Best Upholstered Bed Frame

A bed is only as good as its frame. That statement might seem a little dramatic, but it’s absolutely true. If you buy an amazing mattress and a subpar bed…

Last Updated On November 13th, 2022
Best Upholstered Bed Frame

A bed is only as good as its frame. That statement might seem a little dramatic, but it’s absolutely true. If you buy an amazing mattress and a subpar bed frame, you’ll definitely ruin your sleep experience. But you might also ruin your expensive mattress as well.

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to find a fantastic bed frame. There are plenty of options that are both affordable and high-quality. Below, we’ll talk about one of the best upholstered beds on the market right now.

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Best Amerisleep Frames

Quick Guide: A 30-Second Summary

Best Upholstered Bed Frame Overall Amerisleep Upholstered Bed Frame
Best Platform Bed Frame Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame
Best Affordable Adjustable Bed Frame Amerisleep Adjustable Bed
Most Comfortable Adjustable Bed Frame Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+
Best Mattress for any Bed Frame Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep Bed Frame features a neutral fabric covering with a headboard for the perfect balance between traditional design and modern sensibilities.

Bed Frame Highlights
  • Bed flats offer support while enabling airflow
  • Neutral gray fabric with lovely espresso brown legs
  • Easy to put together without tools
Recommended For
  • Any type of mattress
  • Almost any kind of bedroom style
  • Hot sleepers

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of style, comfort, and functionality, the Amerisleep Upholstered Bed Frame might be for you. This frame is practical and stylish all at the same time. It’s a fantastic frame for any mattress.


The Amerisleep upholstered frame features a gray upholstered headboard and gray upholstered side rails. For the support system, the slat pack provides maximum non-slip support to your mattress while also promoting airflow. This allows the bed frame to support all the main types of mattresses:

The wooden slats are also easy to install. They slip easily into place without tools or effort on your part. In fact, all the pieces are designed to be put together in minutes without any skills or tools required. So even the most unhandy of sleepers can put this bed frame together in a snap.


The Amerisleep frame features solid wood for the rails, headboard, legs, and slats. So you don’t have to worry about issues with sturdiness or longevity. The solid-wood headboard and rails offer premium polyester upholstery.


The Amerisleep Upholstered Bed Frame is designed to be timeless and classic. Its espresso legs leave five and a half inches of underbed storage space. This gives the bed frame a practical storage function without sacrificing a sleek and modern look.

The mid-height upholstered headboard looks fantastic with a variety of mattress depths. And the neutral gray upholstery tone goes with just about any bedding color and style you can imagine. This is the perfect bed for any look you’re going for, from rustic to industrial to ultra-modern.


This platform bed frame is compatible with all mattress types, whether all-foam or spring. It also does not require any box springs or mattress foundation. You can lay your mattress directly on the slats. That’s both money-saving and convenient!

Quick Summary

  • The sleek gray upholstery goes with any look.
  • The supportive wooden slats are sturdy and easy to install.
  • The slat system offers lots of support and air circulation.
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Other Amerisleep Offerings

Amerisleep boasts several other offerings in addition to the Upholstered Bed Frame. That means if this bed frame doesn’t meet your needs, there are plenty of other choices in the Amerisleep selection.

The Amerisleep Platform Bed has an even simpler design than the upholstered bed frame, which also lowers the cost and makes it easy for budget shoppers to acquire it.

Bed Frame Highlights
  • Clean, simple look with wood and grey fabric
  • Oversized bed slats for added support
  • Lower profile pairs well with thicker mattresses
Recommended For
  • Budget shoppers seeking a frame
  • Shoppers seeking a twin or twin XL frame
  • Hot sleepers

Those looking for an even sleeker and more modern style than that offered by the Upholstered Bed Frame should check out the Platform Bed. This platform bed frame may also be the better choice for ultra-heavy mattresses because of its extra-wide slat system.

The slat pack in this platform bed frame is still solid wood, but the wooden slats are double-wide. This means most of the mattress will be resting on wood, leaving only a few small gaps for air circulation. This increases support but decreases airflow.

