Antrell Cheatom, BS

Antrell Cheatom, BS

Antrell Cheatom is a medical student who specializes in pain and neurological research. He serves as chair of his medical school's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation student board and is a member of several professional organizations. Antrell completed his Bachelor of Science in Sociology at Middle Tennessee State University as a Pre-medicine student. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Medicine. Aside from academics, he has over a decade of experience in tutoring students from ~20 different countries.  As a future physician, he is a strong leader and advocate for patients with disabilities. Antrell is a passionate advocate for patients with disabilities and consistently demonstrates strong leadership qualities as a future physician. He has been recognized for his outstanding work in the field of neurology and cancer research and has contributed to initiatives aimed at promoting healthy workplace civility and mental health.

Articles reviewed by Antrell Cheatom, BS

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