Why Is My Adjustable Bed Beeping?: Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated On April 10th, 2024
Why Is My Adjustable Bed Beeping?: Troubleshooting Tips

Key Takeaways

  • Troubleshooting Beeping Issues: If your adjustable bed is beeping persistently, it may not necessarily indicate a serious problem. It could be attempting to connect or sync with a device, such as a remote control or smartphone. Try checking for simple solutions like turning off alarms or performing a reset before seeking further assistance.
  • Choosing the Right Adjustable Bed: When selecting an adjustable bed, it’s crucial to read through the features and policies carefully. Customer reviews can provide insights not only into how well the bed functions but also how responsive the seller is to addressing issues. A reliable seller with good customer service can help you resolve any problems that may arise.
  • Benefits of Adjustable Beds: Adjustable beds offer enhanced comfort and can be beneficial for individuals with various medical conditions, including sleep apnea, acid reflux, back pain, restless legs syndrome, and edema. They provide flexibility in positioning to alleviate discomfort and improve overall sleep quality.

Adjustable beds are a popular way to upgrade your sleeping space, giving you the freedom to choose the most comfortable position for rest. Its mechanical nature makes it easy for a sleeper to fiddle around until they find the best sleeping position for their needs.

However, their mechanical nature can also cause problems that a traditional bed frame simply doesn’t have. One minor issue that can confuse sleepers is why their adjustable base might beep at them. If the sound is persistent, it may be impossible to relax and fall asleep, negating the whole point of an adjustable bed base.

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Before you panic about having to potentially replace a malfunctioning adjustable bed, there are a few simple troubleshooting tips you can try.

Reasons Why an Adjustable Bed Might Beep

There are a few reasons an adjustable bed might beep persistently. Some are minor, but others could be a sign of mechanical damage.

Attempting to Connect or Sync with a Device

If you hear beeping coming from the control box, it may be the adjustable bed trying to connect with the remote control or another device. For example, this may happen after a power outage, once the bed base boots back up.

Alternatively, an adjustable base might beep after you’ve successfully connected it to a smartphone or smart home technology. However, this should only be a singular beep and not a persisting series of sounds.

A Built-In Alarm Ringtone

Some adjustable beds have sleep trackers and alarm systems to wake their occupants up in the morning. You may be able to switch off the alarm with a button on the remote or through a voice command.

Connection or Damage Issue

A beeping sound may potentially be a sign of a more pressing mechanical issue. Take a look at the adjustable bed’s control box and see if everything is connected or if something has come unplugged. The base’s included instructions should include a number or email to contact for further troubleshooting.

If syncing your adjustable bed to a compatible device or turning off its alarm doesn’t fix the issue, you may want to try a reset. Typically, you reset an adjustable bed by unplugging it for a minute or so, then reconnect the power cord to an outlet and repeat the initial setup process. However, it’s smart to consult your adjustable bed’s instruction booklet about how to perform a hard reset.

If you experience beeping or any other issues with your adjustable bed after resetting it, we suggest reaching out to the brand’s customer service team. They can make inquiries with the manufacturer and can file a warranty claim on your behalf, if needed.

Choosing an Adjustable Bed

Quick Guide: A 30-Second Summary

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Because adjustable beds are high-ticket items that you usually can’t return, it’s important to choose the right one for you. You should thoroughly read through the bed base’s features and protective policies.

Reading customer reviews can give you an idea not only of how well the adjustable bed operates but also of how the seller handles customer complaints and issues like persistent beeping. Since it’s not impossible for a machine like an adjustable bed to experience mechanical failure, it’s important to choose a seller with a good service record that will help you problem solve any issue.

How to Set Up an Adjustable Bed

The exact setup can vary by adjustable bed model, but many modern models come pre-assembled and require only a few minutes to fully set them up. Typically, you would slip the adjustable bed inside the frame you plan to use. Then you would plug the base in and sync it with your remote control and any other compatible devices.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

For many sleepers, the entire reason they buy an adjustable bed and mattress combo is to achieve the ultimate bedroom comfort. An adjustable bed can make it easy to sit up during the day and lounge, while sleepers can elevate parts of their body at night for optimal comfort.

