How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Last Updated On November 16th, 2023
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Key Takeaways

  • Why Folding Can Be Tricky: Folding a fitted sheet can be challenging due to its elastic edges and three-dimensional structure. Rolling it up might seem like a simpler option, but learning the proper folding technique can help you neatly store your sheet sets.
  • How to Fold: Start by laying the sheet on a flat surface, such as a table, with the elastic corners facing up. Pull each corner seam outward to create a square-like shape with the elastic edges forming a rough circle in the middle. Fold the sheet in half by grabbing the head corners and pulling them to meet the adjacent foot corners, tucking the elastic sides underneath the top portion. Fold the sheet width-wise, then lengthwise, then widthwise again.
  • Importance of Folding: The right folding technique can save storage space and ensure your sheets remain wrinkle-free when it’s time to use them again. Repeating the steps as needed can help you successfully fold a fitted sheet into a neat and manageable shape for storage.

Folding a fitted sheet can be a frustrating process. Sometimes the elastic edges get in the way, and you end up with a lumpy ball of fabric. Often, we find it easier and more time-saving to roll up a fitted sheet instead of attempting to fold it flat.

Unlike a flat sheet, a fitted sheet doesn’t have straight edges and four clean-cut corners that are easily foldable into a neat square shape (like a piece of paper). Instead, fitted sheets are more three dimensional and have a bag-like structure. It folding a fitted sheet is tricky if you don’t know the right method.

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In this article, we share how to properly fold a fitted sheet so you can neatly store your sheet sets when they’re not in use.

Lay the fitted sheet on a flat surface

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step 1

A flat surface, like a table, makes it easier to stretch out a fitted sheet and make neat folds. It might be harder to fold the material if you’re standing up and holding it. Make sure the elastic corners are facing up.

Slightly pull each corner seam outward

This creates a square-like shape. The elastic edges will form a rough circle on the top in the middle of the square.

Fold the sheet in half

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step 2

Grab the head corners and pull them to meet the adjacent foot corners. Essentially, you fold the fitted sheet in half. Then, tuck the elastic sides underneath the top portion of the fitted sheet.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step 3

Fold the sheet width-wise

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step 4

Take the right two corners and fold the fitted sheet across width-wise. Lightly press down on the material to allow trapped air to escape. This further flattens the sheet into neat folds.

Fold the sheet lengthwise

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step 5

Take the top two corners and pull down to fold the fitted sheet lengthwise. Again, gently press down to let air escape.

Fold the sheet width-wise again

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step 6

Grab the right two corners and pull across to fold the fitted sheet width-wise a second time.


How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step 7

You have successfully folded a fitted sheet!


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Hotels tend to use Egyptian cotton bed sheets with a 300-thread count. Egyptian cotton is one of the most sought after bedding materials because Egyptian cotton contains long-staple fibers stronger and softer than other types of cotton. Plus, cotton is naturally breathable, so you’re less likely to wake up feeling hot.

What kind of bed sheets feel crisp?

If you’re looking for a cool, crisp sheet set, choose one with a percale weave. Percale sheets feature tightly-woven, thinner threads to create a significantly crisp and lightweight fabric. This weave also allows for better airflow, making the percale weave perfect for all-season sheet sets.

Are bamboo sheets better than Egyptian cotton bed sheets?

Like Egyptian cotton, bamboo is a breathable fabric and is usually a top choice for those avoiding night sweats. Both bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets wick away moisture and feel cool to the touch. The difference between the two is that bamboo is more durable and wrinkle resistant.

What is the difference between percale and sateen?

The percale weave uses thinner fibers, creating a more lightweight sheet. Many sheets with a percale weave are described as feeling crisp or matte. A sateen weave uses thicker threads and has a glossy finish. If you’re looking for a silky-smooth material, you’ll want sheets with a sateen weave. Our percale and sateen guide examines these two weaves in depth.

What is the best thread count for sheets?

The best thread count for bed sheets, whether fitted sheets or flat sheets, is between 250 and 350. This thread count allows better airflow so that body heat can escape the bedding. Sheet sets with a thread count of less than 200 may feel scratchy to the touch and break down within a year of regular use.

Avoid thread counts higher than 600. Bedding manufacturers implement methods to boost the thread count, but they create a low-quality material for a higher price. If you want smooth, luxury sheets, it’s better to choose 300 to 400-thread count bed sheets with a sateen weave than a super-expensive 1200-thread count sheet set.


Googling “how to fold a fitted sheet” often brings an overwhelming amount of responses, and some of the methods out there can seem unnecessarily complicated and hard to remember. It’s easy to just fold your fitted sheet in a somewhat neat ball and save the mess for later, but that usually wastes storage space and leaves you with a wrinkly sheet when it comes time to remake the bed.

Folding a fitted sheet isn’t rocket science—follow our simple steps to make this seemingly impossible chore quick and effortless.

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