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Bamboo Sheets Set

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Available in 2 sizes
Bamboo Sheets Set
Bamboo Sheets Set
Bamboo Sheets Set
Bamboo Sheets Set
Bamboo Sheets Set
Bamboo Sheets Set

Bamboo Sheets Set

Wake up feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed in Amerisleep’s New Bamboo Cloud Sheet Set. Made with moisture-absorbent bamboo from viscose and cotton, these sheets are buttery soft and ultra-breathable to keep you cool all night long.

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Ultra-soft feel

Breathable and

Non-toxic &

Sleep in the Clouds

Soft and Supple

Our Bamboo sheets offer a luxurious sleep experience. With a familiar softness that feels like home, the buttery layers add a sense of coziness. They maintain their gentle touch while still looking sleek, night after night, wash after wash.

Made from Sustainable Materials

As an eco-friendly brand, we try our hardest to use the best materials in our products. That’s why these sheets are made with Bamboo Viscose fibers that are naturally cooling and moisture absorbent so you stay comfortable all night. Natural Cotton is ultra-breathable and much stronger than other fabrics, meaning these sheets can last much longer than others on the market.

Bamboo Sheets Set Sizes

Available Sizes &
  • Twin XL 38” W x 80” L x 18” H
  • Full 54” W x 75” L x 18” H
  • Queen 60” W x 80” L x 18” H
  • King 76” W x 90” L x 18” H
  • California King 72” W x 84” L x 18” H


  • 240 thread count
  • 60% Viscose from Bamboo
  • 40% Natural Cotton

We are excited to offer shipping to our Canadian customers! Our mattresses and accessories are shipped via FedEx and typically take two to three weeks to arrive. Additional customs duties and taxes may apply.

Please note: All our products ship separately, so if you’ve ordered a foundation, base, sheets, or any other sleep accessories to go with your new mattress, they may arrive sooner or later than your Amerisleep mattress.

3-Year Warranty

We provide a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty with our Bamboo Sheets Set. This warranty covers manufacturer defects or any faults in the upholstery cover.

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Frequently asked questions

Do Amerisleep's bamboo sheets smell?

Commonly, sheets begin to smell because of mildew, particularly if they've been improperly stored in a damp area. However, the breathability of Amerisleep's bamboo sheets means that they will resist odors from sweat when in use. When the sheets aren’t on your bed, we suggest keeping them in a cool, dry place to best maintain their condition.

The bamboo fibers also have antibacterial and antifungal bio-agents that will keep smelly bacteria and mold spores from making themselves comfortable inside the sheets.

How often should you wash Amerisleep's bamboo sheets?

Any set of sheets that you use daily should be washed once a week, regardless of what material they are. We suggest washing your sheets with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle with cold to lukewarm water.

You should also wash your Amerisleep bamboo sheets before you use them the first time.

Can I put Amerisleep's bamboo sheets in the dryer?

Yes, Amerisleep bamboo sheets can be tumbled dried, though it's also possible to let them line dry. If you use a dryer, make sure you use a low to medium heat cycle. Once the cycle is complete, remove the sheets to prevent them from wrinkling.

What are the benefits of bamboo sheets?

The plush feel of the fabric is one reason why bamboo sheets are so popular, with the sheets providing the gentle touch that delicate skin requires. Bamboo fibers are also extremely breathable, staying cool even on warm summer nights.

Lastly, bamboo sheets are highly hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and fungal infections. So they remain in pristine condition without sleepers having to work hard to maintain them.

Are there any drawbacks to bamboo sheets?

The cost attached to high-quality bamboo sheets can keep some shoppers from trying them out. However, we still highly recommend bamboo sheets because the material is durable and lasts years and years, creating more value than what a cheaper material is likely to provide.

Bamboo sheets also have a reputation for comfort, with a lightweight, breathable drape that feels soft against the skin.

Are bamboo sheets good for hot sleeping?

Yes, bamboo sheets are some of the best cooling sheets for hot sleepers. The fibers wick away heat and sweat, and the weave enables plenty of airflow to carry off the heat and moisture droplets. The sheets themselves feel soft and lightweight, with a gentle touch that soothes sensitive skin.

What's the difference between moisture-wicking and moisture-absorbent?

Moisture-absorbing means that the fabric can absorb sweat and such without feeling wet to the touch, trapping the moisture in tiny gaps inside the fibers. Many natural fibers such as cotton are moisture-absorbent. The upside of moisture-absorbent fibers is that sweat doesn’t leave a stain the way it might on a polyester or nylon fabric.

Moisture-wicking fibers keep sweat and moisture on the surface, where it moves along the fabric’s weave, eventually reaching the outside where air can evaporate it. While this can be great in some fabrics, it’s less desirable in sheets, where the body can trap wicked moisture and keep it from evaporating.

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