What Is Sleep Tourism?

By Geoff McKinnen Certified Sleep Coach

Last Updated On July 6th, 2024
What Is Sleep Tourism?

Key Takeaways

  • Shift in Vacation Focus: Sleep tourism represents a shift from traditional vacation activities like sightseeing and shopping to prioritizing relaxation and quality sleep. Travelers choose destinations and accommodations that offer comfortable beds, quiet environments, and specialized sleep-enhancing amenities.
  • Health and Well-being Benefits: Poor sleep quality is a widespread issue due to busy schedules, stress, and noisy environments. Sleep tourism offers an opportunity to improve sleep habits and catch up on missed rest. By experiencing optimal sleep conditions during these trips, individuals can learn techniques to enhance sleep at home, promoting long-term health and well-being.
  • Accessible Relaxation Practices: While some aspects of sleep tourism involve luxury accommodations and specialized services like sleep hypnotherapy or sensory deprivation chambers, the core principles can be adapted closer to home. Creating the perfect sleep space in one’s bedroom with elements like essential oils, comfortable bedding, and relaxation routines can replicate the benefits without extensive travel.

People travel for many reasons – to see new places, try different foods, or have adventures. Now, a new trend called sleep tourism is gaining popularity. Sleep tourists focus on getting better rest during their trips.

The idea puts a good night’s rest at the center of vacation plans. Travelers look for quiet places with comfy beds and relaxing activities. They aim to return home feeling refreshed and recharged.

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Why do people choose to engage in sleep tourism? Well, many of us don’t get enough quality sleep at home. Busy schedules, noisy environments, and stress can make it hard to rest well.

A sleep-focused trip gives people a chance to catch up on missed sleep and learn healthy sleep habits.

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Why Sleep Tourism is Popular Today

Many Americans struggle to get enough quality sleep, which can harm their health and happiness. This growing problem has sparked a new trend in travel: sleep tourism.

Sleep tourism flips the traditional vacation script. Instead of busy sightseeing and shopping, travelers focus on rest and recovery. These trips offer unique sleep amenities you won’t find at home.

Imagine checking into a place with top-notch mattresses and every sleep aid you can think of. Some destinations even provide hypnotherapists or sensory deprivation chambers. If you can dream up a sleep-related service, chances are a business is working to offer it.

This trend isn’t just about luxury. Sleep is crucial for our well-being, yet good sleep is becoming harder to find in our daily lives. As the importance of quality rest becomes clearer, the sleep tourism industry is booming.

Sleep-focused vacations aim to help people catch up on missed rest and learn better sleep habits. By prioritizing sleep, these trips promise to leave travelers feeling refreshed and recharged.

As more people recognize the value of good sleep, this unique form of tourism is likely to keep growing.

​​Your Guide to Sleep Hotels

Wondering what makes sleep hotels special? Here’s a quick peek into the world of sleep tourism amenities:

In Your Room:

  • Smart beds with adjustable comfort
  • Customized pillows for perfect support
  • Blackout curtains and sleep masks
  • Aromatherapy diffusers
  • Smart lighting for optimal sleep cycles
  • Heated floors for cozy mornings

Relaxation Services:

  • In-room massage options
  • Sleep hypnotherapy sessions
  • Calming tea selection
  • Soothing color schemes

Wellness Facilities:

  • Spa treatments designed for better sleep
  • Saunas for pre-bedtime relaxation

Offerings vary between hotels. Some may have unique features like sensory deprivation tanks or sleep tracking technology.

When booking, check what’s included to ensure you get the sleep experience you’re dreaming of!

Bringing Sleep Tourism Home

Ever wonder how to recreate that perfect hotel sleep in your own bedroom? Our travel experts, who’ve experienced some of the world’s most luxurious sleep setups, have tips to help you sleep like you’re on vacation, even when you’re not.

Create Your Perfect Sleep Space

Bring the luxury of sleep tourism home by transforming your bedroom. Use essential oils in the bedroom like lavender in a diffuser or as a linen spray.

These small indulgences can make bedtime feel special every night.

Embrace New Surroundings

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy novel sleep experiences. Try sleeping in a different room, such as on the couch or guest mattress, or even camping in your backyard.

For a bigger change, stay at a friend’s place or book a local guesthouse. It’s all about creating that ‘away from home’ feeling.

Prioritize Rest

In our busy lives, we often neglect proper rest. Block out time for sleep, aim for an earlier bedtime once or twice a week, or incorporate short power naps when possible.

Make sleep a priority in your schedule.

Incorporate Wellness Practices

Sleep tourism often includes ready-made wellness activities that you can replicate at home:

Personalize Your Sleep Routine

During your travels, pay attention to what enhances your sleep. Whether it’s blackout shades, lavender oil, sleep masks, dim lighting, or specific pillows, identify what works for you.

Then, incorporate these elements into your home sleep environment for consistent, quality rest.


What exactly is sleep tourism?

Sleep tourism is a travel trend that focuses on getting better rest during vacations. Instead of busy sightseeing, travelers prioritize relaxation and quality sleep.

They choose destinations with comfortable beds, quiet environments, and sleep-enhancing amenities to improve their rest and learn healthy sleep habits.

Why has sleep tourism become popular?

Sleep tourism has gained popularity due to the widespread issue of poor sleep quality in everyday life. Many people struggle with busy schedules, noisy environments, and stress that affect their sleep.

Sleep-focused vacations offer a chance to catch up on missed rest and learn techniques for better sleep at home.

What amenities can I expect at a sleep hotel?

Sleep hotels offer a range of specialized amenities. These may include smart beds with adjustable comfort, custom pillows, blackout curtains, and aromatherapy diffusers.

Some hotels also provide services like in-room massages, sleep hypnotherapy sessions, and spa treatments designed for better sleep.

How can I bring the benefits of sleep tourism into my home?

You can recreate aspects of sleep tourism at home by creating the perfect sleep space in your bedroom. Use essential oils, invest in comfortable bedding, and incorporate relaxation practices like journaling before bed or stretches.

Pay attention to what enhances your sleep during travels and try to replicate those elements in your home environment.

Is sleep tourism only about luxury experiences?

While some sleep tourism options are luxurious, the trend isn’t solely about high-end experiences. The core focus is on improving sleep quality and learning better sleep habits.

You can apply sleep tourism principles at home or in more affordable accommodations by prioritizing rest and creating a sleep-friendly environment.

Can sleep tourism really help with long-term sleep issues?

Sleep tourism can be beneficial for long-term sleep improvement. These trips provide an opportunity to reset your sleep patterns and learn new relaxation techniques.

By experiencing optimal sleep conditions, you can identify what works best for you and implement these practices in your daily life for lasting benefits.

Do I need to travel far for sleep tourism?

Not necessarily. While some may choose to visit dedicated sleep resorts, you can practice sleep tourism closer to home.

Try sleeping in a different room in your house, camping in your backyard, or booking a room at a local hotel. The key is creating a novel sleep environment that helps you focus on rest and relaxation.


Sleep tourism is changing how we think about vacations. Instead of busy trips, people now focus on getting better rest. This new trend helps with the big problem of poor sleep that many face at home.

Sleep hotels offer special beds, quiet rooms, and relaxing services to help you sleep well. But you don’t have to travel far to enjoy better sleep.

You can bring sleep tourism ideas home by making your bedroom more relaxing and trying new sleep routines. Whether you visit a sleep hotel or change things at home, the goal is the same: to sleep better and feel more refreshed.

As more people see how important good sleep is, sleep tourism will keep growing and helping people rest better.

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