Dr. Jordan Burns DC, MS

Dr. Jordan Burns DC, MS

Meet Dr. Burns, a devoted chiropractor with an extensive seven-year professional career dedicated to optimizing patient health. With an academic background in Kinesiology, Life Sciences, and Sports Science and Rehabilitation, Dr. Burns is committed to applying his multi-disciplinary knowledge to the realm of sleep wellness. He holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic and has tirelessly applied his insights to further the understanding of sleep, health, and well-being. Dr. Burns is a significant contributor to the body of knowledge in his field, with participation in multiple books. His works include "Chiropractic Spotlights: Conversations with America’s Leading Chiropractors," "11 Holistic Health Hacks," "Mind Medicine For Pain Relief Stress and Anxiety," and "Supercharge Your Sleep" exemplifying his commitment to spreading valuable insights on sleep, health and wellness. A patient-centric approach underscores Dr. Burns' commitment to his craft. His dedication is evident in his transformative care, illustrated by the story of a young patient regaining her ability to walk after a herniated disc diagnosis. In addition, his mentorship to numerous interns now pursuing chiropractic studies reflects his investment in fostering the next generation of health practitioners. Constantly pursuing further knowledge, Dr. Burns is a regular participant in conferences, seminars, and workshops related to his field. He has extended his reach by participating in numerous podcasts over the years, contributing to the wider discourse on health and wellness. Being proficient in a multitude of relevant technologies, such as Electronic Health Record systems and imaging technology, he skillfully blends traditional chiropractic care with modern methods. This includes leveraging telehealth services to reach his patients wherever they may be. An advocate for his professional community, Dr. Burns regularly attends networking events and engages in continuing education opportunities. His community outreach efforts extend to public presentations at health fairs, where he shares his passion for spinal health, ergonomics, and injury prevention. On a personal level, Dr. Burns is a passionate proponent of physical fitness, engaging in activities such as weightlifting and running. His interest in nutrition, mind-body practices, and continued education underscores his dedication to holistic health. Through active engagement in his community, he inspires others to improve their well-being, promoting health, education, and social welfare. In sum, Dr. Burns' pursuit of excellence in sleep, health, and wellness education, combined with his practical chiropractic expertise, positions him as a guiding authority in the field. He leads by example, continuously seeking knowledge, advocating for his patients, and inspiring others to achieve better sleep and, in turn, improved quality of life.

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