Bed Frame Sizes and Dimensions Guide

By Geoff McKinnen Certified Sleep Coach

Last Updated On March 28th, 2024
Bed Frame Sizes and Dimensions Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Necessity of Bed Frames: Bed frames are essential for supporting your mattress and providing elevation, preventing issues such as dirt and dust accumulation underneath your mattress.
  • Match the Frame to Your Mattress: Choose the right bed frame size that matches your mattress size to ensure a proper fit and to avoid complications like an oversized frame.
  • Available Frame Styles: Bed frames come in various styles, from basic platform frames to more intricate designs like sleigh beds and four-poster beds, allowing you to choose the one that complements your bedroom decor.

Bed frames are panels made from wood or metal to support your mattress and keep it in place. They also boost your mattress off of the ground, which is littered with germs capable of ruining your mattress, and they make it easier to get in and out of bed.

The most basic bed frames only have the railing to hold your mattress and foundation, but others include a headboard, footboard, and even slats to support your mattress without an additional foundation.

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Bed frame dimensions roughly correspond with the bed size they pair with: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. If anything, the frames might be 2 to 5 inches bigger than the mattresses, though the exact size difference varies on the style and manufacturer.

Knowing bed frame sizes is helpful when deciding whether it will fit in your home and ensures your frame isn’t too big for your mattress. Let’s run through the standard sizes for bed frames and take a look at some different frame styles.

Bed Frame Sizes Overview

 Mattress Size (in)Bed Frame Dimensions (in)Minimum Room Size (ft)
Twin38 x 7440-43 x 77-807 x 10
Twin XL38 x 8040-43 x 82-857 x 10.5 
Full/Double54 x 7556-59 x 77-809.5 x 10.5
Queen60 x 8062-65 x 82-8510 x 10
King76 x 8078-81 x 82-8512 x 12
California King72 x 8474-77 x 86-8912 x 12

Twin Bed Frame

Twin (single) bed frames are roughly 40-43 by 77-80 inches and fit a twin mattress. A frame of this size is a good option for a toddler transitioning into their first big kid bed, older children and teens, and adults with limited living space.

Your bedroom should be at least 7 by 10 feet to accommodate a twin size mattress and leave extra space for walking around, a play area, and any other furniture. Some twin bed frames are bunk beds, so you can sleep two people while taking up minimal space.

Twin XL Bed Frame

Twin XL mattresses and bed frames are the same width as twin bed frames, however, they’re about 5 inches longer. The extra length better accommodates people of different sizes and ages, and as a result, twin XL bed frames are common for college dorms, studio apartments, and children’s bedrooms. Like twin bed frames, twin XL bed frames come in a bunk bed variation.

Since twin XL and twin bed frames are quite similar in size, your room should be at least 7 by 10.5 feet to fit a twin XL frame, just like a twin frame.

Full/Double Bed Frame

Full bed frames are the same length as a twin bed frame, but they’re 16 inches wider so sleepers aren’t so cramped. Full mattresses are an excellent option for any single sleeper who wants space to stretch out or move around in bed more, but they are too small for taller sleepers and couples.

A full size mattress and bed frame is a good choice for young adults who are getting their first bed and live in small homes or studio bedroom apartments.

Full beds don’t take up much space—your room only needs to be at least 9.5 by 10.5 feet to accommodate this frame.

Queen Bed Frame

Queen beds and bed frames are the most popular mattress size for single adults. The beds are wide, but long, measuring 62-65 by 82-85 inches, so it’s a good fit for the average adult.

Some couples also enjoy a queen mattress to sleep on. While queen bed frames aren’t quite as long as a king or California king bed frame, each person still gets a reasonable amount of room to themselves. However, very tall or plus-sized couples may find queen bed frames a bit tight.

A queen size bed frame works well for guest rooms since the bed can fit multiple people.

In order to accommodate the queen bed frame’s size in your home, your room should be at least 10 feet wide by 10 feet long.

King Bed Frame

King bed frames are popular among couples because they’re the largest bed frame size, so both people have lots of personal space. King size mattresses also suit parents who co-sleep with their child on occasion.

Since a king size bed frame is rather big, it’s limited to only large master bedrooms no smaller than 12 by 12 feet.

California King Bed Frame

California king bed frames are a longer and narrower version of your standard king bed frame, but they aren’t larger. The extra length on California king bed frames is excellent for very tall adults who need more leg room. The California king mattress still works for couples since both people get enough space for themselves.

Ideally, your room should be no smaller than 12 by 12 feet to fit a California king bed frame.

Types of Bed Frames

Once you’ve decided what bed frame size you need, take a look at the different bed frame styles you can choose from, ranging from very simplistic to highly intricate and luxurious frames.

Panel Bed

Panel bed frames are a very basic bed frame made up of two side panels, a headboard, and a footboard. A panel bed frame carries both your mattress and its foundation.

Panel bed frames usually have several wooden slats to hold your bed higher, but there are not enough slats to support a mattress without the foundation.

Platform Bed

Platform bed frames are a sturdy base made to support your mattress without an additional foundation. Platform bed frames have wooden slats to support your mattress, typically spaced 2 to 2.75 inches apart to evenly distribute your mattress’s weight and prevent sagging.

This style of a bed frame is usually quite minimalistic and simple to suit any bedroom style. The basic platform is just the base, but others include a headboard and footboard that more closely mimic a traditional frame. See our platform bed vs panel bed guide for more information.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are two beds stacked one on top of the other and are great when you’re trying to maximize your living space. The most common bunk bed style is two twin beds stacked together, but you can also find three-tier bunk beds and bunk bed mattresses for twin XL and even full size beds.

