Dr. Joshua Tal, PhD

Dr. Joshua Tal, PhD, is a licensed psychologist with a private practice located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City, and in Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey. With a passion for helping individuals suffering from health and sleep problems, Dr. Tal is dedicated to guiding his clients towards optimal well-being and improved sleep quality. He firmly believes in the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and its ability to empower individuals to overcome their sleep-related challenges and reach their full potential. Dr. Tal's journey began during his time as a sleep technician in a sleep lab, where he witnessed many individuals experiencing insomnia. Frustratingly, despite negative results for sleep apnea, these individuals were often prescribed sleeping pills as a temporary solution. Recognizing the need for an alternative approach, Dr. Tal became an advocate for cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. Extensive research supports its efficacy, showing comparable short-term results to sleeping pills while maintaining long-term benefits. In his practice, Dr. Tal has successfully assisted individuals from various backgrounds, including determined professionals struggling with insufficient sleep and new parents experiencing restlessness, in achieving their sleep goals and realizing their aspirations. Additionally, Dr. Tal has identified a similar issue affecting individuals who have survived concussions or cardiac events. Although they may receive medical clearance, these individuals often feel they have not fully recovered. Dr. Tal specializes in working with athletes and motivated leaders, helping them regain the remaining 5% of their pre-injury capabilities. Through cutting-edge, research-based cognitive behavioral treatments, he supports his clients in shifting their focus away from anxiety and symptoms towards building confidence and conquering personal and professional challenges. Dr. Tal is licensed to practice psychology in the states of New York and New Jersey, and he is authorized for telehealth in Florida and numerous other states through PSYPACT. He holds a Master's of Science and a PhD from Palo Alto University and Stanford University School of Medicine, with a specialization in Neuroscience in Women's Mental Health. During his training, he completed practicum and internship programs at the Palo Alto and Philadelphia Veteran's Affairs Hospitals. Dr. Tal also possesses advanced certifications in Motivational Interviewing and Compassion Focused Therapy. In addition to his academic and professional achievements, Dr. Tal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and English from McGill University. Outside of his therapy practice, he enjoys spending quality time with his two children, Ella (8) and Judah (5), by riding bikes together. He also has a penchant for disassembling and reassembling mechanical watches, although success is not always guaranteed. In the kitchen, Dr. Tal explores culinary experimentation, including recent endeavors in making fermented and crunchy hot sauce. When it's time to unwind, he and his wife indulge in binge-watching dramedies on Netflix, often restarting episodes if his wife falls asleep during the middle. Lastly, Dr. Tal deeply appreciates the value of sleep and prioritizes its importance in his own life.

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