If you have a wall-hugger adjustable bed, the head of the mattress will move up against the wall instead of pulling forward. This design keeps the nightstand within reach.

An adjustable bed isn’t just a comfortable way to sleep, but it can make it easier to live with a chronic condition. Sleep apnea and acid reflux can be alleviated by raising your head and neck at night with an adjustable base. Back pain, restless legs syndrome, and edema symptoms can be relieved by lifting the foot of the mattress.

Couples can also enjoy the way that a split king adjustable bed and other split size models let them set up their side of the bed entirely to their choosing.

Read more about split king and standard king sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an adjustable bed without the remote?

It depends on the adjustable bed model, as many low-cost adjustable frames rely solely on a wireless remote control, and older models might even have a wired remote. However, many adjustable bed manufacturers are implementing WiFi connectivity to let sleepers use a smartphone app or voice commands instead of a traditional remote.

Going remote-free can make adjustments easier. A smartphone app may let you save more preset positions than what a remote control can offer. Voice control can make it simple to adjust the bed as you prepare for sleep.

Do adjustable bases ruin mattresses?

An adjustable base shouldn’t ruin a mattress as long as you choose a type of mattress that can flex with the frame’s moving panels. The best mattresses for adjustable beds are memory foam and latex mattresses, as all-foam mattresses can freely bend with the base without taking damage.

Traditional spring mattresses can lose their shape and comfort if used with an adjustable bed. Modern hybrid mattresses are usually an exception, as the pocketed coil base can be raised and lowered without any damage.

However, it’s a good idea to double-check a hybrid’s compatibility with an adjustable bed before you pair the two together. A mattress company’s customer service team should be able to tell you if a mattress can be safely used with an adjustable bed or not.

Why is my adjustable bed remote not working?

If your adjustable bed isn’t responding to your remote’s commands, we first suggest switching out the remote’s batteries with a fresh pair. The issue may simply be that the remote control doesn’t have sufficient power from a dying set of batteries. Alternatively, the issue may be that the adjustable bed’s power cord isn’t fully plugged in or that the wall outlet isn’t working properly.

However, if powering up the adjustable bed and remote control doesn’t work, the problem may be too many interfering signals from other electronic devices.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an adjustable bed?

What hooks many sleepers on adjustable beds is the way that the device can increase comfort. An adjustable bed can decrease pressure on the body with its elevated support. For people with a medical condition such as sleep apnea, acid reflux, restless legs syndrome, and edema, an adjustable bed can play a key part in relieving symptoms.

There are a couple of drawbacks to an adjustable bed, though. Many choose other bedding items to increase their comfort, like a wedge pillow, because an adjustable bed can be quite expensive.

There’s also the fact that an adjustable bed requires power to work, with many models simply returning to a flat position if there’s an outage. So not only is there a high initial cost for an adjustable bed, but you will have to factor in the continuing costs of an electricity bill.

Are adjustable beds good for pain?

Yes, adjustable beds can relieve pain and tension. The ‘zero-gravity position’ earned its nickname for the way it mimics a weightless feel as if a sleeper were floating in space. Raising parts of the body to a specific elevation can reduce tension in delicate areas, minimizing symptoms of back pain and other issues.

An adjustable bed can also make it easier to move out of bed if you tend to experience morning aches and stiffness. With the touch of a button or a spoken voice command, sleepers can raise the head of their mattress to an incline position. Then, it’s a simple matter to swing their legs over the side of the mattress.


A mysterious and persistent beeping from your adjustable bed isn’t necessarily a reason to worry and may have a simple solution. Connecting it to a second device, switching off an alarm, or even a hard reset may be enough to clear up the problem.

If the problem persists after basic troubleshooting, that is when it’s time to reach out to customer service and ask for assistance. Most brands list a customer service phone number to call or let customers speak with them via a web chat window.

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