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Amerisleep Bed Frame

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Available in 3 sizes
Amerisleep Bed Frame

Amerisleep Bed Frame

Why you'll love it

For many sleepers, their bedroom’s ideal look is “modern, yet classic.” This upholstered beige frame and headboard can slip into just about any room, with simple platform support for an updated feel.

  • Supportive slats maintain the mattress and promote airflow
  • Neutral beige covering slips easily into any bedroom style
  • Side rails keep the mattress from sliding
  • Free shipping directly to your home
  • Protection of a one-year warranty
  • Upholstered headboard for more comfortable lounging

Universal Design


Beautiful Upholstery


Easy Assembly

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

1 year warranty

1 Year Warranty


Available Sizes &
  • Full 53” W x 74” L Product Weight 145 lbs.
  • Queen 59" W x 79" L Product Weight 148 lbs.
  • King 75" W x 79" L Product Weight 148 lbs.
Materials &
  • Bed Base
    • Polyester upholstery
    • Espresso-finish wood legs
  • Frame and Legs
    • Solid wood frame
Free Shipping

We are excited to offer shipping to our Canadian customers! Our mattresses and accessories are shipped via FedEx and typically take two to three weeks to arrive. Additional customs duties and taxes may apply.

Please note: All our products ship separately, so if you’ve ordered a foundation, base, sheets, or any other sleep accessories to go with your new mattress, they may arrive sooner or later than your Amerisleep mattress.

1-Year Warranty

Our Amerisleep Bed Frame is backed by the protection of a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers defects in the frame’s construction and faults in the upholstery cover.

Beautiful, timeless design

No matter where you live or what style of decor you prefer, the Amerisleep bed frame looks right at home. Enjoy a neutral beige upholstery, a classic headboard, and beautiful espresso-finished wood legs.

Supportive slat pack system

The slats slip easily into the bed and are spaced to promote maximum airflow through the mattress. This increased ventilation keeps the bed feeling cool and dry, preventing any nasty things like mold spores from accumulating.

Bed frame slats
Bed frame assembly

Easy, fast, tool-free assembly

The bed frame is quick to put together, with everything you require included in the box. Everything arrives in one small, easy-to-carry package, making it a breeze to transport the box to your bedroom and set it up.

Quality materials, endless comfort

Designed with solid wood and premium upholstery, the Amerisleep bed frame is the perfect new addition to your bedroom.

Bed frame quality
Bed frame with adjustable bed

Perfect for adjustable beds

The dimensions of the Amerisleep bed frame are slightly oversized so that your mattress fits snugly inside. But it’s also designed to pair with any standard size adjustable bed.

Enjoy a Modern Upgrade

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a bed frame for my Amerisleep mattress?

While in a pinch you could forgo a bed frame and place your mattress on the floor, we do not recommend doing so long-term. Placing your mattress on the floor can expose it to dirt, dust mites, mold spores, and other allergens, pests or materials that can degrade your mattress.

However, a bed frame isn’t the only potential base shoppers can use. Many may find they prefer the customization an adjustable base offers.

Can I put a mattress directly on the bed frame?

Yes, you can set your mattress directly on top of our bed frame. The slats are spaced close enough to create consistent support and far enough apart to maximize airflow. As a reminder, slats should be no more than 2.75 inches apart.

Does the Amerisleep bed frame include a sleep trial?

No, the Amerisleep bed frame is nonrefundable since only our mattresses come with a sleep trial. However, all of our bedding accessories include free shipping and the bed frame is backed by the protection of a 1-year warranty. If you have any questions or concerns about this bed frame and want to confirm if it’s right for you, please reach out to us at

Do I have to pay shipping charges for the Amerisleep bed frame?

We are excited to offer shipping to our Canadian customers! Our mattresses and accessories are shipped via FedEx and typically take two to three weeks to arrive. Additional customs duties and taxes may apply.

Which is better, a bed frame or adjustable base?

For many sleepers, the benefits of an adjustable bed are too good to pass up. The freedom to raise the head and foot of the mattress can make it easier to live with several medical conditions, such as chronic acid reflux or sleep apnea.

However, for some sleepers a standard bed frame is perfectly comfortable and suits their needs well enough. A bed frame is also more affordable, putting it within reach of people living on limited budgets.

How much under-bed storage does the Amerisleep bed frame offer?

The Amerisleep Bed Frame features about 5.5 inches of under-bed clearance space. All that free space under the bed is the perfect way to discreetly keep a few storage boxes tucked away beneath the frame.

Is the headboard on the Amerisleep bed frame removable?

No, the headboard of the Amerisleep Bed Frame cannot be removed. It’s designed to replicate the classic look of a traditional bed frame while putting a modern twist on the concept. We also cover the headboard in upholstery for added comfort.

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