So it’s perfect for heavy mattresses but may not be so great for hot sleepers, although many find it stays cool enough when paired with the right mattress.

The platform bed has a low profile and charcoal gray upholstery. It also features no headboard or footboard. So it’s perfect for those who want their pillows and bedding to take center stage.

We should also note that while the Upholstered Bed Frame is only available in larger sizes, shoppers can choose a twin platform bed of this model. Excellent for anyone who wants to save space or parents seeking a frame for children.

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Our Amerisleep Adjustable Bed works well on its own, but you can also pair it with one of more traditional bed frames thanks to its zero-clearance design.

Adjustable Bed Highlights
  • Zero-clearance design pairs with bed frames
  • Whisper-quiet motors for easy adjustments
  • Remote with backlit buttons for night time use
Recommended For
  • Budget shoppers
  • People with a health condition
  • Couples seeking customizable comfort

If you need an adjustable bed frame but worry you can’t afford one, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed may be up your alley. This adjustable bed frame features sturdy support and a wide range of motion, all at a reasonable price.

It also has ultra-quiet motors so you can make adjustments without disturbing your partner’s sleep. The backlit wireless remote also allows you to change the angle of the bed without fighting cables or turning on the lights.

Another great thing about this adjustable bed base is that it works with any bed frame. The zero-clearance design lets you place the adjustable base in whatever bed frame you choose. So you don’t have to sacrifice your existing bed frame to get a great night’s sleep.

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The more luxurious Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ is excellent for sleepers who want an adjustable frame they can really play around with and enjoy.

Adjustable Bed Highlights
  • Massage feature for unwinding after long days
  • Smart home compatible for remote-free control
  • Numerous preset options for one-touch comfort
Recommended For
  • Shoppers who want to upgrade their bed
  • People with sleep apnea or acid reflux
  • Frequent snorers

Those who want a few extra features over what the original Amerisleep Adjustable Bed offers should upgrade their sleep with the Adjustable Bed+. This luxurious adjustable bed base offers tons of amazing features.

One of the best features is the full-body massage. The rolling wave massage boasts three intensity settings so you can get the perfect pressure to help you relax after a long day.

The Adjustable Bed+ also allows you to control it using your existing devices. It’s compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It also has its own mobile app in addition to the wireless remote. So you can control it in the way that’s right for you!

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The Amerisleep AS3 mattress is our most popular model for its balanced medium feel. We recommend it for most solo sleepers and couples.

Mattress Highlights
  • Eco-friendly memory foam top layer
  • Targeted support from Affinity foam transition
  • Mattress base foam boosts the bed's durability
Recommended For
  • Side, back, and combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Eco-conscious shoppers

Of course, you need an amazing mattress to go with your amazing bed frame. Good thing Amerisleep has those too! The AS3 is one of the most popular offerings in the Amerisleep lineup, and with good reason. It’s versatile, cooling, and adaptable.

On top, you’ll find the Refresh Cover. This highly breathable cover keeps cool air flowing around your body to circulate heat out. But it also does something else. The scientifically engineered fabric uses minerals to convert body heat into far infrared energy. Exposure to this energy may offer health benefits like increased blood circulation and better sleep.

Under the Refresh Cover lies another fantastic feature of this mattress: Bio-Pur® foam. This plant-based memory foam is more breathable and more responsive than traditional memory foam. That makes this one of the coolest and bounciest memory foam mattresses around!

Underneath the Bio-Pur® layer, you’ll find the HIVE® transition layer. This special, targeted foam offers customized support to each of the five zones of your body. That means you get the right balance of pressure relief and support to keep your spine aligned and your pressure points protected.

Finally, the Bio-Core® layer provides durable support. It works to keep your body on top of the sleeping surface. The support layer does more than fight sinkage. It also fights sagging and soft spots for a full two decades.

This memory foam mattress is compatible with all Amerisleep bed frames. It’s even tough and flexible enough to be used with our adjustable bases.

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How to Choose a Bed Frame

Choosing the best bed frame doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult. Just keep a few things in mind when you’re shopping, and you’ll be able to pick the best bed frame for you!

