, each of which ranges in firmness and is recommended for different sleep styles. At our Baybrook Mall location, we display all five of our mattresses and provide calm, quiet nap rooms, allowing you to try our mattresses in a peaceful environment (you may just even drift off to sleep!).

When you enter our showroom, you're met with friendly employees equipped to answer questions, explain the differences between our beds, and help you find the most comfortable model for yourself. At Amerisleep, our goal is to help you find the best bed for your unique sleep needs.

All of our employees are Certified Sleep Science Coaches and specially trained to help provide you with a personalized mattress recommendation. We tailor our mattresses for different types of sleepers, so you can feel confident knowing you're getting a bed that's well-suited for your sleep needs. Plus, we offer a 100-night sleep trial with each of our beds, giving you the chance to try your new mattress in the comfort of your home.

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Our mattresses feature materials clinically proven and FDA-determined to imporve your sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Amerisleep mattresses made?

Amerisleep mattresses are made in California and shipped via FedEx directly to your doorstep.

How long do Amerisleep mattresses last?

Our beds are built to last at least 10 years, and we back each of our beds with a 20-year warranty to help you get comfortable sleep for two decades.

Does Amerisleep need a box spring?

We recommend against using box springs with our mattresses because box springs can damage foam beds. Instead, our mattresses are best-supported by solid or slatted mattress foundations. Slatted foundations must have slats no more than 3 inches apart for even, sturdy support.

Do Amerisleep mattresses sleep hot?

While traditional memory foam mattresses are known to retain heat, we build our beds with temperature regulation in mind. Each of our mattresses features proprietary Bio-Pur®, plant-based memory foam with an advanced open-cell structure. The advanced open-cell structure of these foams allows for better airflow and less heat retention. All in all, Bio-Pur® is five times more breathable than traditional memory foam and should keep you sleeping cool all night.

Is there a warranty on Amerisleep mattresses?

We back each of our mattresses with a 20-year warranty protecting you against manufacturing defects and sags greater than .75 inches. Please note that our warranty does not cover normal mattress wear and tear.

How much does an Amerisleep mattress cost?

We offer eight different mattresses, five memory foam beds and three hybrids; and our prices (for queen sizes) range from $999 to $2099.

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