How Much Does a Mattress Weigh?

Last Updated On January 23rd, 2024
How Much Does a Mattress Weigh?

Key Takeaways

  • Weight Does Not Determine Quality: The weight of a mattress is not a direct indicator of its quality. Instead, the weight is influenced by factors such as mattress type, thickness, and size.
  • Different Mattress Types: Each mattress type has a different weight due to the materials used. For example, latex mattresses are generally the heaviest, while airbeds are the lightest. Memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses fall in between in terms of weight.
  • Size Matters: The size of a mattress significantly affects its weight. Larger mattresses like king and California king are heavier than smaller ones like twin or twin XL. Consider the weight of a mattress when choosing one, especially if you need to move it frequently.

Many potential customers believe that the more a mattress weighs, the higher the quality. However, weight is only a by-product of quality, not a determinate.

Mattress type, thickness, and size are significant factors that determine mattress weight. Heavier mattresses contain more materials and are more difficult to move. In our article, we go over each mattress type and size, outlining different features that could influence weight.

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Mattress Type

While each mattress type offers its own feel, they also have a different weight, depending on their materials. For instance, latex mattresses tend to be the heaviest of all mattress types.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a dense material, usually containing a low-density memory foam comfort layer and a higher density foam base. While not the heaviest mattress type, memory foam mattresses are heavier than innersprings.


Innerspring mattresses contain steel coils that act as a support base and a thin pillow top of foam or fiberfill. The open support structure makes the bed lighter and easier to move—weight depends on the coil count and coil gauge (coil thickness).


Latex foam shares similar conforming properties as memory foam—their density is also what determines their weight. Latex mattresses can be heavier than other mattress types, depending on layers and density.


Hybrid mattresses combine pressure-relieving memory foam with bouncy innerspring coils. Hybrids are one of the heaviest mattress types in the industry due to the number of materials and layers they contain.


Because airbeds rely on air for both comfort and support, they’re known as the lightest mattresses on the market. Airbeds are easy to transport and store; however, they’re also the least durable and meant as a temporary sleep solution.

Mattress Thickness

High-profile beds—between 12 inches to 14 inches tall—usually contain more materials or thicker layers, adding weight to the bed. Some sleepers may prefer a high-profile mattress, but keep in mind, more mattress thickness means the mattress is likely to weigh more.

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Mattress Size

Mattress sizes start off light and gradually gets heavier—king and California king mattresses are the heaviest, while twins are the lightest.


Twin size mattresses measure 38 inches by 75 inches—the smallest and lightest bed on the market. Twin mattresses are perfect for kids and single adults with limited living space. Twin beds are easy to move and set up; families with more than one child may benefit from investing in a bunk bed frame to utilize limited space.

Twin XL

Twin XL mattresses are about the same size as twin beds, but with 5 inches of extra length. Twin XL beds are great for taller people, over 6 feet tall, with more legroom to stretch out.


Full size mattresses measure 56 inches by 75 inches and are better suited for teenagers and single adults. Full size beds offer more room for sleepers and weigh about 50 to 60 pounds.


Queen size mattresses measure 60 inches by 80 inches and are most popular among single adults living on their own. Queen mattresses give plenty of space for single sleepers and are good options for couples with limited room space. Queen beds weigh between 120 to 160 pounds.


King size mattresses measure 76 inches by 80 inches and are the largest mattress size available. King mattresses are perfect for couples, offering 38 inches of personal space. King beds often weigh between 130 to 180 pounds.

California King

California king mattresses measure 72 inches by 84 inches—the same area as king mattresses, but longer and narrower. Cal king beds are perfect for taller couples, offering more legroom. Cal king beds similarly weigh between 130 to 180 pounds.


How much does an average mattress weigh?

The average mattress weighs between 50 to 150 pounds, depending on materials and size. Smaller sizes, like twin, twin XL, and full will weigh less, while queen, king, and California king beds will weigh more.

Does the weight of a mattress matter?

Some customers look at weight first when looking for a new mattress—determining mattress quality or transportation difficulty. While quality is important, potential shoppers should look at the materials themselves, like the ILD rating and density of foam or the coil count and gauge of innerspring coils.

Do mattresses have a weight limit?

Every mattress has a weight limit, no matter the mattress type. Weight limit refers to how much body weight a bed can support without the risk of sagging. Twin, twin XL, and full size mattresses can usually hold up to 400 pounds, whereas king and California king mattresses can support 400 pounds on each side of the bed, equaling 800 pounds in total.

The Average Mattress Size

When looking for a new mattress, whether an Eastern king bed or a smaller twin, consider weight. If you move frequently, a lighter bed might be a better option, making transportation easier. But if you’re planning on settling down in an area long-term, you may want to invest in a bigger mattress for optimal comfort.

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