Bed Frame Types

There are a few basic types of bed frames you should be aware of when you’re shopping. Each of them has different requirements when it comes to bed bases and mattresses.

Traditional Bed Frame

Traditional bed frames are what you probably think of when you think of a bed frame. They have a headboard and sometimes a footboard with rails in between. Traditional bed frames come in a huge variety of styles and materials. So they can give you literally whatever look you want.

The one other thing traditional bed frames have in common is their bed base requirements. They are compatible with all mattress types, but traditional bed frames only have support rails and maybe one or two support slats. That means whatever mattress you put on your bed frame, you’ll need either a mattress foundation or box springs underneath.

Platform Bed

Platform beds are a frame with legs and rigid slats stretching across at regular intervals. These slats offer sturdy support and air circulation underneath your mattress. This means platform beds don’t need to be paired with a bed base.

Platform bed frames can come with or without headboards or footboards. They can also be made of solid wood, steel, or other metals. Some platform beds even have hidden legs that make them look like they’re floating in the air, hence the nickname ‘floating bed.’ As long as it’s a rigid, standalone bed frame, it’s a platform bed.

Adjustable Bed Frame

Adjustable bed frames can move up and down to give your head and feet different angles of elevation. This feature used to be limited almost exclusively to hospitals. But now adjustable beds are available to almost everyone.

They’re a bit more expensive than regular bed frames, but they’re worth it if you need the benefits of an adjustable bed.

Adjustable bases are fantastic for all kinds of ailments. They can help everything from poor circulation to back pain to sleep apnea. They’re also excellent choices for people who just want to improve the quality of their sleep.

Bed Frame Profile

The profile of your bed frame is probably not something you think about when trying to select the right product. But it’s worth considering for those who are older or have mobility issues and need to consider what the best bed height is.

It’s also important to note that it is possible to raise a bed frame with bed risers if you want a higher bed profile without buying a new frame. Some frames, particularly adjustable bases, may also have customizable heights.


Low-profile bed frames make the total height of your bed around 18 inches, give or take, when you add the frame and mattress. Typically, you have to lose the box spring/mattress foundation to get this height. So you normally get a low-profile bed from a platform frame.

Low-profile beds are harder to get in and out of because you have to go further up and down than you would with a standard-height bed. That might not bother you if you’re young and spry, but those with mobility issues should take that into consideration.


Standard-height beds are around 24 inches. That is usually considered the ideal height for the average human to get in and out of bed.

Of course, your personal ideal height can go up or down depending on how tall you are. Generally speaking, as long as you can place your feet on the floor and keep your legs close to horizontal when sitting at the edge of the bed, you’ve found your ideal bed height.


High-profile beds can be up to 36 inches tall. Most people like high-profile beds for their opulent and luxurious look. High-profile bed frames also offer tons of underbed storage for those who want it.

Like with low-profile beds, those with mobility issues should consider their special circumstances when looking at high-profile beds. These beds can be difficult to climb up or descend from for those with limited mobility.

Bed Frame Styles

There are tons of fun and beautiful bed frame styles for you to choose from, from the minimalist to the luxurious.


Canopy beds have four posts and an upper frame that lets you hang canvas, lace, or other materials over your bed. Canopy beds often come with an ornate headboard as well. So they offer a luxurious and fancy look.


Wrought iron and steel beds offer looks on the extreme end of the spectrum. Some of them can be vintage-looking or even actual antiques. They can also look extremely modern and industrial. It just depends on how they’re designed.


Rustic beds are often made of distressed or even unfinished wood. The wooden headboards are usually higher than average to add to the rural look. And the footboards often contain visible wood as well. These beds go great with quilts and other folksy styles.


Storage beds are a great practical solution for small spaces. They can come with drawers or shelving in the headboard or underneath. They may also have attached benches with storage. Storage bed frames may be upholstered or not. They come in styles to fit any bedroom.


Upholstered beds offer one of the most classic looks. They might have an upholstered headboard with buttons or patterns for added interest. Upholstery can be made of polyester, cotton, velvet, or even leather. It all depends on what you want.

