Are you a ‘real life Goldilocks’? Test the latest range of mattresses and get $1,500

Last Updated On June 30th, 2023
Are you a ‘real life Goldilocks’? Test the latest range of mattresses and get $1,500

Calling all parents and guardians with smart and articulate children! We are searching for a ‘real life Goldilocks’ to try out a new range of mattresses, and hope to find someone who can tell us exactly which bed is too hard, too soft, and find the one that is ‘just right’.

Forget the three bears and bowls of porridge, we’re interested in just the beds. We’re looking for someone to play ‘Goldilocks’ part-time, who appreciates a good night’s sleep. With the help of their chosen parent or guardian, we need critical feedback to help us develop the ultimate children’s mattress.

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We are offering $1,500 for the family we deem ‘just right’ for the role. The successful candidate will be expected to try out a number of brand new, and in-development mattresses, as part of the production process for a new range of mattresses for children.

We are looking for a child who epitomises ‘Goldilocks’, and will be able to give critical and honest feedback on each mattress provided to them. We hope that by finding the ‘real life Goldilocks’, we’ll be able to develop a mattress that’s ‘just right’ for all children.

Parents or guardians interested in registering themselves and their child for the role can apply here:

Applications for the role close on June 30th.

Over the period of a month, the chosen ‘Goldilocks’ will be expected to fulfill around two dozen reviews, with the assistance from their chosen parent or guardian, across a number of different mattress prototypes currently in development. Once these reviews have been completed, they will also be required to give feedback on any live changes and revised versions of the mattresses.

Reviews can be completed at home or at Amerisleep’s research and development facility. However, to provide feedback on any live changes, the tester will need to travel to Amerisleep’s office in Scottsdale, AZ. Of course, all travel expenses will be covered by us!

For families fulfilling reviews at home, mattresses will be sent out by our couriers in three-day increments, and Amerisleep will also facilitate pick-ups of the used mattresses. Parents or guardians will be required to fill out detailed reviews based on feedback provided by ‘Goldilocks’, and will submit them to Amerisleep once each mattress has been removed.

We hope to have our new range released in early 2024, as part of our expansion into the children’s sleep market, and are looking to have ‘Goldilocks’ on board before the end of July.

April Mayer, of Amerisleep, said,

“Pretty much everyone’s heard the story of Goldilocks, and the idea of finding something that’s ‘just right’ is something that’s stuck with a lot of us. However, we know that when it comes to sleep, this can be a real problem, especially for children and young people. That’s why we wanted to launch this initiative and find the real life Goldilocks.”

“Our hope is that we can have the perfect candidate lined up before the end of July, so that we can begin getting the review and development process underway before Summer begins to dwindle. We can’t wait to sit down as a team and have a look through the applications!”

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