You can commonly find bunk beds in dorm rooms, hostels, and vacation homes. They also make a fun and functional piece of furniture for your children who share a bedroom. Mattress thickness is an essential consideration, particularly for the top bunk.

Loft Bed

A variation of the bunk bed is the loft bed. It has a top bunk bed, but in the place of the bottom bunk, there is an open space for other furniture, such as a desk, dresser, or couch. Having a loft bed is great for single sleepers, especially those who are trying to maximize their living space.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh bed frames are luxurious, large bed frames generally made from solid wood. They have a curved headboard and footboard similar to a sled, thus the title “sleigh bed.” Some sleigh beds have very intricate designs, while others are more simple. Still, all sleigh beds tend to be a focal point for a master bedroom.

Four Poster Bed

Four-poster bed frames are similar to panel bed frames because they consist of two side panels and a headboard and footboard. However, four-poster beds feature tall columns at every corner of the bed.

Traditional four-poster beds had a rectangular panel connecting the column so users could drape curtains around the bed. This granted the nobility privacy from their servants and also kept them warm while sleeping.

Modern four-poster beds don’t always have the panel on top nor the curtains, but you can add them for decoration if you please.

Adjustable Bed

Adjustable bed frames are motorized beds you can adjust the angle of to help you sleep better. They’re not only very comfortable and supportive, but they can help relieve health conditions Verified Source National Library of Medicine (NIH) World’s largest medical library, making biomedical data and information more accessible. View source such as sleep apnea, acid reflux, and back pain.

Many adjustable beds come with luxurious add-ons, including built-in massagers, USB charging ports, LED under-bed lighting, programmable presets, and zero-gravity presets. Adjustable beds also typically have attachable legs so you can pair them with your existing bed frame or use them on their own.

Although adjustable bed frames can be great, they are generally quite heavy and expensive.

Storage Bed

Storage bed frames feature side cabinets or drawers on the railing. The drawers are big enough to store pillows, blankets, clothing, or any other belongings you need tucked away. A storage bed frame is particularly useful if you have limited living space.

Bed Frame Sizes and Dimensions Guide

Some storage beds have a trundle, one large drawer for a mattress. A trundle bed is a thin mattress you roll out from under your primary mattress when needed. It’s a great alternative if you need to fit multiple people in a small space.

Bed Frame Materials

When you’ve decided what type of bed frame you prefer, look into the materials for your bed frame. The most common bed frame materials are wood and metal, two sturdy, supportive, and long-lasting materials.


The most common material for bed frames is wood. Wood frames come in both classic and modern designs and still provide a solid support for you, your mattress, and your mattress foundation. 100-percent wood frames can get quite heavy, however.

Some wood frames contain particleboard, recycled pieces of wood glued together to form one solid panel. The wood is then wrapped in vinyl to appear and feel more like wood. While particle board is not as durable as wood, it can still be a good option for frames because it’s lightweight and affordable.


Metal bed frames are another popular choice because they’re both durable and supportive. They’re also quite versatile since the frames are minimalistic, but you can paint your metal frame to be whatever color you prefer. Over time, however, metal slats can bend out of shape and become less sturdy compared to wooden slats.

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Do I really need a bed frame?

Now, you don’t need a decorative bed frame if you don’t want it, but we recommend using a mattress foundation or basic platform frame at the very least so your bed isn’t on the floor.

When on the ground, your mattress is vulnerable to dust, water damage, bugs, rats, and any other bacteria on the floor. The floor also has a cold draft and can trigger your allergies. Verified Source Medline Plus Online resource offered by the National Library of Medicine and part of the National Institutes of Health. View source

For some mattress companies, using your mattress directly on the floor voids its warranty because it’s at high-risk for damage.

What is the standard bed frame height?

Most bed frames are between 8 to 18 inches tall and some frames even have removable legs to add or remove height as you please. When combined with the height of your mattress, your total bed height can be between 16 to 30 inches tall.

Ideally, your bed should be just tall enough so when you’re sitting at the edge of it, your feet are flat on the floor. This is for ease of use, particularly for individuals with limited mobility and the elderly.

Does a bed frame have to be against the wall?

Technically, no. There’s no reason to place a bed frame against the wall beyond it being the most practical layout for your bedroom. If you want, you could put your bed frame in the center of your room, but this only takes away from the usable area in your bedroom.

What do you do if your bed frame is bigger than your mattress?

Choosing the right bed frame shouldn’t be difficult since they correspond with mattress sizes, but sometimes it may be several inches too large due to the manufacturer. In this case, using foam gap fillers between your mattress and the bed frame will stop your mattress from shifting around.

If you have a tighter budget, try using an old (but clean), rolled-up towel or t-shirt in the place of gap fillers. This won’t be as long-term of a solution because you’ll occasionally have to adjust the rolled-up fabric, but it still works in a pinch.

How do you keep a box spring or foundation from slipping off the frame?

If your mattress’s box spring or foundation doesn’t have gripping materials to hold it in place, we recommend using a thin, non-slip rubber pad between the foundation and the frame. You can also use dual-sided rug tape or attach Velcro strips to both the frame and the foundation to keep them together.


When deciding what bed frame is the best option for your home, the most important consideration is available space. There should be 2 feet of space between your bed frame and the walls so you aren’t cramped and can walk around.

Bed frames are both functional and the focal point of a room. They lift your bedroom off of the dirty floor, support your mattress and bed foundation, and make it easier to get in and out of bed.

With the many different styles of bed frames—panel, platform, sleigh, and more—you can choose any to complete the look of your bedroom.

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