Standard Bed Frame Sizes

Your bed frame size will typically match the size of your mattress. A bed frame may be one or two inches larger than the mattress, although it may be as large as five inches depending on the style of the frame.

However, bed frame dimensions should be close to those of the standard mattress size run.


Twin sizes mattresses are 38 by 75 inches, meaning their bed frames and box spring sets will be about the same size. Twin mattresses are perfect for compact spaces like studio apartments and college dorm rooms.

Twin XL

Twin XL size mattresses will be around 38 by 80 inches when you include the frame and box spring. These beds are still perfect for smaller spaces. But they offer more legroom to taller sleepers who might have their feet dangling with a regular twin.


Full size beds are 54 by 75 inches. These beds are often touted as the smallest bed size that can accommodate couples, but that isn’t the case. The width of these beds is not great enough to sleep two people comfortably. That means full beds are better for single adult sleepers, while couples will be better off on a queen size bed.


Queen size mattresses are the first bed size that is comfortable for most couples. At 60 by 80 inches, the queen size bed gives each partner 30 inches of sleeping space while still fitting into smaller rooms like guest rooms and master bedrooms in older houses. Queen beds are also more affordable than kings or California kings, which is why they’re the most popular bed size.


King size mattresses are designed with couples in mind. At 76 by 80 inches, the king bed offers the same sleeping space to each partner as they would get sleeping in a twin XL. That means couples who like to spread out or toss and turn may be better off in a king size bed.

California King

California king beds take four inches off the width of a standard king and add it to the length, making them 72 by 84 inches. These beds were originally designed for the large bedrooms common in Southern California mansions. But they also make perfect beds for extra-tall sleepers for whom even 80-inch beds are not sufficient.

Other Bed Bases to Know

Aside from bed frames, there are a couple of bed foundations you need to know about while you’re building your bed—especially since you might need to pair one of them with your bed frame.

Mattress Foundation

Mattress foundations are just like platform beds. They are metal or wooden frames with slats stretched across at intervals. The only difference is mattress foundations don’t have legs. So they’re not made to stand alone. Some foundations have detachable legs that allow them to convert into platform beds.

A foundation is like a box spring in the sense that it pairs with a traditional bed frame to support your mattress. Mattress foundations are compatible with all mattress types because they offer sturdy support that can take a lot of weight. From innerspring to latex to hybrids, whatever mattress you have, a foundation will work.

Box Spring

A box spring is a steel or wooden frame with a network of springs inside it. Box spring sets were originally designed to go inside traditional bed frames and support innerspring mattresses. Incidentally, that is the only mattress type that is compatible with a box spring, and as innerspring mattresses have grown less popular, many shoppers have found they do not need a box spring.

Innerspring mattresses are lightweight, whereas all-foam and hybrid mattresses are heavy. These heavier mattresses will overcompress a box spring set and break it. The lack of support may also wreck your heavier mattress. That’s why if you have any other kind of mattress than an innerspring bed, you’ll need a mattress foundation or another box spring alternative for your bed frame.

The Floor

Many people think the floor is a good place for a mattress because it offers the sturdiest support at all. And as a temporary place to put a new mattress until you find the right base, it’s okay. However, there are a lot of problems with sleeping on the floor permanently besides support. The biggest problem is the lack of airflow underneath your mattress.

Foundations and box spring sets offer lots of circulation that prevents moisture buildup. The floor does not. That means your mattress can develop moisture problems. And moisture problems can cause all kinds of issues like bacterial blooms and mold growth. This, in turn, can lead to odors and an unhealthy sleep environment.

If you absolutely must put your mattress on the floor instead of a box spring or foundation, we recommend at least using a bunkie board or tatami mat. These items will at least keep your mattress from directly contacting the floor. This can help fight pest infestations by keeping your mattress off the flooring itself.

You can also regularly let your mattress ‘air out’ by propping it against the wall, making it easier for air to flow through and wick away moisture.


What’s the difference between a platform and a traditional bed frame?

