Dr. Jennifer Miller, PT, DPT: Expert Physical Therapist and Pelvic Health Specialist

Dr. Jennifer Miller is a compassionate and skilled outpatient physical therapist with nine years of experience in the field. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Elon University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Minnesota State University-Mankato. Dr. Miller specializes in Neurological, Geriatric, and Vestibular Physical Therapy and serves as a primary care provider for patients with neurological conditions. As a dedicated professional, Dr. Miller has taken additional courses specifically in pelvic health physical therapy, allowing her to better serve her patients' needs. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Elon University and works as a Senior Clinician at the university's H.O.P.E Clinic, a pro-bono clinic she helped found while in graduate school. The H.O.P.E. Clinic serves the underinsured and uninsured population in their county, providing essential physical therapy services to those in need. Dr. Miller has collaborated with well-known institutions such as Cone Health hospital system, which is renowned for its excellent care. Her expertise in the field has led her to appear on local news discussing vertigo and its treatments, as well as teaching classes to her peers and the community on vertigo and multiple sclerosis. Throughout her career, Dr. Miller has been recognized for her outstanding achievements, including being awarded the Overall Outstanding Student at Elon University for starting the H.O.P.E Clinic. She has served as a clinical instructor to doctoral candidates, taught Foundations of Mobility at Elon University, and guided students interested in pelvic health physical therapy. Although Dr. Miller did not study abroad, she has traveled extensively and learned from international healthcare practices, such as France's standard of providing pelvic health physical therapy to women six weeks postpartum. She advocates for similar care for her patients in the United States. Committed to staying current with the latest developments and research in her field, Dr. Miller regularly attends continuing education courses and reads books authored by experts in her profession. Her holistic, inter-regional approach to problem-solving and critical thinking ensures that her patients receive comprehensive care tailored to their individual needs and goals. Dr. Miller is proficient in various technologies, tools, and software relevant to her profession, such as electronic medical record systems, MedBridge for continuing education and patient home exercises, body-weight support treadmills, biofeedback, and functional e-stim treatments. An active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) since 2011, Dr. Miller regularly participates in networking events and contributes to her professional community. Her philanthropic work at the H.O.P.E Clinic further demonstrates her commitment to her professional values and goals. As a mother and wife, Dr. Miller personally understands the challenges of infertility and uses her experiences to empathize with her patients. She enjoys spending her weekends outdoors with her family and dogs, hiking, paddleboarding, traveling, cooking, and reading. Her active lifestyle complements her professional identity and enhances her credibility as an expert physical therapist and pelvic health specialist.

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