Where to Find Honest Mattress Reviews

By Rosie Osmun
Last Updated On November 8th, 2019

Unbiased opinions can be invaluable when shopping for a major item like a mattress, but knowing where to find the best mattress reviews isn’t always easy. Enjoy $250 OFF any…

Where to Find Honest Mattress Reviews

Unbiased opinions can be invaluable when shopping for a major item like a mattress, but knowing where to find the best mattress reviews isn’t always easy.

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Many of us check reviews for items like apps and electronics before buying because we don’t want to be disappointed or waste our money. For a new mattress, reviews become even more important since it’s something you will be using often and spending a considerable amount of money on.

Think about it – if you sleep eight hours, you spend nearly 3,000 hours in bed each year and most people expect a mattress to last a long time, around 10 years. That’s 30,000 hours with your new mattress! So, a couple of hours checking out reviews is definitely a worthwhile investment in a new bed.

In this article, we’ll look at a few helpful sources for honest mattress reviews and explain what to check for when browsing them.

Best Sources for Honest Mattress Reviews

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One of the most intimidating aspects of reviews for many shoppers is determining whether or not reviews are legitimate – or misleading – sources of information. Not all mattress reviews are created equal, and it’s helpful to understand the differences.

Third-Party Consumer Websites

Third party websites and magazines that don’t have any direct affiliation to mattress sellers but operate to provide news and information to consumers can be a helpful resource. These sources often perform various tests and analyses designed to provide unbiased comparisons.

But, is important to check into potential biases and to read what types of testing or reviewing was performed to get the results.

Consumer Reports® maintains it’s independence from influence by limiting commercial advertising and operating as a non-profit. They are an established product testing magazine which tests several mattresses each year, releasing basic details to the public with additional ratings and testing information available for paying subscribers.

Sleep Like The Dead has gained popularity in the past few years as a source for aggregated mattress reviews. Editors look through forums and independent review sources for mattress information and display their data on several aspects of mattress satisfaction and performance. Writing is generally unbiased, but they do make money from mattresses bought through Amazon affiliate links.

Other publications like Good Housekeeping, O, The Oprah Magazine, and even local publications like NY Mag occasionally review and write on mattresses as well.

Review Websites

Several review aggregation websites invite people to leave reviews for mattresses and brands in a neutral, third-party environment. Some of the more popular ones for mattress reviews include ResellerRatings.com, Viewpoints.com, and GoodBed.com.

The key things to consider when looking at review websites are their policies and any potential sources of bias. Some websites may allow companies to hand-pick reviews for a fee, or otherwise influence ratings in exchange for fees or advertising dollars.

Most legitimate review websites will publicly describe their policies for both reviewers and companies, prevent retailers from arbitrarily removing reviews, and have systems in place to detect fake reviews schemes.


Bloggers are another helpful source of mattress reviews, especially if you are looking for an extended opinion. Unlike short reviews, blogs tend to offer detailed opinions on the buying process and on the mattress so you get more information. Many can also be reached via comments if you have questions, unlike traditional review websites.

For mattresses, blogs that focus on home decor, mothering or family topics, eco-friendly lifestyles, and other related subjects would be most likely to offer accurate and helpful mattress reviews.

Many popular bloggers do receive beds for free in order to conduct their review, however they must openly disclose whether a mattress was given or purchased (it’s the law). Professional bloggers also tend to make a concerted effort to offer honest reviews regardless of how beds were obtained in order to maintain the trust of their readers.

For example, EasyGreenMom and OhayoOkasan are a couple of independent bloggers who have reviewed Amerisleep mattresses.

When looking at blog reviews, look for disclosures/disclaimers, read their opinions, and check the comments. It could also be helpful to take a look at other posts on their website to get an idea of their style and any potential biases.

Brand/Retailer Websites

Another major source for mattress reviews is of course the brands and stores that sell mattresses. Many of their websites will allow customers to leave reviews on products to provide insight to other shoppers.

However, some stores may only share hand-picked testimonials, while others may have open and honest review systems.

One potential sign of honest reviews is the use of third-party verification, which means the brand’s reviews are matched to actual customers (via emails) and people leaving reviews are verified by a third-party entity. This prevents review spam and helps provide the most accurate and honest mattress reviews.

Websites that let readers sort mattress reviews and show collective pros and cons can also be helpful for learning about trends and finding relevant opinions.

Social Media

Social media has become a popular source of reviews and opinions for many. Facebook and Twitter are probably most useful in this regard.

You can search for the type of mattress or brand you are considering to see if any one has mentioned it, or you could post a question to your network asking if anyone has any good recommendations.

Visiting the Facebook and Twitter pages of brands and retailers can also be a good way to see reviews, get an idea of the company, ask questions and even find out about promotions.

Tips for Reading and Comparing Reviews

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Here are a few more helpful tips for sifting through mattress reviews and putting them to work for your search:

  • Look for Long-Term Owners – The longer a reviewer has owned their mattress, the more valuable their opinion is in terms of long-term comfort and durability. Look for reviewers that say they’ve been using the mattress for several months or longer.
  • Read the Good and the Bad – No one mattress will make 100% of people happy, but it’s important to understand what people like and what they dislike about a bed in order to see if would be right for your needs and preferences. Try to balance the pros and cons, and look for any consistent trends one way or the other.
  • Consider What’s Important to You – Think about your biggest concerns or must-haves in your next bed. Whether it’s back pain (medium-firmness mattresses are often recommended as the best beds for back pain), softness, overheating, or durability, try to look for reviewers that share your concerns and read about their experiences. This can help you zero in on the more useful reviews and save time.
  • Compare Trends and Averages – When comparing different beds, look at the average rating – is it significantly above or below average? What proportion of reviews mention excess sagging, overheating, back pain, durability issues or other issues of concern? Do the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones? It’s best to look at consistent trends and objective information since individuals can vary significantly on personal ideas of comfort and mattress firmness.
  • Look for Verified Reviews – On retail websites, reviews verified by a system like PowerReviews or BazaarVoice offer an additional layer of trust and highlight which reviewers are verified buyers and which are not. (Amerisleep reviews are verified by PowerReviews.)

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