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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Amerisleep AS3 so popular?

The AS3 model has a balanced feel suitable for the majority of sleepers. Side, back, and combination sleepers can all rest well and wake up feeling refreshed. This is why our AS3 mattress is our most popular model and why we recommend it for couples interested in sharing a bed.

Who are medium mattresses good for?

Medium feel mattresses are almost universally comfortable. Side, back, and combination sleepers can usually rest well on medium mattresses. Couples with conflicting sleep styles, such as a side and back sleeper, can usually compromise with a medium feel mattress and still rest peacefully.

Is the AS3 comfy for sleepers over 250 pounds?

Yes, our AS3 mattress can provide comfort for plus-size sleepers. We recommend it for side and combination sleepers because of its delicate balance between cushion and support. Conversely, we don’t recommend it for plus-size stomach and back sleepers.

Heavyset back and stomach sleepers may sink too far into the AS3 mattress because of how their position distributes their bodyweight. A firmer feel can prevent sinkage, so we recommend our AS2 or AS1 mattress for stomach and back sleepers over 250 pounds.

Can the Amerisleep AS3 help sleepers with back pain?

Yes, the AS3 memory foam and hybrid models can help a side sleeper experiencing back pain rest well because the balanced feel cushions a side sleeper’s shoulders and hips while supporting the spine’s neutral alignment.

However, the AS3 mattress may not be right for back sleepers experiencing back pain. Back sleepers may find it feels too soft and allows their spine to bow too far into the mattress. For back sleepers, we recommend our AS2 mattress.

What does the 20-year mattress warranty cover?

We cover structural or manufacturing defects, along with any sagging that exceeds 0.75 inches. Our warranty starts on the day a mattress is purchased and applies only to the original owner.

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