The main difference between a platform bed and a traditional bed frame is slats. Traditional bed frames don’t often have slats. If they do, there are probably only two or three spaced too far apart to support a mattress. That’s because traditional bed frames have to be paired with a box spring or a mattress foundation.

Platform beds, meanwhile, have slats spaced between one and five inches apart. For sufficient support, slats should be placed no more than three inches apart. These slats allow you to lay your mattress directly on the platform itself. There’s no need for a box spring set or mattress foundation.

Both platform beds and traditional frames come in a range of styles. You can have canopies, upholstered headboards, storage, and anything else you want with either. The main reasons to choose a platform are convenience and affordability, as not having to use a box spring means you don’t have to pay for it or drag it around when you move.

Do I need an adjustable bed frame?

Maybe. Adjustable bed frames can help you with all kinds of sleep-related problems. They’re especially fantastic for snoring and sleep apnea. Sleeping with your head elevated allows you to use gravity to help you keep your throat tissues in place while you sleep. This helps reduce blockage in your airways to quiet snoring and improve apnea symptoms.

Adjustable beds also help with all kinds of pain. The zero-gravity position is especially good for this issue. It takes the pressure off of joints to reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. It also puts the spine in a less stressful position to relieve tension and pain in the lower back and neck.

There are lots of other issues adjustable beds can improve. Sleeping with the legs elevated over the chest can help push blood back to the heart and increase circulation. This can also help edema patients reduce symptoms. And sleeping with the head elevated over the stomach can reduce or even eliminate nocturnal acid reflux.

Is metal or wood a better material for a bed frame?

This debate has been heated and ongoing for as long as there have been bed frames. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. Solid wood is the sturdier and more robust material. Wooden bed frames can handle more weight and are less likely to move underneath you. In contrast,Whereas steel or iron frames can sometimes feel rickety.

However, wood is heavy and harder to move. Generally, metal frames are easier to take apart and move from place to place (unless they’re a particularly heavy metal like wrought iron). Wood also is more vulnerable to big swings in temperature or humidity. That means wooden bed frames may not last as long as well-maintained metal ones.

Metal is more resilient than wood because it can handle temperature and humidity changes. Metal also doesn’t rot, while all wood eventually will. As long as you take care to prevent rust, metal bed frames will endure long enough to be passed from generation to generation.

Can I just lay my mattress on the floor?

Laying your mattress on the floor is usually not recommended. The floor is a sturdy and even surface for your mattress to rest on, but its drawbacks outweigh those advantages. Possibly the biggest problem with the floor is it eliminates circulation underneath your mattress. This leads to one of your mattress’s biggest enemies: moisture buildup.

Moisture in your mattress can provide a growth medium for mold and bacteria. Mold and bacteria create an unhealthy sleep environment that can cause skin issues and allergy flare-ups. Microbes also lead to foul odors in your mattress that may never come out of it.

Laying your mattress on the floor also exposes it to more risk of pests because it makes it easier for them to crawl up from the floor. This is especially true if you lay your mattress directly on carpet or other flooring. For all these reasons, we recommend a low-profile bed over placing your mattress on the floor.

Should I get a low-profile bed?

That depends. Low-profile beds can offer a sleek, modern style that goes well in an industrial-style or minimalist bedroom. These beds may also be your ideal height if you’re on the shorter side.

Most of the time, there’s no reason to avoid low-profile beds if they offer the look you want. The one exception to this rule is if you have mobility issues.

Those who have arthritis, injuries, or age-related mobility limitations should think twice before getting a low-profile bed (or a high-profile one at that). These beds can be harder to get into and out of than a standard-height bed. For the able-bodied, that’s likely no problem. But it might be if you don’t fit that description.

Bottom Line

Selecting a bed frame can be even more fun than picking a mattress because you’re focusing on style as much as function. Upholstered beds offer a classic style that goes with everything. Platform beds provide a low profile that’s modern and minimalist. Adjustable beds can help with all kinds of health problems.

No matter which you choose, just keep a few factors in mind, like your mattress’s weight, whether you’ll need a box spring, and your ideal mattress height.

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